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Jun 1, 2012, 2:59:38 AM6/1/12

« Reply #7 Yesterday at 12:32pm »
Spider-man 1 was great. I'll admit I was shocked to see how successful
it was. Today the first movie has kind of aged so watching it now is
not as good as when it came out.

Spider-Man 2 is a classic. This is the one you see.

Spider-Man 3 (here we go), is not awful but it is easily the worst of
the 3. My problem with it is that it's a 2 and a half hour movie and I
think it would have been prefect if they cut stuff out. The Parker/MJ
drama is just UGH. I like that it's there but I think there's more of
this then Spider-Man kicking ass, and that's what everyone wants to
see. Also putting Venom in the last half hour was BS. Venom is
Spiderman's joker and he's in this only to pretty much job to
Spiderman. To rap it all up, it needed 3 things. Less drama, more
action, and why could they not replace Sandman with Venom. That would
have been a MILLION times better. I don't think this movie is bad but
had the biggest hype behind it and fell short.

As for the reboot, I might go see it. I really like the smartass
Parker in this but I know I'm going to hate the "What happen to his
parents" angle. The more I look at it, the more I want to see it so
I'll have a review of it when it comes out.

« Reply #8 Yesterday at 12:34pm »
Spider-Man - Mostly good. Awful performance from Willem Defoe. The
Goblin character was rubbish and looked ridiculous. It didn't help
that Defoe was given terrible lines. CGI is very ropey in places

Spider-Man 2 - Again mostly good. The artificial intelligent element
of Dr Octopus' arms was dumb. But that's a minor complaint. Definitely
the best of the series.

Spider-Man 3 - Awful. Pointless characters like Sandman and Gwen
Stacey. Venom should have been the sole villain and should have been
Mary Jane's astronaut fiancee. The emo Peter sequences should never
have made it to screen. Topher Grace was a weak villain. The Mary Jane/
Harry dance scene was embarassing. The plot makes no sense. The Uncle
Ben retcon was ridiculous as was the entire character/motivation/
portrayal of Sandman.

« Reply #10 Yesterday at 1:05pm »

Yesterday at 8:54am, VenomFang wrote:
Some of the popular criticisms leved against SM3 are valid and some
are not.

Any criticism aimed at Spider-Man 3 is vailid. That movie was a slap
in the face to both the comic book franchise AND the film franchise.
Peter Parker forgave the killer of his Uncle Ben and let him glide off
into the sunset. Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2 both told audiences how
important Ben's death was and how it guided the rest of Peter's life.
Then in movie 3, this asshole basically says "I killed your uncle,
whoops." and Peter just gives him the "No hard feelings, bro". Can you
imagine a Batman movie where the killer of Thomas and Martha Wayne
apologizes to Bruce, and he just forgives them and lets bygones by

And then there's Venom. A character who was in the movie soley because
fans demanded him, and Sam Raimi completely railroaded him because he
was pissy that he had to use a character that he hated. There was just
no excuse for any of the crap that happened in that movie.

Oh, and they also turned Harry's iconic run as Green Goblin II into an
afterthought. Good job, guys.

« Reply #12 Yesterday at 2:15pm »
I have to admit, I used to LOVE these movies, but after watching them
again recently myself, I find that I overall dislike them.

1. Way too much Peter Parker. I realize that wearing a mask is
uncomfortable, ect, but I really didn't want to see Toby's ugly mug
through 90% of these movies. I wanted full suited Spiderman kicking
ass and taking names...but he HAS to lose the mask at least once (or
more) in every friggin' movie.

2. Redeemed villains: can't stand that not a single one of Spiderman's
villains had a clear cut "I'm evil" motivation. All of them were
either good loving men who were just in a bad situation, or being
controlled and "forced" to be evil. This is especially glaring and
annoying for Dr. Octopus...probably one of Spiderman's consistantly
evil and arrogant foes, but "Oh, it's not Otto's fault, it's his arms
faul!" was completely stupid. It didn't help matters that, with the
exception of the loving Sandman, each villain is killed by the movie
end (this is fine for Green Goblin, but not for anyone else).

3. WAY too much Mary Jane bullcrap. I hated Kirsten Dunst after the
first movie...and really didn't like her much then, either. Couldn't
stand the "Peter has always just loved Mary Jane all his life!" sub
plot, as it was extremely annoying, irritating, and I hate to be this
way...NOT AT ALL LIKE THE EARLY COMICS!!! She came off as a selfish
bitch and not at all like the flirty fun party girl she was in the

« Reply #13 Yesterday at 2:22pm »
Spiderman 1: After the events of 9/11 America needed a fun action film
to lift up its spirits and Spiderman answered that call. I love this
film, it can be serious in some places but fun in others and I liked
that Randy Savage was in this film and thats one of the reasons why I
perfer Spidey 1 over its "supposedly better" sequel

Spiderman II: A pretty good film with some very good writing and good
acting but it tends to be quite dull in some places & the action
wasn't as great in Spidey 1

Spiderman III:...........less said about this garbage the betta

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Yesterday at 4:03pm, Ryanar wrote:
The rumors though, were that Tobey Macguire couldnt handle the role
anymore, as it was strenuous on his back. Raimis original intention
was to have Sandman be the focus of 3, while planting seeds for a
Venom vs Carnage in the fourth movie. These are just rumors though.
This reminds me of something that irked me about Spider-Man 3. When
the 3 main castmembers (Maguire, Dunst, Franco) would do interviews
and stuff to promote the movie, it sounded like they were all really
tired of playing the characters. Which, as I said, irked me. If you
don't have any enthusiasm for the movie you're in, why should I have
enthusiasm to go see the damn thing?
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