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Margorie Gomoran

Dec 9, 2023, 6:54:14 PM12/9/23
Merge A330-200 Project Opensky Wilco by Spaikrar: A New Mod for Flight Simulator X
If you are a fan of flight simulation games, you might be interested in a new mod that combines the best features of two popular add-ons for Flight Simulator X: the Project Opensky A330-200 and the Wilco Airbus Series Vol. 2. The mod, created by Spaikrar, merges the high-quality exterior model and textures of Project Opensky with the advanced systems and cockpit of Wilco, resulting in a realistic and immersive experience of flying the Airbus A330-200.

The mod requires both the Project Opensky A330-200 and the Wilco Airbus Series Vol. 2 to be installed, as well as some additional files that can be downloaded from the mod's website. The installation process is simple and straightforward, and the mod comes with a detailed manual that explains how to use it. The mod also includes custom liveries for several airlines, such as Air France, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, and more.


Download File

The mod is compatible with Flight Simulator X SP2 or Acceleration, and has been tested on Windows 10. It is not compatible with Prepar3D or Flight Simulator 2020. The mod is free to download and use, but donations are welcome to support the developer's work. You can find more information about the mod, as well as screenshots and videos, on the mod's website:

If you are looking for a new challenge and a realistic simulation of flying the Airbus A330-200, you should definitely check out this mod and give it a try. You will not be disappointed by the quality and performance of this amazing add-on.

One of the main features of the mod is the realistic cockpit of the Wilco Airbus Series Vol. 2, which includes a fully functional flight management system (FMS), autopilot, and fly-by-wire system. The cockpit also features custom sounds, animations, and lighting effects. You can interact with the cockpit using the mouse or keyboard, or use voice commands if you have a microphone. The mod also supports the use of head tracking devices, such as TrackIR or FaceTrackNoIR, for a more immersive experience.

The exterior model and textures of the Project Opensky A330-200 are also impressive, and have been optimized for performance and compatibility with Flight Simulator X. The mod includes dynamic wing flex, realistic engine smoke and contrails, animated landing gear and flaps, and more. The mod also features accurate flight dynamics and performance data, based on real-world information and tests. You can choose from different engine variants, such as GE CF6-80E1A4 or PW4168A, and adjust the fuel and payload settings according to your preferences.

The mod also offers a variety of options and settings that you can customize to suit your needs and preferences. You can enable or disable certain features, such as wing views, cabin announcements, ground services, and more. You can also change the level of difficulty and realism of the simulation, such as the weather conditions, failures, turbulence, and more. The mod is compatible with other add-ons and mods for Flight Simulator X, such as weather engines, scenery enhancements, traffic add-ons, and more.


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