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[OW!] Victory

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Super Steve

Feb 9, 2024, 4:32:49 PMFeb 9
"Well," SuperSteve said out loud to nobody. He lounged a recliner wearing a suit coat, trench coat, and a cape because who even knows what OtakuWorld fashion was these days. He had invented the Snuggie years ago, but immediately threw it out since, come on, that would be a silly thing to wear. A cold beer sat in his left hand, a common fixture ever since the last Jolt factory was bombed. "Guess I win. The only one left is me."

"Us," a harsh voice corrected. Bob Dole stood in the doorway polishing a shotgun even though it hadn't been fired in two decades. "Everyone else is dead. Probably. Perhaps. Possibly. Everyone except for you," he pointed a crooked finger towards SS, then gestured his thumb back at himself, "and Bob Dole. Bob Dole will live forever."

SuperSteve raised his beer and nodded. "To us." The elder statesman raised a cup of what suspiciously looked like waffle batter. "And Pluto, the greatest senshi, " SS continued, "And all the Outers. And, hell, all the Inners."

And they lived happily ever after. Forever.

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