YKYWTMSMW Book v6 & Fortunes for Linux

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Jan 25, 2018, 9:13:16 PM1/25/18

I recently started using Usenet again, and noticed this group which
has 3 or so people still watching it. I'm a new Moonie of only a few
years and am active on SMF (username redblade7).

In case you didn't know (I was banned from discussing and planning
this out on GCF due to its obscurity, and resigned from there within a
few weeks of signing up) but last spring-summer I converted
Anton-P/Maraviollantes' 2007 YKYWTMSMW compilation book v5 into
fortunes for the Linux fortune command.

With his blessing I took over the book and released the YKYWTMSMW
compilation book v6, alongside fortunes for Linux based on it, on
September 10, 2017 (Ami-chan's birthday). The book (and Linux
fortunes) has over 6,500 YKYWTMSMWs in it.

You can download it all here:


It is also available at the resurrected Sailor V Game site,

And if you're looking for an active and friendly Sailor Moon site,
www.sailormoonforum.com is my favorite place. They were recently
acquired by new owners (a fanfiction/roleplay group Suburban Senshi)
and are going in a G/PG-rated direction.

Thank you and enjoy!
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