My name is Angel, I need a good fuck!!!!

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Jul 27, 2002, 2:45:08 PM7/27/02
Hello Everyone! My name is Angel, although I sometimes troll as
Eevee too in the anime groups. Actually I have many names and e-mail
addresses. I've been trolling usenet for years. Currently I'm
trolling the crossdressing and transsexual groups pretending to be a
male-female in a genetic female body. I like to plant nice trolls
like asking how to get castrated. In reality I'm a dirty old man who
enjoys playing pretend in the newsgroups and gaining the trust and
support of a few naive idiots who are willing to play along with me.
I have many people in the T groups eating out of the palm of my hand.
They've bought my act hook line and sinker. Idiots like Laura
Blake, Chris Schack, Natasha Thompson, June Hingle, Amanda Angelika
(another pervert like me), and others. What I really need is a good
fuck. I like young virile men with huge cocks to fuck my mouth and
my ass. It rejuvenates an old pervert like me to suck a nice big
teenage cock and then take it up my ass. I like young boys, they're
so full of energy! So if you have a monster cock and want to fuck
this old pervert man, send me an email and let's get together! You
won't be disappointed!



Jul 27, 2002, 5:23:32 PM7/27/02
- Come on down! You're the next contestant on!


Um... <Blink. Blink.> 'Kay...

My name is:
____ _
/ ___| | |
| |__ _ __ ___ ___ ____ ___ _ __ | | mysterysciencefreezer
| __|| '__/ _ \/ _ \/_ // _ \| '__|| | (My MSTings)
| | | | __/ __/ / /| __/| | |_|
|_| |_| \___|\___||___|\___||_| (_)(Rasslin' and other subjects)

And my anti-drug is porn.

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