Waltzing on the Road to Equality

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Joe Zychik

Jun 25, 1996, 3:00:00 AM6/25/96

(NY Times June 20th, pg. A1) Jumpety snuggle bunnies, it's
time for a stupid test! True or false: 1) From 1968 to 1994
there were *no* tax increases. 2) Between 1968 and 1994
there were *no* increases in regulation. 3) Finally, the
federal deficit did *not* increase between 1968 to 1994.

If you answered true to all of the above, you're stupid
enough to work for the NY Times and the Census Bureau. The
following is why you qualified to become a paid rectum with

According to a recent Census Bureau report "the gap between
the most affluent Americans and everyone else was wider than
it has been since World War II. . . [starting in] 1968, when
the gap began to widen, to 1994 - the last year complete
data are available." Duh, does 1968 have anything to do with
the Grotesque Society; Affirmative Racism and the War on
Property in the cause of Poverty? Nah.

Herds of constipated dolphins: "during the first 2 years of
the Clinton Administration. . . share of the national income
earned by the top 5% of households grew at a faster rate
than during the 8 years of the Reagan Administration."
Double duh: Could this mean that the Reagan tax cuts
generated wealth for everyone? Could it mean that the
Clinton tax increases made it harder for everyone else to
get rich, except the rich? Waltzing, improved, cockroach
bleach: Let's not get logical about this.

There was some controversy about the method in collecting
the data, however all parties involved agreed that the data
"confirmed a well-known trend." Furthermore, during this
period, share of earnings of "the top 20% of households
increased to 46.9% from 40.5%. . . the rest of country's
households either declined or remained stagnant." Oops, what
was the biggest factor in economic policy from 1968 to 1994?
Try: "Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you
can do for your country." Here's what the people have done
for their country since the 60's: Left 58,000 dead in
Vietnam; launched an evangelical war on drugs; begot
countless bureaucracies; concocted oodles of new taxes;
assembled batches of new regulations. The Times article
mentions none of these factors. Triple barbecued FBI files
duh: 10's of thousands dead bodies, millions of non-violent
prisoners, hundreds of millions of tax and regulation slaves
are not asking what they can do for their country.

So what caused the problem according to the NY Slimes? Well
let's try a "shift away from manufacturing jobs that paid
higher wages for relatively low skilled workers; the
increased reliance. . . on the use of computer and
computer-assisted technology which places a premium on
higher skills and education." Well there you have it:
technology and the use of intelligence create poverty.
What's next? How about hard work creates poverty? The Times
thinks so: As more women enter the work force, "highly
skilled women who are married to well-educated highly
skilled men. . . create households with very high income"
hence, creating a greater disparity between rich and poor.
Oops, do lower skilled women contribute to the family
income? Not according to the socialistic Times. Aren't there
millions of women in the work force who would rather be home
raising there children? Nah, they'd rather their children be
raised by hired help. Aren't they in the work force because
of rising taxes on the average household? Nah, they're in
the workforce to support their country.

"Hey Batman, if taxes create wealth, why don't we just tax
everyone at 100%?"

"Gee, Robin, that's a simple one. The government wants to
make us all suffer, so out of sheer malice they don't take
everything we earn, snuggle bunny."

Table of contents for this week's Zychik Chronicle:
*Waltzing on the road to equality: Taxes don't create wealth
*Falling through the cracks in Utopia: You can be a guinea
pig too.
*The joys of war and medicine: War doesn't advance medicine.
*Round 2 of Clintonwater: A guilty verdict in the making?
*Bob-Liberals-are-Me-Dole: By his own words.
*Medical revolt or medical slavery: Fight or die.
*Unemploy'em all: Washington's biggest job factory.
*Capitalism vs. Free Health Insurance: Another myth down the
*$19,000 annually is cruel and unusual punishment: Welfare
at work.
*Dole aces Libertarians and Clinton: A wise defense policy.
*Don't burn the facts: About those church burnings
*Lies behind the chain gangs: How the networks misled you.
*American Gestapo caught in the act: INS tactics.
*My Kingdom for a file: The story behind the FBI files.
*Social Security can't survive without capitalism: The truth
*Latest 3 strikes ruling won't work: The problem isn't 3
*Letters to the Editor:

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