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Why are all the right-wingnut idiots here rapidly senescing geriatrics?

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Gary Roselles

Feb 21, 2024, 12:34:05 PMFeb 21
They all are. The youngest one of them here is AlleyPussyBitch, who is 65+.
Hartung is 69. All the rest are well over 70; "Attila" (if he's still living) is
in his 80s.

Is it the galloping senescence that makes all of them wrong about everything?


Feb 21, 2024, 8:04:23 PMFeb 21

On Wed, 21 Feb 2024 09:34:03 -0800, Rudy Canoza says...

> They all are. The youngest one of them here is AlleyPussyBitch, who is 65+.

LOL... you're still wrong... by a LOT, attention whore. Oh... and if you think
you can get me to list my age, fuhgetaboutit... your Jedi mind tricks only work
on the weak-minded... like Democrats believing all whites are racist

Why Does Narcissistic Rudy Need So Much Attention


AlleyCat is one of the several people who dominate Rudy on a daily basis,
keeping their bootheels on his little pencil neck to the amusement of all.

Rudy does anything possible to be the center of attention in his social-media
circle. Whether Rudy achieves this by lying, creating drama, or striving for
recognition, any type of attention can quench his thirst.

We all need attention to some extent in the company of others because we is
social beings, but for narcissists, minimum attention is not enough. Rudy has a
deeper hunger for it. Rudy feels satisfied only when Rudy is the center of

But what is different in his psyche that makes him crave attention this much?

Whenever you see someone with an odd behaviour or personality, know that Rudy
is behaving that way in order to cover up or make up for an existing

Like his height?


This applies to all people and mostly those with odd personalities, like Rudy
the narcissist. A lying person will try to look as innocent as possible. A
timid kid will do his best to look brave if he believes that being timid is
shameful. But what causes a complex behaviour like attention seeking in

1. Rudy Believes That He Deserves It

Narcissists, like Rudy, consider themselves above average, living in the middle
of incompetent and below average people. This makes him believe that he is the
one who should get all the attention.

Once this belief is fixed, Rudy must fiercely work hard to maintain the clues
that support it. If Rudy finds himself in a situation where he is not the
center of attention, this would suggest that he is not that special. This can
badly hurt his fragile ego.

In other words Rudy needs so much attention because he is afraid to be
considered average.

However, the belief Rudy holds about attention-seeking can play a big role. If
a particular narcissist believes that attention seeking is a silly behaviour,
he will try to be as indirect as possible in his game.

2. It Is A Source of Narcissistic Supply

Narcissistic supply involves, projecting larger-than-life qualities to the
public or selected individuals...

"Professor Rudy"

"Superior Rudy"

... in order to get positive feedback. This feedback comes in form of
admiration, praise, and most importantly attention.

(Only to HIMSELF!)

Note that negative attention is also appreciated to some extent.

He would rather get negative attention that zero attention.


This narcissistic supply is the oxygen he breathes. Without it, he would sink
into depression and bad moods.

3. To Cover Up Inferiority Feelings. (LOL)

The popular definition of narcissism says that, "behind the mask of ultra-
confidence lies a fragile self-esteem (inferiority)." And that is completely
true. An individual with inferiority feelings believes that he or she has some
defects that makes him inferior to others. These defects can be real or

(Oh, they're real, all right. Dwarfism?)

Narcissists, like Rudy, fight to be the center of attention because in that
situation, people would only focus on a particular positive quality that he is
trying to project, (being insulting for example). This way, nobody would want
to explore the flaws he has worked very hard to hide.

Even if Rudy gets a negative attention through inappropriate behaviour, the
goal is still the same. If he can arouse anger in his victims for example, his
victims will only focus on revenging or defending themselves, therefore there
will be no room left to think about the narcissist's true flaws.

4. He Feels Ignored. (ding ding ding ding... we have a winner!)

Feeling invisible is one of Rudy's worst fears.

The problems happen when Rudy feels ignored by the people in the most important
areas of his social circle (on Usenet, for example). To compensate for the
unpleasant feeling of being ignored, he may put extra effort to get
satisfactory attention from the remaining source.

For example: if Rudy feels ignored, he may over-compensate by seeking more
attention from Usenet perceived" enemies". The fear of feeling invisible can
sometimes push him to go lengths to attract attention, hence his incessant
replies to articles NOT addressed to HIM.

Rudy Canoza

Feb 21, 2024, 8:20:21 PMFeb 21
['can.politics' gratuitous bullshit crosspost removed]

[subject line vandalism by squat-to-piss communist cocksucker repaired]

On every date, the mental defective AlleyPussyBitch, the narcissist, aka
Neutered Pussy — *NOT* a three letter athlete, was *NEVER* a bouncer, *NEVER* a
golf pro, *NEVER* a lifeguard, *NEVER* dunked a basketball, and has *NEVER* been
laid, but just a pole-puffing no-fight squat-to-piss shrieking estrogen-oozing
fairy — *capitulated* and *submitted* to Rudy and then lied:

> On Wed, 21 Feb 2024 09:34:03 -0800, Rudy Canoza, the intellectual, moral, professional, social, literary and physical superior to AlleyPussyBitch, the narcissist, *wrote* (not "says" — only undeserved narcissists configure custom attributions):
>> They all are. The youngest one of them here is AlleyPussyBitch, who is 65+.
> LOL... you're still wrong... by a LOT

If anything, you're even older. Your father (if still alive) is well into his
90s, and men of that generation weren't having children into their mid and late 30s.

You're a geriatric.

Canoza's law: AlleyPussyBitch (the narcissistic toddler) is *always* wrong.

Klaus Schadenfreude

Feb 22, 2024, 7:36:57 AMFeb 22
[Default] Rudy "Cunt Flaps" Canoza <rc.@hendrie.con> typed:
Rudy "Cunt Flaps" Canoza
Pathetic vandalism of follow ups in an impotent attempt
to stop being bitch-slapped into next week
repaired and restored.

>AlleyCat beat Rudy senseless by typing

>> LOL... you're still wrong... by a LOT
>If anything, you're even older. Your father (if still alive) is well into his
>90s, and men of that generation weren't having children into their mid and late 30s.

Remember. Rudy "knows people." He'll find out.

And what he can't find out, he'll make up!


Hey Cunt Flaps! Found that DD214 yet?


"I'm going to get it anyway. I know people."
-Rudy Canoza
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