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Good Housekeeping

Jan 21, 2001, 7:31:47 PM1/21/01
On 21 Jan 2001 15:48:11 -0600,
(tttooommmyyy) posted several images drawn from a classic
old black-and-white photography book which I believe was
entitled *Boys Are Boys*, published either in the late '60s
or the early '70s.

Tttooommmyyy, could you (or someone else) please do what
JPP is doing for *The Boy: A Photographic Essay*, and
post all the "iq" images that have been drawn from *Boys
Are Boys* over the years? The overwhelming majority of
these are nudes, the originals printed in overly dark fashion,
and it's possible that with the digital wizardry available today,
some skillful afp graphics maven might be able to tinker
them into better appearance than when they were first

I can remember many happy hours spent poring over the
book, way back when it had to be ordered from the UK
and was mailed in a gift-wrap to keep the U.S. Customs
assholes from seeing what it actually was. I lost it in a
moving mishap, and can't put up the images myself.

Somebody out there, however, has got to have these
"iq" images archived, and can produce 'em. Let's put
forth a request for posts, and see what comes of it.

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Good Housekeeping

Jan 23, 2001, 7:16:15 AM1/23/01
On 21 Jan 2001 20:55:30 -0600,
(tttooommmyyy) wrote the message recapitulated below. To
this I respond:

No, tttooommmyyy, the book *Kalos* was a much
later publication (and is still in print) by the artist
pictured with one of his sons in the first of these
images you reposted. His name Otto Lohmuller,
and among other things he was responsible for
the cover art of Acolyte Press' edition of Casimir
Dukahz' *It's a Boy!*

The "iq" images are drawn from a much earlier
book, entitled (I believe) *Boys Are Boys*. It
consisted entirely of black and white photographs,
most of them printed in rather too-dark a fashion
(there was a lot of grumbling at the time, as I
recall). *Boys Are Boys* was published not too
long after *The Boy* and *Boys Will Be Boys*,
both of which were much larger in format and
each of which included small color print sections.
*Boys Are Boys* benefitted, however, from being
entirely a consist of nude photography, with many
of the photographs being those of "Old Joe,"
a German nudist whose "Bremen Pirates" kids
(male and female) graced the pages of a lot of
issues of *Sun and Health* in the '60s.

His full name was Hajo Ortil, and in the years
following his death, many of his boys recalled
how they'd taken it equitably in turns to bundle
with "Old Joe" during their camp-outs (*all* of
their "all-guys" expeditions including long nights
of sexual interplay) and satisfy their favorite
dirty old man's passion for boyflesh pleasures.

Some of the photographs in *The Boy* are also
the products of Ortil's camera. Wanna ping
Johnnie and ask him to check the attribution
page for you?

Thanks for the Lohmuller images, too,
by the way.

>HI , i am not sure what u mean ? maybe u mean the kalos series ? i can
>post them and see if u see what u see to see if they r the ones u used
>to see ? let me know please ?

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