What's On FOX KIDS 2/ 6/ 98 {TAKE THE RIDE}

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Feb 6, 1998, 3:00:00 AM2/6/98

{BIG NOTE: The All New "Take The Ride" Computer Graphic premier today! There
are several different "tunnel" effects, before ech show and during the new
bumpers and the new "coming up next" stuff. Plus CGI versions of some
characters before their shows. The next age of FOX KIDS has begun!}
Friday, February 6th, 1998:

C-BEAR & JAMAL -(JA-# 108): "Big Head Jamal"

CASPER -(CG-# 313): "Mom Always Liked Ghouls Best" & "Bury Maguire"

CASPER -(CG-# 314): "4 Funerals & A Wedding" & "Family Reunion" <NEW?>

SAM & MAX (MX#113):"Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" &
"It's Dangly Deever Time"<NEW>

POWER RANGERS IN SPACE (PR# 601): "From Out Of Nowhere, Part 1"

NINJA TURTLES -(NT-# 115): "Unchain My Heart, Part 1" <NEW>

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