Your Choices for a Power Rangers All-Star Team?

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Aug 27, 2014, 4:52:06 AM8/27/14

Rules in place for the picking process:
1) You can't have more than one of a person. This is mostly to make sure there's not a mostly Tommy team.

2) One ranger per series (Example: Mix a Morphin, Wild Force, Time Force, In Space, Dino Thunder and Super Samurai is fine...more than one of any from the same series is not)

3) None of the same color (No all reds, no all blues)

4) Have to have one red ranger and one blue ranger. Yellow is a maybe.

5) 6th ranger has to be an official 6th ranger (like Morphin Green, Zeo Gold, In Space Silver, Lightspeed Titanium, etc). This choice is the only one that can bend rule 3 (So if you chose let's say SPD Green, you could still choose Morphin Green as he was a 6th ranger)

6) At least one female ranger.

Sep 20, 2014, 2:24:57 AM9/20/14
This newsgroup is dead and the community that once frequented this group (i being one of them) has disbanded years ago. no disrespect but don't expect to try and get things rolling here, because it won't happen.
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