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Jul 24, 2018, 8:56:53 PM7/24/18
Exclusive salvation religions are cults. Salvation is between you and God for the most part. Not between you and Jesus or you and Mohammed or Buddha or Baha’ulla or any other iconoclast. It's you and God. And if you want the truth, if you have a system of life knowledge which guides you through life and addresses concerns which equate with the concept of sin, you don't even have to believe in God. Some choices can end life - just have a faith or belief which is pro-life and organises your life well. There are saner religious teachers than the iconoclasts. Some pastors and other spirituality’s have a better method for balancing a good and wholesome life. The keys to eternal life are finding living principles which propagate your perpetuity – remaining alive and well. In this sense its ideas like maintaining good health, taking care of your body, watching over issues which can affect you in a negative way , like promiscuity which can invite venereal disease, alcohol, cigarette and drug abuse, which can lead to untimely deaths, dwelling on negative or evil thoughts which can lead you to act in harmful ways towards society which ultimately comes back upon you and causes no end of strife. Even the atheist knows there are problems in trying to do anything you want in life. In this sense, as I said, it is not so much about believing in God – but about believing in life and the natural rules or principles of life which make it work, and avoiding those things which don’t propagate life.
Personally I think Catholicism and older Protestant Churches are mostly over the hype of exclusive salvation ideas. Usually these days such churches offer grounded enough lifestyle options, which help a lot in a person's ability to navigate this human adventure on planet earth. From my perspective worshipping Jesus as God is idolatry. But not just Jesus - worshipping any human as God is idolatry. This annoys God somewhat, but he has a thick skin. This is my perspective. Newer churches are often full of the hype of believing they are the only ones really getting saved, and it creates an enormous spirit of obnoxious behaviour in them. They justify themselves with their views on the bible and condemn you to hell, claiming perfect innocence for themselves in doing as such. It is cultic – it is spiritual error – and it causes disharmony in society. Usually such people are very often hard to talk with about religious issues, with bible quotes used to justify themselves, not brooking any other opinions terribly much. They behave in spiritual pride, show a spirit of arrogant supremacy towards other religions and are not very pleasant people a lot of the time, very elitist and very pleased with themselves. In the end every religion and denomination of faith has this associated with it to some degree. It’s wrong, its juvenile, and it is a form of indoctrination when evangelized which has always caused the community of mankind heartache and division.
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