The Common Good of Humanity

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Jul 16, 2019, 6:05:44 AM7/16/19
I'm not really into anything racist. All humanity are descended from Noah after the flood in my beliefs. We're not quite a family, and we're not a clan either. We're a race - the human race. I don't think we're required to get too close to all members of the human race because, quite frankly, many have lousy attitudes, and many bloodlines in humanity can have lousy attitudes. But we are all of us humanity, and that does mean common concern from the common good of humanity. Being strongly biased in favour of your own cultural and ethnic identity really is a normal enough thing, but we still need to embrace international values were we recognize the common human race and species that we are, and that makes us something similar on the core basics when it all comes down to it. Apu from India still eats bread, and Doris from Candad still drinks lemonade, like everyone else on the planet. We are descendants of common ancient ancestry we share, and we should always keep in mind to love our neighbour as ourself as more than one religion doth teach.
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