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It has been a very long wait but to me it was definitely worth it.
�Treason� is not one of my top favourite New Frontier books but
nevertheless, it is excellent.

Both, Robin Lefler and Dr. Selar showed how far these mothers are
willing to go to protect their children. I could understand them very
well. There is certainly very little I wouldn`t do to help my child
should she ever be in danger.

Especially Selar`s sacrifice was very touching. Selar has never been one
of my favourite New Frontier characters but I could sympathize with her
and certainly didn`t dislike her. I wouldn`t have wished her dead
although I must admit when I started the book I had the feeling from
early on that there wouldn`t be a happy end for her. But although I was
right I was also wrong. Peter David is very good at surprising his
readers and he managed to do so in this book quite a few times.

As with the fate of Janos in an earlier book Selar`s road ended in a
touching bittersweet story. The last moments with Burgoyne were
beautifully written. I agree, what Selar did was wrong. My experiences
made me the person I am and that includes how I felt and how I moved on
from that point. By taking the negative feelings about their
relationship away Burgoyne will never get the opportunity to fully
understand the sacrifice Selar made and to come to terms with what
happened between them. S/he won`t have the chance to grow and move on
from it. I am sure when s/he finds out s/he won`t feel gratitude for
Selar`s decision but will always wonder what s/he took away from hir and
see this as a form of betrayal.

I didn`t expect a (sort of) happy end for Xy who now has the chance for
a full life. If he gets it, who knows? With Peter David as the author,
there are no guarantees but I would like it very much if Xy will be
allowed to live and to have his own family one day.

Hm, Selar`s DNA was found in that cloning factory. That means
theoretically there is a chance that Selar will be back. On the other
hand, only a body can be cloned, not a personality. Nevertheless, this
would be interesting.

Robin Lefler has been my least favourite New Frontier character from the
beginning of NF and although she has matured somewhat (better late than
never comes to mind) also in this book I could understand Calhoun`s
reactions towards her especially at the end of the book very well
because I shared his feelings. Cwansi is a remarkable baby and the way
PAD portrayed him was excellent. He is certainly very much like his dad
but also has a lot of his mother in him. I am curious how this child
will develop although I must admit, if the next book is Robin Lefler
free I won`t complain.

That Morgan Lefler is still alive (in her special way) was a surprise.
This woman always had a dark side about her and this development in the
book makes a lot of sense to me. I understand that PAD has to deal with
this because having such a powerful being on board is too convenient
whenever there is trouble. I am sure, that was the main reason why
McHenry left. I am sure something bad is going to happen.

I am glad that Kalinda left and hopefully we won`t see her again. I have
never been a fan of that character and her strange powers. �The Quiet
Place� is easily my least favourite NF book and I welcome it a lot that
Xyon finally ended that relationship.

I missed Moke but I can understand that PAD didn`t want to add another
conflict to this mix. Nevertheless, at least he was mentioned. It is sad
that the relationship between Calhoun and him didn`t recover after what
happened in the previous book. I can`t blame Moke for being angry with
his adoptive father. Hopefully things will get better between them. Hm,
and Moke can beat Xyon in combat? I didn`t expect that.
Calhoun is an excellent leader but his parenting skills often leave a
lot to be desired. Should he and Shelby ever have a child at least he
wouldn`t be a single parent.

The D`myurj are an interesting new villain in the Star Trek universe.
After the Borg threat is gone these beings are obsessed with the
opposite. The invasion of the Trident was chilling to read, no less than
that of a Borg invasion. PAD didn`t pull his punches and I expected
casualties. What happened felt very realistic to me. At least the
Trident characters that are the most important to me are still alive and
I am grateful for that.

The last sentence in the book is a really interesting teaser. It left me
wondering: Was that the real Nechayev? It could be that in the next book
Calhoun will become a target of these beings. Hopefully I won`t have to
wait such a long time again.

Baerbel Haddrell

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