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Jan 24, 2008, 1:17:43 PM1/24/08
What reason has nature had for giving me
such, and for choosing this number rather than another in the infinity of
those from which there is no more reason to choose one than another, trying
nothing else?

209. Art thou less a slave by being loved and favoured by thy master? Thou
art indeed well off, slave. Thy master favours thee; he will soon beat thee.

210. The last act is tragic, however happy all the rest of the play is; at
the last a little earth is thrown upon our head, and that is the end for

211. We are fools to depend upon the society of our fellow-men. Wretched as
we are, powerless as we are, they will not aid us; we shall die alone. We
should therefore act as if we were alone, and in that case should we build
fine houses, etc. We should seek the truth without hesitation; and, if we
refuse it, we show that we value the esteem of men more than the search for

212. Instability.--It is a horrible thing to feel all that we possess
slipping away.

213. Between us and heaven or hell there is only life, which is the frailest
thing in the world.

214. Injustice.--That presumption should be joined to meanness is extreme

215. To fear death without danger, and not in danger, for one must be a man.

216. Sudden death alone is feared; hence confessors stay with lords.

217. An heir finds the title-deeds of his house. Will he say, "Perhaps they
are forged" and neglect to examine them?

218. Dungeon.--I approve of not examining the opinion of Copernicus; but
this...! It concerns all our

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