Need an Exorcism and Not Camera Shy? 303-980-1511

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Nov 16, 2011, 2:53:26 PM11/16/11
If you're in need of an exorcism, and you wanna be catapulted into the
national limelight by appearing on television screens with Bob Larson
worldwide, then you need to call 303-980-1511. National Geographic
will be in Phoenix starting the last week of November filming footage
for an upcoming documentary about BL and the Ministry.

This is an unprecedented opportunity for BL to reach into the pit of
Hell and reach those in torment for Christ.

God Bless!


Nov 17, 2011, 12:24:16 PM11/17/11
People never see themselves as being in need of an exorcism. Christians
victimize mentally ill people and make them undergo the useless
superstitious rituals that keep charlatans such as Larson in the
spotlight and in the money.


Nov 17, 2011, 3:39:38 PM11/17/11
For Bob Larson, the focus is on his vanity and his greed, not on Jesus
Christ. KSIC, which is Bob Larson's nym he hides under on usenet,
likes to promote himself while ripping off people in his " deliverance
ministry" scam he currently is doing. Larson has done various
Christian-related scams for decades now.

Aside from the well justified criticism from Christian circles that
what he does is unbiblical and even " apostate", Larson tailors his
scam ( he actually refers it as a franchise) to prey on the vunerable,
gullible and very "Christian" superstitious. There is a sect of
Charismatic/ Pentecostal Christianity that does believe that thoughts
can have " demonic" origins and that demons are all around them, they
suffer from curses and all that garbage. They are the prime targets of
Larson's very non-spiritual predation.

A few months ago Bob Larson was crowing about the new " reality"
series he conned some company to produce for him where his 16 year old
daughter and supposedly four of her teenage friends were "exorcists"
in his "school". The crass exploitation of the teenage females as
seen online and in one British tabloid has this aura of barely covered
sleaze about it. Aside from the concept that Larson deliberately mixed
Charmed, Buffy and Psychic Kids into his " reality" series, even the
claim that he started his daughter at exorcism at age 12 has some
demonologists raising their eyebrows in skepticism. If exorcism is
this hazardous act as Larson likes to claim, then why endanger a 12
year old girl to it?

Answer: Because Bob Larson KNOWS the " exorcisms" are fake and not
actual warfare with malevolent spirits.


Joe Bruno

Nov 17, 2011, 4:16:46 PM11/17/11
Christopher Lee needs one.
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