Metal Goddesses - The Ultimate Female-Fronted Metal Music Video Collection - 98.8% complete, PapaPitufo or anyone please HELP!

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Sep 16, 2015, 10:02:54 PM9/16/15

Metal Goddesses - The Ultimate Female-Fronted Metal Music Video Collection

Below is the OP's original text:
This is the collection of all collections.
Over 2,226 Videos from 978 Bands!
I have amassed a giant library of Female Fronted Metal Videos and wish to share ALL
of them in one place with you the fans.
I started to include biographies of each band but sadly
I gave up when I was just half way through the A's! which took me nearly 4 hours to
do that
then I said the hell with it.
The time it would have taken me to achieve this myself is unfathomable and

Most all of these bands have facebook pages and the ones that don't you can find
their info at
Encyclopaedia Metallum (

I do realize that this is a giant torrent and unfortunately I do not have a SEEDBOX.
However I will be SEEDING this 24/7 and encourage anyone who can help with this
to please do so.

I am merely a one-man-band with one computer so you can see I will need the help.
Please at least SEED the videos that you want so that in time all the videos
will be available to everyone.
This has been a labor of love and always will be one for me.
I love all these genres of music.

All videos are Web Downloads,DVDrips and Blu ray rips.

I have also included a Band Picture Folder that contains all 978 bands.Most of them
if I was able to get them.
This torrent also contains another Update that i was going to add seperatley but
to add it here.
I also updated many of the videos to higher quality when and where they were
As well as properly tagged and labeled some of the foreign ones that were previously

So having said that I hope that you enjoy all of these videos as I do.
And please show your support for these bands.
They work very hard at what they do to bring us all that is the pleasure and majesty
of metal music.

Thanks again everyone!

Posted to about 100 metal groups (individually, not cross-posted) in the hope that
someone who completed this torrent in days past will jump back in and help us. I'm
not pulling headers in all these groups so I won't see replies to this post, but I
certainly will see a 100% seeder. Several of us are stuck at 98.8% so we need a hero
to close the gap!

The torrent file magnet link:


A list of the metal videos:

Please help! This epic torrent for the ages must not die out.
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