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Mr. Man-wai Chang

Nov 27, 2016, 6:24:23 AM11/27/16

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On 26/11/2016 11:03 AM, Mr. B1ack wrote:
> Aliens !!!

Disturbing the peace: Can America’s quietest town be saved?
Full story:

There's a town in West Virginia where there are tight restrictions on
mobile signal, wifi and other parts of what most of us know as simply:
modern life. It means Green Bank is a place unlike anywhere else in the
world. But that could be set to change.

"Do you ever sit awake at night and wonder, what if?" I asked.

Mike Holstine's eyes twinkled like the stars he had spent his life's
work observing.

"The universe is so huge," he began.

"On the off chance we do get that hugely lucky signal, when we look in
the right place, at the right frequency. When we get that… can you
imagine what that's going to do to humankind?"

Holstine is business manager at the Green Bank Observatory, the
centrepiece of which is the colossal Green Bank Telescope. On a foggy
Tuesday morning, I'm standing in the middle of it, looking up, feeling

Though the GBT has many research tasks, the one everyone talks about is
the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence. The GBT listens out for
signs of communication or activity by species that are not from Earth.

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