Hyenas needed on TLK2 Muck (slightly OT?)

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Mar 4, 2000, 3:00:00 AM3/4/00
Hiyas all, TLK2 Muck is still in dire need of hyenas. I play Shenzi there
and have an excellent RP idea, but this cannot happen unless we get quite a
few more members in the Shadow Clan. RPing a hyena really is alot
(defiantly misspells the word :P) of fun. Soooo, if ur interested, get a
hyena char on TLK2 Muck (address is: tlk2m.pridelands.org port: 4545) then
either muckmail me (Shenzi) or email me at sy...@lionking.org
Don' forget ta tell me your hyena char's name and a little about yourself
and any other specific info or positions you'd like to apply for in the
clan. (Though not everyone gets the position they apply for (IF they apply
for one), anyone asking to join the clan will be accepted unless certain
circumstances cause me not to allow them to.) Okie, enuf babbling!

CB-da arteest!
Zari *Kahtek* Mekatoh, "The Opposite"--Somewhat goth-like Psycotic White
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