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Jennifer Sinclair

Oct 5, 2000, 3:00:00 AM10/5/00
Hihi furs!

David Cleary wrote:
> Subject: Attaboy Re: Attaboy! Re: Lion King 3?

> 1. Someone has stolen Kovu and Kiara's 101 cubs (must be fertility drugs,
> as there's no hint of such fecindity from her mom or grandma). And all
> signs point to the villainous Zira DeVil as the culprit.... ;)

Oy.. <grin>

> 2. Different pieces of classical music underscore a series of short
> snippets of Pride Lands life. Beethoven's "Pastorale" Symphony shows a day
> in the life of young nubile zebras, Mussorgsky's "Night on Bald Mountain"
> bolsters a sequence with Scar holding court before a mass of trecherous
> hyenas, and Ponchielli's "Dance of the Hours" serves as platform for a
> silly dance sequence involving Timon, Pumbaa, and Ed. A hyena in a tutu?
> The mind boggles.... ;)

Ooh! Ooh! Fanart idea for the artists out there..I'd _love_ to see the
hyenas in tutus. "Lion Lake", anyone?

> 3. Nala escapes the murderous intentions of an evil Zira by running away
> into the woods. There she chances on a little cottage which is home to
> seven little meerkats named Prof, Sniffy, Grouchy, Silly, Belchy, Giggly,
> and Doofus.... ;)

My little brother read this one over my shoulder. He said "This is
starting to look familiar." Then he rolled his eyes and left the room.
Ah..the mark of an unfortunate soul who has not let TLK touch his life

David Cleary wrote:
> Subject: Re: Lion King 3?
> On Tue, 3 Oct 2000, John Burkitt wrote:
> > Ugas' Pride: The Lionesses Down Under
> >
> > This film has it all: Action, romance, danger, romance, humor,
> > romance, honor, and romance. This film is pregnant with brilliant
> > sequences. Not filmed in Australia.

<grins> I nearly fell off my chair when I read that.

> And the critics are raving about this new movie:
> "Its excellence is insurmountable."
> --Alastair Meerkat, The Pride Lands Gazette
> "How can you top this?"
> --Roger Elephant, The Outback Chronicle
> "A sheer joyride of a film!"
> --Gene Springbok, Serengheti Weekly
> And needless to say, it got a serious thumbs-up from the reviewer
> at Playlion Magazine.... ;)

This nearly resulted in another chair mishap. :)

Nala wrote:
> Subject: Re: Attaboy! Re: Lion King 3?

Nal!! *pouncehug* It's good to see you around here again. I was going to
reply to this when I got my last tlk-l digest, but my STUPID keyboard is
not letting me reply to that message. This one's working out all right,
though. Computers..gotta love 'em. Anyways, welcome back!

Nala also wrote:
If I'm right tho...<grins
> slyly>...I'll take some whipped cream on Simba (the lion) any day ;)

<smiles while climbing on top of computer desk to make an announcement

Uh..sorry. I'm all right now..it's the Simbaholic in me. :)

> <sees Simba Wiltz ordering the Starbucks coffee shop that appeared in his
> last AotTLK-LT adventure to be shut down due to lack of Nala business> ;)

Speaking of AotTLK-LT, I wish someone would write a current version of
this..so many changes have taken place since then. Actually, I wasn't
even on the list when I first read that. That made me search until I
found the place where I could join this great group.

Jarrod wrote:
> Subject: Hihi!
> Hey all.. it's my birthday today. Woohoo! 22!

Well, first things first--a big b-day pounce for ya! Happy birthday!

> So, now I have a big request. See, I want you all to give me a birthday
> gift. Now wait.. don't fret.. I'll tell you what I want from you, it's
> your choice if you want to give it.

Okay, I'll bite.

> I want you to find someone.. anyone. Someone who's lonely, or bored, or
> tired. Someone you like. I want you to tell that person how much they
> mean in your life and how important they are. Hugging them is allowed
> :) . Next, I want you to find something that you believe in, and share
> it with a friend. Maybe get more people here? Finally.. I want you all
> to post an introduction here, again. We all need to know each other
> again.
> When I founded this list, we were close. We were compassionate, and we
> were friends. Now that I've begun seeking on my path, I long for that
> again, and I think it's possible.
> One .. very last thing.. I want you all to swear that there will be no
> more flame wars here. We can do that. We can all help each other live if
> we so choose.

<claps> Beautiful. I will now proceed to do as you wish.

I'm Jennifer, a 17 year old lioness (er, girl) from Canada. I love
animals, and they are probably the driving force in my life.

TLK is the most inspiring thing ever to come my way. I didn't see it in
the theatre, but I managed to rent it twice. Then, I decided I had to
own it. So I went off to Sears, and in the electronics section, bought a
copy and went home clutching it in my little paws. I didn't watch it for
a few days; I don't really know why. I do know that I felt there was
something special about it from the first time I saw it. I went to
school humming "Hakuna Matata", and I had written down the names of the
songs. My mom thought I was silly; after all, I was in Grade 7 and I was
too old to be obsessed with a Disney movie. When looking for a photo
album a few days later, I said I wanted one with adult Simba and Nala on
it. (CYFTLT was my fave scene back then, and is still one of the best
IMHO) My dad said "Aren't you a little old for that?" So thanks to the
fact that I allowed my parents to control who I really was, I didn't let
the TLK fan in me come out for several years.

Fast forward to 1999. It was about May when I got the Net. I still liked
TLK, and thought about it occasionally. When nobody was home, I put on
my TLK soundtrack (the OMPS was the only one I owned at the time). I
looked for TLK sites on the Net and found lk.org. I read fanfics, even
though I was still shocked to find out that there were people like me
out there. Even people OLDER than me that liked it (no offense to
everyone out there who is older than I am!) Then on October 21, I
received my first tlk-l digest. I had had problems figuring out how to
post, and had thought that posting to the NG was the same as tlk-l. No
wonder I didn't get any replies! Then, things changed. I sent an email
to Fox/Kovu. He kindly replied, and I will always be thankful for him. I
was on my way.

This list has given me the best friends a person could ever hope for. I
have cried on many a shoulder during my time here, but found nothing but
unconditional acceptance. Nobody ever told me that I should stop
complaining or get a hold of myself. I've been through some pretty rough
stuff in the past 11 months (if I can say so myself), and continue to
hit the occasional bump in the road. But because of every person here, I
have managed to fight against those forces that threaten to overthrow
us. I have had more emotional and spiritual victories in less than a
year than I had for the previous 16 or so years of my life. Thank you
all from the bottom of my heart.

A few last little bits of info: I write poetry and occasionally work on
one of the many fanfics I have started (insert "Hail Sarabi"s). I have a
golden retriever/lab named Lady, and I don't like math. I'm Akirah the
cub on ATMuck, and Akira the elder lioness on Africa MUCK.

Now that I've bored you and spammed you all to death, I'll go now.



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