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Feb 5, 2007, 1:05:13 PM2/5/07
Dear Landilove,

I'm at a loss. My long-term significant other can't and won't permit
me to enroll her into the Forum. It's been two years of being
awesome, creating the space, and using the technology to touch move &
inspire her and she still ain't buyin' it. I've come to the end of my
rope. How long do I have to wait for her to wake up and see the
light? I don't want to spend my life with someone who won't get off
it. I'm open to suggestions. This babe has cost me a bundle and I
want her to start pulling her own weight, financially speaking. She
seems to think that since she's providing me with sex, I have to pay
for every little thing she thinks she wants. Is there some other way
besides Landmark to get her to realize it's always 100/100 and that
she's responsible for her own bills? Everywhere we go, she's dressed
to the nines and I'm in rags. At the many parties she drags me to,
she starts looking around the room immediately and sidling up to
anyone with a name, leaving me alone in a corner. Though I love the
other guys' envious stares, I'm sick of playing the wallet. One pair
of her shoes cost a week's pay and she only wears them once or twice.
I'm over-extended into the next decade on my credit card and she needs
to start contributing.

Authentic & Awesome

Dear A&A,

Yes! You're half-way there. She's already prime Landmark material,
she just needs to see that Landmark will give her the tools to
leverage herself into higher and higher net wealth. Can you arrange
for her to meet the centre manager in your town? Let him know she's
motivated, just doesn't know yet what Landmark can do for her.

Feb 5, 2007, 4:28:13 PM2/5/07

Dear LandieLove,

I am one lucky bastard. I took est in the early days and subsequent
Forum and Landmark courses and have never lacked for female
companionship since. The talent is awesome and they all like to
play. My only problem, OK, OK -- racket, is that after twenty-five
years I'm getting a little tired of the game-playing and all the
intention and the being in action around stuff and the superficiality
and the social-climbing & huffy-puffy striving. How do I get off it
and just enjoy the ride? Seriously, some of these chicks are sooooo
aggressive they make my (you-know) go into hibernation. I wouldn't go
~that~ far but how did Werner do it? By that I mean keep six or seven
women in the air and juggle them to the point that they didn't all
catch on? I'm lucky if I can do two or three without them all finding
out about each other. Really, I'd be happy with two or three if
they'd just lay off the jargon and their constant pushing me to get a
better, higher-paying job. I'm tired of the coaching I'm getting on a
nightly basis. How do I get them to dial it back and just leave the
Landmark at the door?

Dear Lucky,

You're a big boy, aren't you? All I can hear in your whining is the
same old "I'm a victim" that you were supposed to be cured of a long
time ago. Take control. Tell the bitches that you're the boss and
your home is a no-jargon/no-coaching zone. Buck it up, bigstuff.
What right-minded Landmark follower would want to stay in the same
room with a whiner, anyway? Where'd you find these chicks? The
Landmark flunk-out line? Also, high-tail it to the nearest Landmark
center where you can get into a remedial course. It seems you've
forgotten the basic lessons.

Feb 5, 2007, 5:00:15 PM2/5/07

Dear Landmark Advisor,


I'm in breakdown. I took the Landmark relationship seminar to improve
my relationship with my BF and he's packing his bags. I tried to
explain some of the concepts I learned about and he threw a hissy-
fit. He got really steamed when I gave him the coaching around love/
sex thingie and love not being sex and vice versa. He especially
didn't seem to like the bit about the rabbits. What can I do?

Take a deep breath. Do you think he'd be willing to go to a seminar?
Wait a few days till he's had some time to cool off and then bring the
subject of enrollment up. Three or four days without sex will put him
in a better frame of mind to accept the possibility that the solution
to his problems involves getting with the Landmark program. On second
thought, wait a week or two.

Feb 5, 2007, 5:27:45 PM2/5/07
Dear Landmark,

I did a dumb thing. I dumped my old/reliable girlfriend to hook up
with a hot girl I met in a Landmark seminar. Actually it was the
Advanced Course and we really "clicked" and one thing followed another
and... Anyway, after two months of All-Landmark-All-the-Time I'm
ready to go back to my old life. I'm in touch with the fact that I'm
not really interested in being extraordinary and I'd be really happy
to just be ordinary for a while. I am a stand for ordinary, regular,
and usual. How do I get back my old sweetie who won't even answer my
phone calls? She thinks I've joined a cult. She called me a "Werner-
wannabe" the last time I saw her.

Cut her loose. She's not going to give you what you want. There are
hundreds and hundreds of better-looking, willing, and ready
replacements in another Landmark seminar. I recommend the Wisdom
Course. And don't take any of her phone calls. Werner was a genius
and not fully appreciated. Those who speak ill of him are just

Feb 5, 2007, 10:07:16 PM2/5/07
Dear Landmark,

Recently, and on the advice from our pastor, my whole family has
gotten involved with Landmark and their programs. Several members of
my family have become "introduction leaders" and most are out
recruiting every week-end. We are Baptists and this is putting a big
hole in our church time and now even our pastor has gotten into the
act and he is coaching them every night. So far, I am the only hold-
out. They have all begun praying at my door. They are there in the
morning when I leave for work and there in the evening when I turn the
lights out. What can I do to stop this madness? Is Landmark
compatible with being a Baptist?

By all means. Landmark will make you a better Baptist. Get yourself
to the Forum immediately. You are the one causing upset in your
family. Take your checkbook.

Feb 5, 2007, 10:21:41 PM2/5/07
Dear LandieLove,

Two weeks ago my father-in-law returned from a trip to Thailand with a
young girl he refers to as his "housekeeper." He has been going on
these trips for a couple of years now and we've assumed he was going
on "sex tours." He has been a long-term Landmark devotee and has
always found ways to deflect our criticism by saying "that's our
interpretation." He won't admit it one way or another saying instead
the we've created the reality of child abuse. As long as he kept his
business offshore, we weren't too concerned but now he's bringing it
home and we're worried. Any advice?

Don't worry. If he gets her enrolled into a Landmark program she can
stop seeing herself as a victim and instead take up the controls of
her own life. Not thinking herself to be victimized will prevent her
from going to the police - she won't have any reason to. Plus, she'll
learn lots of nifty new tools to help her fulfill her own destiny,
which may include soaking the old fart for all he's worth. (Just
kidding, heh.)


Feb 5, 2007, 10:40:45 PM2/5/07
Having fun?

<> wrote in message

Feb 5, 2007, 11:37:00 PM2/5/07
On Feb 5, 7:40 pm, "Tex" <> wrote:
> LOL!!
> Having fun?

...Slow day at work.


Feb 5, 2007, 11:50:08 PM2/5/07
Dear LandmarkLove,

Last week my brother cut a couple of inches off all the trouser legs
of my husband's suits and hid them in the garage. He then took a
large bucket of paint and painted my husband's car bright blue. My
husband has an important job as an insurance executive and has to
entertain many bigwig clients and this has not done much for his
image, as you can imagine. Can you suggest anything?

Remember your first Landmark Forum? Remember when they explained how
we all create our own reality and how anything and everything we
experience is something we have created using the power of our own
mind? My question to you is who are you being to bring these
unfortunate events into your life? Examine this and you will find the
solution to your problems.

Feb 6, 2007, 12:56:41 AM2/6/07
OK Landilove,

Here's the thing: I've been using the tools and the technology for
fifteen years now and I haven't been able to enroll a single person.
They don't even raise an eyebrow anymore when I go down to the centre
to assist and give me the bum's rush when I ask about more seminars.
I've done everything on the Landmark curriculum three times and they
say I'm still uncoachable and inauthentic. What more can I do. My
friends avoid me and my family all have caller ID and won't answer my
phone calls. I haven't had a girlfriend for more than two days and
even the Landmark hags won't have anything to do with me because I
can't enroll anyone.


Take the hint, Sack. Find another group. Maybe Lifespring or PSI.
Landmark is not for you. They should have screened you out in the
beginning. Someone must have been asleep at the switch. Even
Landmark has to draw the line somewhere.

Feb 6, 2007, 1:37:29 PM2/6/07
Hi LandmarkLove,

This is hard to write because I've been a die-hard Landmark lover for
twenty years AND I think I'm losing my transformation. I can no
longer choose to live powerfully because so many disempowering things
have happened including my wife abandoning me for a man half my age,
my son coming out and down with genital herpes, and my step-mother
having me cut out of my father's will. Without these players, I am
left in the game alone. It's become harder and harder to accept the
responsibility that I've created these things. What was I thinking?

Sounds like you're suffering transformation creep or (unwanted)
paradigm shift. Don't tell my Landmark supervisors but I'd suggest
getting your chi balanced, which you'll have to do with someone not
involved in Landmark. We don't do chi.

Feb 6, 2007, 1:48:46 PM2/6/07
Hi LandieLove,

Whew! What a week. I've gotten my maid, my husband, three neighbors,
and my pharmacist enrolled in the next Forum. I've made seventy-five
new friends in the Landmark "family" and my back is no longer going
into spasms. My hair has grown out a little and I've lost fourteen
pounds. The transformations keep piling up. I've made plans to open
a new business with one of my new Landmark friends and another has
shown me a new house I've made a down-payment on. I don't know if I
can keep up this pace. How would you suggest I relax?

Go into you space. Find a space in your left foot. R-E-L-A-X. Feel
the warm water on you feet. You're in control, baby. Enjoy the
game. Wheeeeeee...

Feb 6, 2007, 8:34:52 PM2/6/07

I don't think even Landmark can get me out of this one, Landilove. I
did something really, really stupid. Thought I could create my own
reality without my bitchy ex-wife and all her demands but my reality
bumped up against the police's reality and now I'm in the clink. Hey,
I'm looking at life without parole at best. Oh, forgot to add that I
took a couple of potshots at that jerk judge who was going to give my
wife everything. Whatever advice you can give me is greatly
appreciated. I used to work for Landmark so spare me the party line
and all the crap blow-off "it's your choice" stuff. Just the straight
dope, if you don't mind.


Geeeze DuM,

I don't even think Werner would know how to get out of that one. He
might though, since he dodged the child sexual abuse thingie. I'll
give him a call. Dollars to donuts he'll know how to reframe or
recontextualize. If nothing else, he'll have some advice on how to
speak in front of a judge. Hey, maybe L. Ron Hubbard's
"exteriorizing" will work. Heck, it worked for him.

Feb 7, 2007, 7:30:18 PM2/7/07

Oky-dokey, DuM...

Here's the deal, right from the Source's mouth:

Werner sez:

"Get a grip. You can choose to have an extraordinary life no matter
what. Hell, it's already extraordinary and likely to get more so once
you go to trial. Look at all the publicity you've gotten already.
For those who love and believe you no so-called facts about your life
will change their feelings or devotion. Hey, Charles Manson had
followers who adored him. So did fat-boy L. Ron Hubbard. And that
psycho who ran the Heaven's Gate cult. No matter what you do or did,
there will still be women who will flock to you and want to get with
you -- look at the Menendez brothers, or Jeffery Dahmer, or the
"Hillside Strangler." And, if you play your cards right, you can
correspond with some of these women and get them to bring you gifts
and cash and run errands for you. Life needn't stop just because
you're behind bars. One of these babes might just have the clout or
the means to spring you out. Didn't you see the story recently about
the prison guard lady who arranged for her criminal boyfriend to
escape? There are lots and lots of possibilities so don't get all
"I'm a victim." Take charge. Live from possibility. It always
worked for me, heh."

(Oh and psssst...It'd be best not to mention Landmark. That will most
likely set the judge and the jury on edge if they have or had any
dealings with a Landmark person that didn't work out well. And if any
of them have been through the training, they're likely to think you
have to take responsibility and in the real world that means accept
the consequences, so mum's the word, eh sport?)


Feb 11, 2007, 12:01:42 PM2/11/07



I've got a real problem on my hands. My beautiful, charming, and
devoted wife came home from her Landmark seminar a completely
different person. She's gone from being polite and respectful to rude
and aggressive, spouting nonsensical pronouncements and unusual
phrases while she patrols the street collaring each and every person
who has the misfortune to cross her path and badgering them about how
their "life doesn't work" and they "don't know their ass from a hole
in the ground." She's gone to our children's school and harassed the
teaches and the principal and they've taken out a restraining order
against her. God knows what my poor children are going through. What
can I do, short of having her committed?

Dear Ackkk,

Listen to her. Get into communication. Get into the conversation.
Accept what she is telling you. Go down and register for the next
Landmark seminar -- then what she is doing won't seem insane at all
and you can enroll your children in a Young Person's Forum so they can
get with the program and assist your wife in transforming the planet.

Feb 11, 2007, 12:49:27 PM2/11/07

Hey LandiLove!

What gives? I *don't* get it. What's wrong with this picture?

My Landmark project is and was to start a transformational product to
use in the schools in my community and I did a lot of work to put the
thing together into a presentation I could make to the school board
and the PTA. I figured out they could use it for after-hours programs
and extra-curricular activities and that they'd be thrilled to have a
new way to get kids to behave better and work harder. Well, the whole
group laughed me out the door and continued following me to my car and
down the street throwing shoes and lunch bags and pop bottles at me.
I thought Landmark transformation was a wonderful gift everyone would
love and flock to and spread to their families and their neighbors. I
thought Landmark was training to enroll people and I would get the
skills to be persuasive and to touch, move, and inspire people into
seeing my vision for the future and wanting to do what I did to become
who I am. I thought Landmark was about becoming awesome and
influential and waking people up to the way things really are. What's
wrong with these folks?

There it is. Gotcha! You made them wrong. You went in with the
attitude that there was something missing in their educational system
and they needed "fixing." Remember, even though you believe this,
you've got to keep it secret and instead approach them with the
attitude that they are perfectly OK just the way they are and don't
need to "change" to make anything "better." Remember, people are
insulted if you imply that they are insufficient, incompetent, or
defective. Make their reality so that they "see" that they will only
increase their already great program from terrific to extraordinary
with your Landmark Transformation product and they'll be putty in your

Feb 12, 2007, 10:20:04 AM2/12/07
Hey LandiLove,

WTF! I'm dum but not that dum. What the hell kind of lame-assed
answer was that? Tell Werner I said thanks for nothing -- nothing,
yeah, exactly. Nothing is what that advice was worth. Hey, it's just
like he sez: "Nothing to get," and all that. What a crock. I'm
disgusted. Hey, give him this bit of good news why don't you: Tell
Werner, or Weener, as they call him out here in the real world, that I
am planning to mention Landmark in my defense. Not only planning to
mention it but Landmark will be the central issue as to why an
otherwise law-abiding person might "flip-out" and do something crazy,
or "unreasonable," as they call it. Heck, Landmark will serve me and
my lawyers well, you can bet on that, hooboy. And not in the way it
served me all those years I worked hard for them, recruiting and
enrolling and getting people to pay for their silly courses for slave
wages, but well in a way that'll have you all spinning in your little
perfect Landmark this and Landmark that. Yes, wrap your little head
around this why don't you...I'm getting coaching from some anti-cult
types who say I may have been driven crazy by Landmark and that
there's 30 years of evidence piling up to prove it. Ha! Think I'm
that dub, huh? Landmark will be the core of my INSANITY defense.
Chew on that one, LandiLooooove.

Dum but smartening up fast

Oh dear Dum,

Please contact me immediately. I'm arranging for Werner to meet with
you and give you personal counselling. I need the names of you
lawyers so that Art can get in touch with them. I want you to know we
are fully in action around this.

Feb 12, 2007, 1:20:25 PM2/12/07

Oh nice try there, Landilove(slave). Hmmm, slave is the word alright,
if you work for Landmark, that is. What are you anyway -- another one
of Werner's love slaves? He's got a bunch, that's for sure. Roped
'em in the same way I did when I was passing out that transformation
schtick to the gullible feebs. Hey, I know the game. I had just as
many love slaves as ol' Weener any day. Maybe more; I'm better
looking and got a better bod than that pencil-necked old fool.

Yeah, nice try. Forget it. All the king's horses and all the king's
men aren't going to do me any good if you think I can worm my way out
of this one using that scientology "technology" stuff. No, my best
shot is the obvious one -- Landmark makes people do stupid things.
It's a given and most people outside Landmark know this. It has
something to do with the programming "you create your own reality"
thing. People who buy into the silly stuff think they don't have to
play by the usual rules. And that means "disappearing" an ex-wife
falls easily in the realm of possibility. Hah!

Not-so-DuM anymore

Dear DuM,

Don't despair, we've got a whole house-full of lawyers ready to
assist. Not to mention the history and the experience of defending
the indefensible. We know all the tricks. Before you go running off
at the mouth anymore, let our crack legal hounds get a handle on the
situation. Handling the worst sort of situations is their specialty.

Feb 17, 2007, 10:12:47 PM2/17/07

Whew! Well after that little upset, we've got the situation handled
with DM and the crack Landmark legal team so let's get back to the
business of transformation shall we, Landmark fans:

Hi LandmarkLove,

I've got a great marriage and a great husband that Landmark has made
even better. He's gotten his great big butt off the couch and gotten
into the game of enrollment and coaching and he's on a tear. I
haven't seen him this enthusiastic in the whole time I've been married
to him. He's taken a second job and says he plans to become a
Landmark trainer and has started training to run the marathon. He no
longer hangs around the house bugging me for sex or dinner, instead
he's out working on projects and I hardly ever see him which is just
fine with me as I was getting a little tired of looking at his big
beer belly in that "wife-beater" t-shirt. Nope, he pays the bills --
on time -- and has taken responsibility for his ex-wife and her child-
support payments so I'm off the hook on that one. Yep, if that's
transformation, I love it. Thanks Landmark.


Dear Clappy,

Just a note of caution: if you don't join him in his transformation
he might leave you behind -- way behind. In his new transformed life,
you might seem like a drag so I'd advise you to get with the program
immediately. Time's a'wasting my dear. The women in Landmark
programs are way attractive and aggressive and won't hesitate to snag
a new Landmark transformed man if the opportunity arises so word up,

Feb 26, 2007, 8:54:53 AM2/26/07
Dear Landylove,

Did my Forum in Sept. '02, Curriculum for Living, Advanced Course in
Feb '03, and am currently enrolled in SELP. I have received great
value from all of Landmark's programs and am a stand for self-
expression and leadership. For the most part the people I have met at
Landmark have been wonderful for support and coaching. I'm getting to
the point where I'd like to do some coaching myself but those same
people react in completely un-Landmark-approved ways whenever I point
out to them that they are running rackets or playing the victim.
Furthermore, my girlfriend, whom I met in the SELP, is even more
resistant to coaching and tells me I am the one running rackets.
What's up with this? Do people think Landmark technology only works
on people who have not yet taken the program? Why are they so
defensive and dismissive when it comes to using the technology on
themselves? Am I the only one with this observation?


Dear Flum,

No. And you are doing the very thing they have warned you about in
the programs which is playing junior Forum leader. No one is more
sensitive to having the technology used on him than someone who has
been in Landmark for a while, so keep the coaching for your non-
Landmark acquaintances and potential enrollment targets where it
belongs. Until you are in a position to lead a group and enroll a
large percentage of those people into more seminars you must maintain
the listening for the conversation -- and that means keeping your big
yap shut. I recommend you do more assisting to give you more practice
on being a stand for listening.


Feb 26, 2007, 10:16:23 AM2/26/07
Are you the author of this?
Some of your best work, for sure. :-D

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Feb 27, 2007, 7:34:25 AM2/27/07
On Feb 26, 7:16 am, "Tex" <> wrote:
> Are you the author of this?
> Some of your best work, for sure.


Fortunately, I have a couple of other skills.


Feb 27, 2007, 8:21:46 AM2/27/07
Dear LandmarkLove,

I hope you can help me. I haven't told a soul about this but I'm
deeply concerned about my husband and his plans to get involved in
something I'm not sure about. Though he has been in the insurance
business for many years, he has never had so many ideas about new
"product" to push on his old customers and I'm worried he is risking
our savings on some of these new ideas of his. Ever since he got
involved in Landmark, he's been a different person. He now seems to
think his Rotary buddies are "prospects" and he talks about them as
though they were sheep to be shorn, laughing and joking about how they
will "finance our retirement." So far, I don't believe they suspect
his experimenting on them and he's been very successful at selling
some of these new "risk-protection" policies that he has cooked up,
but they're all just pieces of paper and I don't think he'll ever have
the reserves to back up claims should anyone make a big one. I don't
know what part Landmark has played in this but he is thrilled to have
a whole new customer "base" and I suspect he is using his Landmark
meetings to make more sales of these new policies. What should I do?

Worried Sick

Dear Worried,

Quit worrying. He sounds like he knows what he's doing. I personally
would be glad to know my husband was so caring and so concerned about
providing a nice fat retirement package for me. And don't worry about
the Landmark meetings -- they are designed for such things with plenty
of happy and enthusiastic prospects already warmed-up and ready to
pull out their check-books. One thing Landmark provides is great
customers who aren't cynical or skeptical and don't ask too many
questions. No, Landmark is perfect for your husband and I suggest you
keep your negative thoughts to yourself. Actually, you should
disappear them altogether, which Landmark can show you how to do.

(Tell him to ask the centre manager about some nice off-shore


Feb 27, 2007, 12:12:14 PM2/27/07

<> wrote in message

I must say, very clever and funny.
May I steal it sometime?
You haven't copyrighted it yet, have you? :-D
> E

Feb 27, 2007, 12:29:59 PM2/27/07
On Feb 27, 9:12 am, "Tex" <> wrote:

> I must say, very clever and funny.
> May I steal it sometime?
> You haven't copyrighted it yet, have you?

Be my guest. Nothing here that isn't "public domain."


Feb 27, 2007, 4:58:38 PM2/27/07
On Feb 27, 9:12 am, "Tex" <> wrote:

> I must say, very clever and funny.
> May I steal it sometime?
> You haven't copyrighted it yet, have you? :-D


I "borrowed" the idea from this guy:


Feb 28, 2007, 1:02:14 AM2/28/07

<> wrote in message

> E


Feb 28, 2007, 1:06:32 AM2/28/07

<> wrote in message
Funny stuff.
Your's is better though, but understandable only to a select few.

Feb 28, 2007, 11:23:31 AM2/28/07

Oh, and a follow-up to "Worried Sick," if she's still around:

I've had a brief chat with Werner last night and happened to mention
your husband and his new insurance product and he's verrrrry
interested. Yes, his ears pricked right up and he seemed to come
alive with the possibilities I know he was imagining when I explained
about the "risk protection" aspects and your husband's ideas. He's
asked me to get in touch with you so he can set up a meeting with your
husband and possible collaboration. Think about it! This could be
the beginning of something really extraordinary. As I understand it,
and as Werner explained: the inclusion of special, licensed Landmark
technology into your husband's policies could prevent any settlement
"problems" as those who don't believe they are victims or don't
acknowledge victimization will never have any reason to file an
insurance claim, and (shhhhh -- keep this under your hat -- no matter
what happens to them.) I'm soooo excited for you and for Landmark.
I'm ten times more excited, to be exact!

Yours authentically,


Mar 1, 2007, 10:12:25 AM3/1/07

Dear Landielove,

I'm at my wit's end and praying you can help me. My normal, decent,
and dependable husband of fourteen years did the Landmark Forum three
months ago and our lives have been turned upside down, to say the
least. He was as conventional as they come, quiet and hard working,
doing yard-work on Saturdays, and attending church with me and the
kids every Sunday. His only "time off" was bowling twice a month with
his bowling buddies and an occasional fishing trip. Well imagine my
surprise when he comes home from his three-day seminar in drag! Not
only in drag but with a whole new personality, accent, and wardrobe.
Heaven knows how much he's spent on clothes and make-up in the last
few weeks. He won't show me the credit card receipts. Well, I guess
I could get used to this new arrangement if he continued to work and
pay the bills but he's gallivanting all over the state and now has
announced he is moving to Cincinnati where he says he will feel more
comfortable in his new life style. Landielove, I've got three kids
and a mortgage. What are the chances his transformation will wear off
any time soon?

Transformation Gone Wrong

Dear Wrong,

Well, let me just say for starters that it won't serve you in any way
to continue to make him wrong. No, you must find a way to embrace his
breakthrough and make it work for you some how. Have you considered
supporting him in his transformation by offering advice on hair, color
combinations, and accessories? Believe me, if he feels acknowledged,
accepted, and supported he is much more likely to resume paying the
bills. Remind him (gently) about responsibility. This is one of the
key concepts at Landmark and whispering it in his ear while he is
asleep might just bring him back into alignment with his fiduciary
obligations. Make it work for you! He might earn more in show
business in Cincinnati than he ever made doing whatever conventional
thing he was doing before.

Mar 12, 2007, 11:37:22 AM3/12/07

Dear Landilove,

My husband got involved in Landmark a few years ago at the urging of
his then boss and has been doing seminars and courses regularly since
then. From the moment he graduated, he has been investing in various
schemes and start-up businesses and has ruined our credit and dithered
away all our savings. In addition, he has borrowed against the house
and the car and we are living on the edge and I expect to be evicted
any day now. Worse than that, he has an answer to every problem that
just makes it more painful -- answers like, "ride the horse in the
direction it's going," "get out of the stands and on to the field,"
and "put the past in the past." Now he's latched on to this new
"Secret" thing and he's convinced we'll be rich again in no time. He
thinks I'm the one holding us back because I've made some less-than-
flattering comments about his past business fiascoes. In fact, he's
decided to dump me and the kids because of the "negativity" and
"cynicism" when I'm the one going to work every day and keeping the
lights on. What do you think of this situation?


Dear Burned,

Don't hold your breath. This "Secret" thingie is bogus. It's a
ripoff and a cheap copy of the authentic transformation work. It's
just some poor woman's imitation of the real thing and it will
probably lead him down the path of destruction, all the while he is
sitting and meditating or visualizing his brand new big pile of
money. Where did they get that technology? From Scientology where
they teach you to make clay models of whatever it is you want and call
it "mocking-up" or something like that? Why do the imitation when you
can do the real thing? Landmark is the original, despite what people
claim about Werner pinching it from L. Ron Blubber. Hah! Imitators
all, imitation being the biggest form of flattery and all that. No, I
say stick with Landmark.


Mar 12, 2007, 12:48:58 PM3/12/07

You had me at Landilove.

<> wrote in message

Mar 12, 2007, 1:04:15 PM3/12/07
On Mar 12, 8:48 am, "Tex" <> wrote:
> :-D
> You had me at Landilove.

D'you miss my earlier work?

I really had 'em going for a while: (Alan and Chris both lost
girlfriends to Landmark.)



Mar 12, 2007, 1:19:25 PM3/12/07
Funny stuff.
I obviously didn't "get" you early on. ;-D
I've been "chatting" online with some pro-Landmark people and I think I can
see where you are getting your material now.
<> wrote in message

Mar 12, 2007, 2:18:39 PM3/12/07

Dear Landmarklove,

My know-it-all sister-in-law is really getting on my last nerve. I've
been doing the program and following all the agreements, acknowledging
everyone, being responsible, dressing for success, working on my
authenticity, enrolling people, and assisting every time they do an
intro here. I've had a couple of breakthroughs and made contact with
my dad, who I haven't spoken to since he was incarcerated for that
trumped-up B&E and possession with intent. I've completed the
curriculum for living and am ready to start ILP as soon as I find
twelve more people to enroll. Here's the thing: my sister-in-law
thinks she knows everything about brainwashing and cults and she just
won't keep her big mouth shut about Landmark being one and also Werner
Erhard being a Scientologist. She's ruining my transformation and bad-
mouthing Landmark to the rest of my friends and family. What can I do
to get this big-mouth to focus her energy on someone else?

Fed Up

Dear Up,

See if you can get some locks of her hair or other things like
fingernails or toenail clippings. Collect as many of these as you can
and preserve them carefully in a glass jar. When you have about a
teaspoonful, lay out a couple of articles of her clothing and wrap the
pieces into small bundles. Fashion these bundles into a small doll
that resembles her as closely as you can. Build a fire with some
twigs and the rest of the clothes you've taken. Find a book of
incantations and look up one that is used to silence an enemy -- it
might help to consult a professional at this point. Take some
knitting needles that you've heated in the fire and proceed to poke
them into her mouth on the doll that you've made. This should take
care of her and keep her quiet. If it doesn't, repeat from the

Mar 13, 2007, 8:22:01 AM3/13/07
Dear Landilove,

I've had some great breakthroughs thanks to Landmark and I'm a stand
for authenticity, enthusiasm, and fun. I've made contact with
fourteen old friends from high school who have promised to attend the
next Introduction to the Forum. I've gotten my home business off the
ground with a couple of good sales to my parents. I'm enrolled into
the Landmark way and I can't wait for more breakthroughs. The
training "popped" for me in the final afternoon. I no longer worry
about things that happened in the past, in fact, I've forgotten most
of what happened before 2004. I even forgot I had a wife and three
kids so you can imagine what a surprise it was to find these strangers
living in my house. I've made the best of it, however, and have
enrolled the kids in Young People's Forum next month. I expect them
to adapt to the transformation and stop seeing themselves as victims
of my breakthrough. The only thing bothering me is that I can't seem
to bring any goals into being since the empty and meaningless thing
makes it pretty hard to figure out what's important, or if anything is
important, as a matter of fact. What should I do?

Lost in Meaninglessness

Dear Lost,

Don't get too wrapped up in the meaning thing. It's enough to just
focus on your business, your assisting, and your enrollment
conversations. As you become more and more transformed you will no
longer be troubled by what things mean. That's where Landmark comes
in; they will provide the meaning and believe me, there'll be plenty
of it. Everything you do will have meaning in the Landmark context.

Mar 14, 2007, 9:15:39 AM3/14/07

Dear LandieLove,

You can't be serious. You have gone off your rocker. That advice you
gave to the lady with the big-mouth sister-in-law was whacko. What
kind of technology is that? Certainly not like anything I learned
doing Landmark courses. No, it sounds too much like Scientology,
which is the same thing I'm hearing from several family members. One
even found a copy of Werner Erhard's official biography to prove that
Werner was a Scientologist. I'd like to minimize and down-play the
Scientology portion of the Landmark curriculum but here you go
resorting to it in print and recommending it to a person with an
upset. What can you be thinking? Say, you're not one of the old
Scientologists who was recruited by Werner in the early years...

I Smell a Rat

Dear Rat,

Don't go there! You don't know anything about the early days. You
don't know how hard it was to get people interested in
transformation. There were so many guys out pounding the circuit with
odd philosophies and get-rick-quick schemes that people were negative
and cynical everywhere you went. And having the door slammed in your
face all day after hiking up and down hills with that forty-pound pack
of books was no picnic, lemmee tell you. You had to be there. So
what if Werner used a little of one or another of these philosophies?
He studied lots of different disciplines. Besides, he only took the
good stuff and discarded the rest. No, we all owe a debt of gratitude
to Werner for the technology he designed. I don't give a rat's ass if
there is some Scientology included because it works.

Mar 14, 2007, 7:10:25 PM3/14/07
-----Breaking News!---Listen Up, Landmark Fans!-----

Breakthroughs in Transformation. Breakthroughs in Technology.

Here at last is an answer to all your Landmark-resistant and Landmark-
reluctant prospects. We've all heard it: The course takes too long.
It costs too much. It requires too much commitment. Well, for all
those slacker, under-performing friends of yours who piss and moan
about the time and expense of transformation, Landmark is introducing
a brand new rapid-induction, streamlined ForumwithAdvanced that takes
only five days instead of the traditional six to eight months. And
the low price -- $1200 instead of the traditional $6000 should put
transformation within reach of even those lowest of the low-
performance crowd who need it more, as it happens, than the usual
upwardly-mobile self-starters who are attracted to the technology.
Let transformation ring, all you transformation junkies, through the
halls and corridors of the trade and vocational schools, through the
community colleges, through the fast food drive-throughs and
laundromats and trailer-parks where the need is greatest. Landmark is
bracing for this flood of new converts and the speed-course is the
answer for another whole segment of the population in desperate need
of transformation technology. Transformation is on the march and we
are fully in action to meet our goal of a transformed planet in

Mar 16, 2007, 11:23:17 AM3/16/07

...Oh, and keep this under your hats, Landmark fanatics, but there's
also another new Landmark product in the pipeline that's every bit as
exciting and extraordinary as the flying pigs campaign, which went
over really well with practicing, long-term Landmark lifers but didn't
do that well with non-Landmark or new-to-Landmark or the Landmark-
reluctant crowd. No, to bring about the magic of transformation for
the planet, and to enhance your already extraordinary lives, all
Landmarkers will want to strive to bring in the transformation-hungry
masses. These haven't materialized yet with the streamlined
ForumandAdvanced course but perhaps the pent-up demand is just too
pent-up in these heading-into-economic-meltdown-with-a-floating-rate-
mortgage times. Which brings up the necessity of pushing this new
product which will bring people in who might never have thought of
doing the Forum up to now. It's tentatively going to be called
"Transformation for the After-Life" and will be designed to target
those at the end of long, successful lives who might not be concerned
about their own transformation after death or might think they already
have that covered with their various religions. This new product will
be tailored to the affluent elderly -- those failing and frail who
could really use some enthusiasm for the future. Imagine! Disease,
disability and death transformed into a new reality where you can
create anything you want. Who wouldn't be interested in that
possibility? Let's all get ready for this new breakthrough, fans!
I'm ten times more excited about this campaign!

Serena Nordstrup

Mar 17, 2007, 2:05:40 AM3/17/07

"The only people who can give the impression of having risen to a
higher plane, who seem superior to ordinary human misery, are people
who resort to the aids of illusion, exaltation, fanaticism, to conceal
the harshness of destiny from their own eyes" --Simone Weil.

bruno Tonon

Mar 17, 2007, 6:47:40 AM3/17/07

"Serena Nordstrup" <> wrote in message

That Simone Weil must be a miserable sod to have such a desperate view on
What a gloomy, dead duck she must be.

Is that the best you can do Serena????



Mar 17, 2007, 11:45:51 AM3/17/07

"bruno Tonon" <> wrote in message

For those that are interminably miserable, being any other way must appear
to be an illusion.
When one worships material and form, "the harshness of destiny" is that
nothing lasts, everything dies, including ourselves. In the end, everyone
loses. Perhaps those that aren't lock into this paradigm know something
Simone Weil does not.

Fit it into the category of "don't know what you don't know."

> cheers


Mar 17, 2007, 4:53:17 PM3/17/07
On 18 Mar, 03:45, "Tex" <> wrote:

> For those that are interminably miserable, being any other way must appear
> to be an illusion.

forgive Tex

you have said Abe Lincon was a great president
do you believe he was a great PERSON

and if so

what about his depression?


Mar 17, 2007, 4:54:51 PM3/17/07
Dear Landie Love

i have a friend he's a flip flopper

good guy at heart

but he can't yet see that standing by your words adds weight to your

so one day he comes in "this is how it is" then 2 days later totally
contracticts himself either in words or actions

my prob is i have spent time with good people and therefore got used
to taking GOOD people at their word [with filters for varius social
layers assumed ]

any hints to improve my relationship with this human being... other
than ignoring everything that comes out his mouth?


Mar 17, 2007, 5:28:36 PM3/17/07

"HAPPYsamurai" <> wrote in message
He overcame it.
That's most probably because he wasn't committed to it.
He had bigger commitments.

bruno Tonon

Mar 18, 2007, 1:35:22 AM3/18/07

"HAPPYsamurai" <> wrote in message

Why don't you accept him for what he is.
Give him space to be.
We can't all be perfect.


Serena Nordstrup

Mar 18, 2007, 2:18:44 AM3/18/07
On Mar 17, 10:47 pm, "bruno Tonon" <> wrote:
> "Serena Nordstrup" <> wrote in message

I don't follow the logic of your conclusion here, Bruno. And where
did you drag in that ~life~ concept from?

> What a gloomy, dead duck she must be.

I don't follow the logic of your conclusion here, Bruno. And you seem
to have developed a fondness for the word ~be~. ( -- Incidentally,
Simone W died in 1943.)

> Is that the best you can do Serena????

Best in what respect? In quoting Simone W. ?


Serena Nordstrup

Mar 18, 2007, 2:22:50 AM3/18/07
On Mar 18, 5:35 pm, "bruno Tonon" <> wrote:
> "HAPPYsamurai" <> wrote in message

> > Dear Landie Love
> > i have a friend he's a flip flopper
> > good guy at heart
> > but he can't yet see that standing by your words adds weight to your
> > integrety
> > so one day he comes in "this is how it is" then 2 days later totally
> > contracticts himself either in words or actions
> > my prob is i have spent time with good people and therefore got used
> > to taking GOOD people at their word [with filters for varius social
> > layers assumed ]
> > any hints to improve my relationship with this human being... other
> > than ignoring everything that comes out his mouth?
> Why don't you accept him for what he is.

That might leave insufficient room for ~possibility~.

> Give him space to be.

Bruno, if you have an interest in ~space~, you might like me to sell
you a choice little property in New Schwabenland.

> We can't all be perfect.




Mar 18, 2007, 9:41:57 AM3/18/07

"Serena Nordstrup" <> wrote in message

> On Mar 18, 5:35 pm, "bruno Tonon" <> wrote:
>> "HAPPYsamurai" <> wrote in message
>> > Dear Landie Love
>> > i have a friend he's a flip flopper
>> > good guy at heart
>> > but he can't yet see that standing by your words adds weight to your
>> > integrety
>> > so one day he comes in "this is how it is" then 2 days later totally
>> > contracticts himself either in words or actions
>> > my prob is i have spent time with good people and therefore got used
>> > to taking GOOD people at their word [with filters for varius social
>> > layers assumed ]
>> > any hints to improve my relationship with this human being... other
>> > than ignoring everything that comes out his mouth?
>> Why don't you accept him for what he is.
> That might leave insufficient room for ~possibility~.
Infinite room for that Serena. ;-D


Mar 18, 2007, 9:43:09 AM3/18/07

"Serena Nordstrup" <> wrote in message

the "dead duck" reference is highly appropriate then.

Serena Nordstrup

Mar 20, 2007, 1:52:21 AM3/20/07
On Mar 19, 1:41 am, "Tex" <> wrote:
> "Serena Nordstrup" <> wrote in message

> > On Mar 18, 5:35 pm, "bruno Tonon" <> wrote:
> >> "HAPPYsamurai" <> wrote in message
> >>
> >> > Dear Landie Love
> >> > i have a friend he's a flip flopper
> >> > good guy at heart
> >> > but he can't yet see that standing by your words adds weight to your
> >> > integrety
> >> > so one day he comes in "this is how it is" then 2 days later totally
> >> > contracticts himself either in words or actions
> >> > my prob is i have spent time with good people and therefore got used
> >> > to taking GOOD people at their word [with filters for varius social
> >> > layers assumed ]
> >> > any hints to improve my relationship with this human being... other
> >> > than ignoring everything that comes out his mouth?
> >> Why don't you accept him for what he is.
> > That might leave insufficient room for ~possibility~.
> Infinite room for that Serena. ;-D

<strawman>Under all conditions, one need not do anything. The
infinitude of ~possibility~ will fill the ~space~ with ~nothingness~
whatever we do or do not do...</strawman> -- Just in case anyone felt
like devoting time and energy to spreading the precepts of ~landmark~.


Mar 20, 2007, 8:59:17 AM3/20/07

"Serena Nordstrup" <> wrote in message

Is that what they're "preaching" nowadays? :-)
Are you connected to them in some way?

Serena Nordstrup

Mar 21, 2007, 4:50:34 AM3/21/07

Just extrapolating from your words.

> Are you connected to them in some way?

Them? Who they? -- You mean landshark defecation?

~landshark~ and I seem to share a common interest in humankind. Others
occasionally get involved in this hobby as well.


Mar 21, 2007, 9:26:21 AM3/21/07

"Serena Nordstrup" <> wrote in message

That's quite an extrapolation from someone who demands proof of anecdotal
It actually falls into the category of creating your own reality, since I've
never had anything to do with Landmark, or est since around 1986.

Serena Nordstrup

Mar 22, 2007, 7:26:15 AM3/22/07

Why, thank you, Tex.

> It actually falls into the category of creating your own reality, since I've
> never had anything to do with Landmark, or est since around 1986.

Your use of words like "infinite room" for ~possibility~ has certain
similarities with ~landmarkian~ drivel -- coincidentally, of course.
It may seem not inappropriate to point out this drift of attitudes --
and to generalize possible corollaries -- in a newsgroup which has
something to do with ~landmark~.


Mar 31, 2007, 9:23:06 PM3/31/07
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