TURMEL: Bradley Hunt says he beat his charges all on his own!!!

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Jun 22, 2014, 1:33:30 PM6/22/14
TURMEL: Bradley Hunt says he beat his charges all on his own!!!

All we have to do is get the witnesses to testify and i
already told the judge its a state interference with our
medical purposes. The crown tried to say they werent allowed but
the judge said ok
September 17, 2013 11:18 am

BH: Your a smart man john i wouldnt feel stupid
Jct: Even I make mistakes, don't see things I could have. Believe
me, my mistakes have cost millions of lives.

BH: But your intelligence has saved lives when nobody elses could
Jct: Yes, I've got wins to my credit but not as many as I could
have had.

BH: I only have til nexy week to submit my list od witnesses is
the list available on the website or something?
September 20, 2013 1:41 pm
Jct: Okay, we have to get it ready for Joe Dickinson too. I'll
make a post at medpot-discuss later today.

Jct: Where's your courthouse?
BH: Kitchener
Jct: Great, your best witness Fangy Perfrement is from Kitchener
and will name 6 Kitchener doctors! Har har har.
who said no for no good reason

BH: Haha thats awesome. Theyre screwed.
I wont take any deal. Ill take it right to the end
Jct: Anyway, I go prepare the witness request post right now.
What date is your list due?
BH: Next friday. i posted when i got the date but no response
Anyways got to run or ill be late
Jct: What happens friday, just the list?
BH: Yes just the list and hopefully set a date
September 21, 2013 9:54 pm

BH: Im going to need the list of witnesses and will says i have
to take then to the crown in the morning
My email is bradle...@gmail.con
Have to go to work now. please email it so i can print it for
the morning thabks john
September 26, 2013 7:38 pm

Jct: I'll fax you the list of 55 witnesses. Mike hasn't sent me
the will-says yet but at least you'll have the list. Send me your
fax number. It's only 4 pages.
September 26, 2013 11:41 pm

BJ: Can you email it to me i dont have a fax if not ill have to
find a fax shop. Ok can you fax to 519 489 1329 Im heading to the
hosputal now coukd you fax me the list please
September 27, 2013 8:17 am

Jct: Okay. Hope you get it in time. It has the 3 pages of
witnesses and the list of torts prepared by the Crown in Mike
Spottiswood. It's faxed right now. Sorry, I was out playing

BH: Got it thanks so much
Jct: Good.
September 27, 2013 11:32 am

BH: And now they have it. they conplained about the format but
they accepted everythin as a draft so i can fix things up
September 27, 2013 1:09 pm
I think they may try and throw the witnesses out
I think it needed a cover?

Jct: They tried to throw the witnesses out in Spottiswood, a
Kutynec motion, and lost! Har har har.
September 28, 2013 12:02 am

BH: in ib court next friday and find out.
Jct: What happens next Friday?
BH: Im not sure. the court asked for the list of witnesses. set
a date maybe
Jct: When does the Quash get heard?
BH: My quash got thrown out because i didnt serve both crowns.
my consitutuonal issue is coming up
September 30, 2013 12:22 am

Jct: I've got your list of witnesses and will-says ready for
faxing tonight or in the morning. Or later in the week. Before
Friday anyway.
BH:Thats awesome. I hope the judge accepts the list i gave him.
they were suggesting the court may not but they were going to
make a decision by tomorrow if not I hand everything up to the
judge on friday and hope he takes it then. if they accepted it in
the spottiswood case they may have to take it i will suggest that
as well

Jct: Okay, it's about 40 pages including the list of 55 witnesses
ready to come and the will-says of the best 10 to start.
BH:do you still have the wil says ready? I'm going to need them
Jct: Yes, do you have a fax?
BH: yes same number as before. one sec. 519 489 1329
Jct: I'll send it now in 2 piles about 20 pages each.
BH: sounds great to me. thanks for your help John. I appreciate
Jct: It's going now. Should freak them out and more will-says
coming. But this should be enough, with the complete list, to
freak them out. Part 2 going out now.
BH: awesome. my crown is the regional manager which includes
london. Im sure she knows what she is getting into. As soon as I
said 55 witnesses she fired back with those witnesses shouldnt be
allowed but the judge didnt accept it
Jct: What's her name? Kim Johnson? Myfanwy Smith?
BH: Catrina Braid. Wife of Peter Braid Conservative MP for
Kitchener Waterloo which makes this extra special. at least to
Jct: And keep in mind if you hear the Crown raise the word
"Kutynec Motion" to bar your witnesses, you can say it lost in
Spottiswood where Justice Heeney ruled he'd hear the witnesses
and decide for himself if they had nothing to say. Get it, they
lost trying to throw the medical witnesses out, and why not,
Mernagh got his in!
BH: I will im waiting for it

Jct: They brought it up in Joe Dickinson's case last time. But I
couldn't comment to help at the time.
BH: they will probably say i didnt follow the rules to which i
will say I submitted a piece of medical documentation that says
at the current time "Anxiety would make it impossible to work
Jct: What rules?
BH: court of justice act
Jct: What rule. what does it say
BH: Im not sure yet
Jct: what does it stop you from doing?
BH: but thats what they like to argue here
Jct: what do you think they want to argue?
BH: they will say i didnt follow the rules of service i imagine
im just guessing at this point
Jct: Service is a triviality. There's nothing they can do to stop
your constitutional motion from getting in if you file it 30 days
before trial. So you don't even need the witness list and could
simply tell them you'll file the constitutional 30 days before
like you're allowed. But filing it now starts the nightmare and
waiting proves nothing except they can't stop you at all from
deciding to file.

BH: i believe they have me at a judicial pretrial stage where im
expected to show the court what evidence im going to present in
order to proceed. but you are right
i know i get to file again like i said she accepted it as a
draft. she's really nice to me which is kind of odd
September 30, 2013 8:29 am
BH: I didnt get your faxes
Jct: Right. Sending. There was no answer at your machine. You
have to turn it on. I'm in till noon.
The number you gave me is not in use.
October 1, 2013 1:28 am

BH: right i dont know what happened i got this online fax service
i got the first set and then now they say they have no record of
me having an account ill have to get a new one sorry. damn
starnge if you ask me
April 17th, 9:49pm

JCT: So "My quash got thrown out because i didnt serve both
crowns." The only reason Brad proudly boasts not using my Quash
Kit isn't that he didn't try, it's that he didn't to service

And I'd have never given him the 55-patient list if I hadn't
thought he'd done the Quash first. Ask anyone, nobody does the
constitutional without doing the easy Quash first. And Brad lied
about my help in both motions, hasn't he? What a fraud.

Now think about how long I've held that card up my sleeve! Har har har.
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