TURMEL: Sandy quashed Oshawa pot charge, not Marko

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John Turmel

Jun 24, 2004, 9:44:47 PM6/24/04
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EP: No one has withdrawn Marko's charges in Oshawa.

JCT: We know that. It was Terry's friend, Sandy Kramer, who
was the first person charged after the Hitzig Prohibition
Rebirth to have their charges withdrawn by the Crown. I did
two stories about it, even mentioned that her win became a
precedent for Marko's case. I know Marko's identical case
got put off but Sandy had Parker to help keep her focused on
the win, Marko didn't.

ED: Monday November 1 2004. the argument has a scheduled 2
hrs in the meantime the Crown has been ordered to submit a
written factum in reply before that date. What the Crown did
attempt was to re-elect for trial by Indictment. However, I
had in writing the election they made and had sort of verbal
argument with the Crown to the effect they were bound by
that election and could not re-elect to avoid my putting
forth the argument in support of the application. And that
the attempt to do so constituted a blatant abuse of process.
The Court agreed and advised the Crown to bring him written
proof that the Federal Crown had not elected months ago to
proceed under summary conviction. The entire matter is alive
and well. Should they withdraw Marko and a few others will
get busted then and there for possession of a wee one and
the battle will continue.

JCT: So you really never got around to quashing the charges
and winning because you had to deal with all this other
paperwork first. Like I said, Sandy had Parker to keep her
focused on an immediate victory with her Parker and Krieger
cards and Marko had you to keep things complicated and
needing an adjournment.

Having you around cost Marko the honor of first blood. By
the time November rolls around, it'll be old hat with so
many others having won before him. Of course, he can always
fill out the forms like Sandy did, file the pre-trial motion
without you for hearing next week and demand equal treatment
as Sandy right now. Why sit under a cloud for 6 months? What
if he gets busted again, then it's a breach, a real head-

Marko should go in with the Quash forms alone and win it on
the Parker card and Kramer precedent.

Another Pastor Pearson fumble on the goal-line.

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