TURMEL: Scott Withers P4P MedPot Charge being withdrawn

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Jan 14, 2013, 8:38:37 AM1/14/13

Nov 1 2011
Busted Again

There must be something can can be done about the negligence
factor. I have lost so much health and money fighting to
have pot and not have MS obliterate my life.
In all that has been won, is there not enough to show
negligence? After all these years since Parker there is not
enough to lay out the simple facts and show willful
The courts have said we have the right to health and yet we
can do nothing to address what is clearly an obstructionist
agenda, that denies us all what Parker won.

Nov 9 2011
hey Gang. john thought I should post my story here so others
will know there is another iron in the fire.

here's my local newspaper report:
OPP execute drug warrant

OPP Release
On Monday October 31, 2011 at 8:40 pm, members of the
Manitouwadge Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) detachment
executed a search warrant on a residence in Manitouwadge. As
a result of the search a quantity of Marijuana, Cannabis
resin, and drug paraphernalia were seized. Other growing
materials were also seized. Total street value approximately
$3160.00. As a result of the warrant one male were arrested
and charged. Robert Scott WITHERS 47 yrs old) from
Manitouwadge was charged with Possession for the purpose of
Trafficking and Production of Marihuana and is to appear in
court in Manitouwadge on December 14, 2011. To report
suspicious activity and remain anonymous, call Crime
Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

This is the second time for me. I made a deal back in 2002
and gave up 'cus I ran out of cash and had not met John yet.
So now 10 years later round two.....BUT this time I know
John Turmel...
I'll try and go all he way back to 2002's charges. I have
the proof I was sick then........I did not have it in 2002.
This time they can't choke me out with my pocket book.
Thanks John and Derek and everyone for posting all that is
here to inform and inspire. Scott

Dec 14 2011

My first appearance was today. I just barely dragged myself
from bed, where I write this post now.

The court refused to accept my application for return. Said
it had to be served on the Crown's Office, the court's
office and a date set with the trial coordinator.

So I was stalled on serving..i still have 2 weeks to get it
done right.

Not the way I read 24.1, but, I'll do as they have said.
Can't see how I can set a date with the trial coordinator
since that would depend on the outcome of the trial.

They dropped the production charge and left the 5(2) and are
seeking fine and probation so no legal aid qualification

Guess they squeezed me out of legal aid and firmly into self
representing! I'm shaking in my boots after I was told by
duty council that "the courts up here don't deal well with
self defenders, get a lawyer" NOT.

His general point of view was.. they got you with the goods
and you don't have an exemption, your toast! The same lawyer
speak we all know of......get a lawyer go to jail.

OK....... I think they are going to be forced to deal with a
self represented party since I don't have any other options.
Anyway back on court on Feb 1 st. Scott

July 28 2012
Turmel: Scott Withers' Return Motion causing headaches

The Crown said they would stay my charges but it would
require me abandoning the return of my cannabis. I told them
no.. I want it back.

I don't figure they need my consent in any way to stay the
charges and make me wait a year to get the return heard.
Could it be he needed the Judges?

I didn't take a tape recorder and my mind was swimming...
They made me stand at the back of the room while the Judge
and crown talked. The Judge was waving the return
application around and the Crown was some ticked off by the
time we stood back up again.

I go back sept 25 to set a date for trial......... the odd
part was the crown said on that date they are only going to
deal with the return.

John: So the Return is really causing them headaches. They
don't want to give you your pot back and have no way to deal
with it if they try to stay the charge. By the way, are you
exempted yet to receive it?


yes...my exemption covers it by a huge factor.

I think dealing with self represented people gives them
headaches. Everything has to happen real time. They can't
leverage you with threats of an ever growing legal bill.

My advice to others is tape everything. Once in court in can
be difficult to remember all that is said, efforts will be
made to exacerbate your confusion, make you feel overwhelmed
and seriously out of your element.

Since they can't intimidate you with your lawyers bill they
work the "your not a lawyer...you don't have a lawyer" angle
pretty well. Don't be rattled.......they brought it on
you.... make them deal with your self represented ass!

Jan 14 2013

I got a letter from the Crown... they intend to withdraw the
charges. Now the fight is over getting my 5 oz back or the
cash value...... pretty sure it's now unsafe as medication.

JCT: Great news. When is the big day? Stay tuned.
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