TURMEL: Mike Montoya beats medpot criminal record!

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Feb 15, 2013, 8:42:32 AM2/15/13
JCT: In January, I heard from Mike Montoya who'd been
busted in Burlington Ontario with 3 grams of marijuana! 3
grams. And busted by a young Halton Regional Police
constable! What kind of a 20ish year-old nerd dweeb busts
someone for 3 grams. Mike's a big football player and the
cop was a pip squeak who must have enjoyed cuffing the
bigger guy, given the chance, and 3 grams was his chance.
Can't help thinking of Deputy Barney Fife on the Andy
Griffin Show, another pip squeak whose over-enforcement of
petty laws drew laughs. I'm sure being cuffed over 3 grams
wasn't so funny.

MM: Hey john, just wanted to say thanks for the info
pertaining to challenging a cannabis charge. is it really as
simple as your video documented? haha

Jct: Yes. You have to be able to understand the cards and
when to play them.

MM: ok, i will keep it in mind as i start the process. it
was over 2-3 grams, ridiculous humans.

Jct: Let them know what you'll be doing before you file it
so they can do an easier deal. Once the paperwork is filed,
some become resistant. So threaten to file them first, (to
the Crown, not the court) and see if he'll give up and stay
or withdraw before.

MM: man, appreciate you typing all that, thank you! I will
go that route, do you know if me getting my medical license
would be a difficult task?
and can i really expect to be getting back my 2.5 grams? the
cops that gave me a hard time was ridiculous in his approach
and clearly knew me from somewhere before or something and
really went way over the top charging me like that

Jct: If you have a qualifying illness, not any more.
Greenleaf Clinic and others in BC do Skype interviews after
you send proper medical info for $400. My brother finally
got his after 12 years of trying in Quebec.

MM: are the qualifying illnesses not pretty general,
including things such as OCD, Anxiety, etc...?
and that being said, for the kits you have provided, do you
need to have a license or claim medical advantage?

Jct: Health Canada has a first group that only needs 1
doctor and another set that need 2.

MM: gotcha, i was not aware of that info! thank you...the
kits you have provided, do you need to have a license or
claim medical advantage?

Jct: No, I've done the moves and I'm a healthy guy who wants
it to prevent what it's good for once you've got it before I
get it.

MM: LMAO, bro, i laugh so hard when you say that. i cant
exactly wrap my head around it.
Yes sir, Thank you so much for your time... im going to
repeat that over and over until i get it. Take care and Good

MM: Hey brother, So i followed up with the Crown about the
case I had spoke to you about previously and he asked me to
make a 400 dollar donation. Two things, I want to know if
you think I should just file the Notion to Quash or make the
donation. And if I am to make a donation I would gladly put
it to any charity or case you see fit, I am a big supporter
of the movement you lead. I have to go out of the Country
for football next month in January and I wanted to know if
you think they will prevent me from being allowed into
America with any cases like this pending. Any info would be
greatly appreciated, much respect.

Jct: You can serve him with the Quash motion and say you
won't file it until you speak again. Or you can dicker about
the money right now. If you look poor, the $400 may mean
much. If it's not much, take the deal and walk away with no
criminal record. But do try to dicker it down.

MM: Hey bro, long story short, i didn't get in shit haha...
But i did have to make a small donation, cops r fools. Keep
up the hustle, i love your work.

Jct: So make a short story long please. Can I add you to my
wins list? Did you end up with a criminal record?

MM: That's awesome bro... well i presented my paper work and
i had to leave the country within the week. The crown gave
me the run around telling me if i apply for the quash or
return of my controlled substances he would have to pass it
onto another crown etc and it would take longer... so this
is where i got smart... he asked for a 400 dollar
donation... i say *f u * in my head and i call up a friend
of mine who runs some charitable organizations. i followed
it up by presenting that fool with a 400 dollar donation
but throughout the process i didn't spend a dollar
that being said.... had i not presented the motion to quash,
i am not sure that he would have been so lenient with the
donation he requested, it was rather stupid all together.
I love my cannabis and my cannabinoid flavones and they
shouldn't be able to mess with that

Jct: Well, if you walked away with no criminal record after
you threatened the Crown with the Quash, I'm adding you to
the list. What date was the charge withdrawn, before what
judge if you can remember, maybe the Crown's name and charge
so I can write a short victory report and cheer up the team.

MM: January 9th, Milton Ontario, i did have some pull
luckily through my football connections, the crown by chance
remembered watching me play football in college for my
university. Crown Attorney Bob Lush, a graduate of
University of Guelph

Jct: So you're giving $400 to your favorite charity! Not so
bad. And the Crown avoids a costly fight over 3 grams! Neat.
Guess he isn't so sad to see you go.

MM: haha... he was a nice enough guy. the clown was the cop
stupid fools not letting me take my damn back medicine

Jct: They were the gorillas in Planet of the Apes.

MM: HAHAHAHAAH, that's jokes bro

Jct: But you lose your 3 grams! Har har har.

MM: that was where i was most upset! hands down

Jct: Do you have an exemption? Sounds like not.

MM: I don't yet. but i applied for one through CALM

Jct: Even better story. A non-sick guy walking!

MM: im "sick". i wanna take the medicine for what its good
for before i get it. lmao*. thats a "JT" thing

MM: AHAHAH his last name was ALLEN it was in burlington
ontario. he was around 26 years old. i probably had about 60
pounds of lean muscle mass on the pip squeak and i know he
felt inferior so he was enjoying arresting me and putting me
in cuffs and in his cop car and all for no reason...
over 2.7 grams
a young cop.... a not very nice man
feel free to use all the info in all your reports... I just
wanted to say thanks again for your support... i go to run
to training but much respect. thanks again

Jct: A "Barney Fife" kind of police officer?


Jct: Well, Mike, I'm glad you won through intimidation. Now
make sure no friends of yours take a fall.

MM: i have been passing the info forward like crazy
everyone around me knows about it
and about u
so it is being used
the cops name i cant find... but i will find out what it is
with my documents and get back to u

Jct: Okay. Great. Serves Barney right.
So I'm adding Mike Montoya as another no-criminal record win
at my http://johnturmel.com/wins.htm page.


Feb 15, 2013, 9:45:04 PM2/15/13


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