TURMEL: 1st Smith BENO Withdrawal for James Turner 2,879-plant 9-year charges

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Dec 20, 2015, 11:24:42 AM12/20/15
TURMEL: 1st Smith BENO Withdrawal for James Turner 2,879-plant 9-year charges

JCT: Some people thought that when I said we had our 1st
Smith BENO Withdrawal on Dec 16 that I meant Marie Eve. No,
she was stalled. But that very day, James Turner, self-
defending his own charges from 2006 for Possession for the
Purpose of Trafficking and Production of 2,879 plants got
word that rather than face his upcoming Smith BENO Quash
motion, Crown Steven White's Office wrote the Trial
Coordinator and James Turner that they were withdrawing all

From the Crown's Memorandum:
CR: 1. On Sep 28 2006, James Turner was charged with
production of marihuana, namely 2879 plants, contrary to
section 7(1) if the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act;
possession of marihuana for the purposes of trafficking
contrary to section 5(2) of the CDSA and possession of
proceeds of property obtained by crime contrary to
section 354(1)(a) of the Criminal Code.

JCT: One of the biggest (2,879!!!) grow-op busts in Canadian
history after the longest (9-years) drawn-out prosecution in
Canadian history and the Crown gives up just before the
upcoming trial when Smith BENO Quash comes first?!!! Here's
the letter from the Crown to the Trial Coordinator:
"Good morning Tina,
I was advised by the assigned Crown on the above matter,
Steve White, that all of the charges against Mr. Turner
will be withdrawn and the Crown will not be proceeding
with the Charter Voir Dire scheduled for January 18 to
22, 2016 and the actual trial dates of February 22-26,
2016. Those dates can be freed/used for other purposes.
Mr. Turner's matter should therefore be re-listed for
Assignment Court on January 08th, 2016 simply to be
spoke to for the purposes of formally withdrawing the
I understand that Mr. Turner is representing himself and
I have included him in this email. I believe that it
would be in Mr. Turners' interest to appear at the
assignment court on January 08th, 2016.
Thank you,
Lucille Bordeleau
Legal Assistant
Public Prosecution Services of Canada
National Capital Region
160 Elgin Street, Room 1400 Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0H8
Tel: (613) 948-9990 Fax: (613) 957-9043

JCT: And they'll have to return all the evidence against
Jim, his equipment, his money! With Interest, I'm not sure.
I didn't hear about it until Thursday. Seems Jim was walking
on air for the rest of the day.

But Jan 8 2015 should be one heck of a celebration in
Ottawa, don't you think? Since the Crown withdrawing charges
for a 2,879 plant grow rather than face Smith BENO Quash has
to help everyone else.

You can bet the judge for Shawn Tedder's Quash tomorrow
morning will get a copy! And the fact Marie Eve doesn't have
to have it heard by the Trial Judge means that argument
shouldn't work against Shawn or the Montreal Musketeers
either. Robert Neron's going to have to send a copy to
Justice Riopelle! Cut it and fax it as soon as you can!

What an incredible cave. Not against some dinky 3-clone
charge they can say wasn't worth it but against almost 1000
times greater charge they'd already invested 9 years 3
months on so far!!! Say 9 years 4 months in January!! 112!

So Jan 8 2016 will end the longest successful medpot defence
in history and by a self-represented accused to boot. Which
is now Superior Court hint of precedent on the way.
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