TURMEL: Three Montreal MedPot Musketeers get deal, 1 plea

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Jan 18, 2018, 1:05:02 PM1/18/18
TURMEL: Three Montreal MedPot Musketeers get deal, 1 plea

JCT: Max Gauthier, Martin Gendron and Eric Gravel had been
busted with a grow and were all facing life with a 1-year
mandatory minimum. But they decided to self-defend starting
with the Quash motion. After numerous attempts to have it
heard with the Crown ducking it every time that they got to
invoke the Jordan ruling that over 30 months was too long.

Then the Crown and their lawyer came up with a deal that one
would plead guilty and do the year (2 months in Quebec before
early prison release, 4 months before parole) and the other
two would walk. Three actually, a cousin had been caught there
and had used a lawyer who had to wait until the Three were

Eric did the plea and the other three walked free. Max and
Martin and a 4th who'd been dragged along with a lawyer all
got off. No doubt his good deed will be rewarded.

Not bad, 2 months traded for 4 life sentences which I don't
think they'd have gotten if they hadn't had the balls to
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