TURMEL: MedPot Bob Woolsey found guilty, lenient sentence

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Apr 6, 2018, 4:36:58 PM4/6/18
TURMEL: MedPot Bob Woolsey found guilty, lenient sentence

JCT: Bob Woolsey had a Dispensary and was busted for 5
counts of trafficking marijuana. Guess that would be 5 life

He presented his Quash Motion on the basis that the Allard
decision had found the exemption was invalid and pursuant to
Parker, the prohibitions are invalid absent a valid medical

But the Judge Skilnick ruled that other judges had refused
to follow Parker and he could too.

And if it didn't matter whether the exemption was absent or
not, proving it was absent now wouldn't matter either.

And so, he dismissed Bob's Mernagh Charter challenge, and
then found him guilty of the 5 counts of trafficking.

But then after noting Bob had spent a night in jail,
sentenced him to "time served!"

And fined him for $250 for each count!! But also ordered the
return of his $1,000 in cash so he could pay it.

Bob's going to appeal the dismissal of the Quash and Charter
challenge but not much reason to appeal against the lenient

I hear the Crown were very unhappy and mentioned it would be
giving the wrong message to the community.

Or the right message. Stop wasting the court's time with
Cops and Gardeners.

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