Re: Kyle Busch is like Tiger Woods. RickyBobby? Your written assaults on Jennifer Aniston, Tiger Woods, tattoos/body art, and the Harry Potter farcical movies are well taken!

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Aug 24, 2009, 7:16:12 PM8/24/09
On Aug 23, 4:14 pm, "RickyBobby" <> wrote:
> Kyle Busch can drop the hammer any time he wants.
> In team sports it is much more difficult for one player just to say when but
> in individual sports some gal or guy can just say right now.
> I do not much care for tennis as a big time professional sport but in the
> overwash of the sports news I get about pro tennis I guess there are only
> two guys and two gals who happen to be sisters.
> That is what you want to follow. They Kyle Busch or Serena Williams or
> Tigers Woods of your chosen field.
> In my view, which may be completely wrong, auto racing and tennis and golf
> and track & field are not as big as they used to be for one simple reason.
> They are not the sports that are good for betting or handicapping or fantasy
> pools.
> I follow sports pretty much and I follow them with an open mind, as best I
> can. It seems that there are two things that drive spectator sports, and
> neither are wireless services adverts.
> The first one is what young fans like and the second one is what people of
> all ages can handicap.
> The third is the revulsion that some fans of any age have to the constant
> money and contract talks of the big time pro athletes.
> It is not that the sports fans result the fact that A-Rod makes as much as
> 500 school teachers. It is just that if you watch a pro baseball game you
> hear that shit all of the time. The media people should get a clue and
> lighten up on all of that.
> It has nothing to do with nothing but I am still amazed that Jennifer
> Aniston makes 25 million dollars per movie. She is not all that pretty in
> the face. She cannot act for shit. She does not have a Greek sculpture
> body. She is not all that sexy. So is she just the lowest common
> denominator of popularity?
> Suppose you had a teenager and you could have things anyway you want like
> Wizard of Oz. Would you rather have you teenager at a beach blanket party
> with campfires and folk songs or a tatooted and pierced freak on the street
> corner of some big city?
> Every time I see a young person with a big visible tat is makes me wants to
> puke. Not for what is does to me, but for what is says about their lack of
> self worth.

as usual, RickyBobby, your thoughts and analysis are 'right on
time'. i know you did not directly mention those horrid Harry Potter
movies, but I am quite sure you did mean to, so I took the liberties
of copying that group, as well as other pertinent groups, to the
newgroups: list!

enjoy, everyone!

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