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CIA: 'Pro-Obama NATO war partner is al-Qaeda' - .God wills Justice American lose

Nov 13, 2014, 5:16:10 PM11/13/14

The King Johnny for President Show


I was given a ticket without stated reason..
Here is what I wrote in the form..

"I am seeking to know what this is about, to
resolve as soon as possible.. Hoping to hear
today on what can be done to make fair
any mistaken understanding, on how I live
to respect the rights of others, as if they
were my own.. ."

All that I can surmise, is my comments regarding
American GIs being officially conned to die to
escape bad guys is seriously criminal in nature..
Accessory to murder.. Of which my free
thoughts were not registering as now
criminally censored? We seek fairness.

I need a resolution on this, to begin new
legal matters in respect to my business
being punished for willing fair say here,
defending innocent lives forsaken to the
whims of those who claim we have no
power to speak freely..

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