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AMERICANS! do not fight for a just cause, and lie down to die innocent victim for evil...

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King Johnny for President

Jan 11, 2015, 6:44:05 PM1/11/15
Planted ID card exposes Paris false flag

Police Chief Helric Fredou, investigating Charlie Hebdo Commits
Suicide or Murder Case?


(these are words exchanged through
Google+, who threatens everyone
to not repeat words, while millions
of Americans as TRULY Satanic
blame God. Don't care? You better.)

Milton Ragsdale
+King Johnny Plenty of accusations
and no proof, anywhere. No point to your
meaningless rant.

Your clearly to all people here an
enemy. For evidence has been given
but you lie as a cheat, Satanic to steal
further our innocent lives of those of us
who love freedom to be all we can be,
to wisely love Life and or God as Justice
secured with our Golden Rule..Your
naked willful criminality, to warring
the innocent of America, for the final
escapes of you and your worthless
kind, won't go on forever here where
real men reside as honorable..
You have no where to hide from
We the Peoples, demanding
freedom from your ungodly
tyranny of LIES.. Any as all
People have to concur to you
being a liar, or be themselves
blind to the evidence already
given here.. Evil is so dumb..

Milton Ragsdale
"The irrational hate in the posts here
prove why democracy fails when the
ignorant are allowed a voice." You've
made no point to what is here
discussed on Cheney's rock solid
guilt, but to further, war America
to deny justice from the terrorists
as your public option strategy,
as the con of a war criminal never
to escape our fair minded authority.
You war for godless tyranny against
the souls of everyone, without a basis
given for your argument, for why you
care not for the facts here.. But to
hypno-mug others to sacrifice blinded
their Rights in faith likewise.. to being
evil as profitable? Your hatred of the
good guys winning? as the civilized?
Evil is the deceived disguised.. Hi
Cheney.. We're coming for you..
Vote Johnny.

+King Johnny What exactly are you trying to say? Perhaps you can
retype your thoughts with fewer commas and a more coherent framework.

Your lying to have innocent Peoples die, you
care nothing for.. And you hope, evil enemies
of civilization will bark with your contempt for
human life.. The facts are here.. I speak
crystal clear, as a King of words.. yet you
will to steal our truth with lies for bad guys that
you know, will kill you too for your commitment
to irrational lawlessness.. And your happy
to sacrifice your life for further evils against
God, and Humanity.. ..Right? All peoples,
go read my comments.. and KNOW TOO
- who's kidding who? Evil is the deceived
disguised.. Why? I claimed to call the
religious as anything, is clearly bigoted..
Too complicated? While claiming near
ALL atheists are irrational when speaking
freely with me, on the science of God
and faith.. IT'S A FACT. Along with having
all realize, Atheists are notorious false
God wills fairness as Justice for all meted
correct, 100%. Golden Rule we call it..
What else did i say... oh yeah.. "We..
Onus on..." - is a mindless dis-qualifier
to WE, who are only measured as
the fairly standing here, committed
to the freedoms of everyone. Unlike
those, who would have 'us' Irrational,
refusing all calls as.. too complicated..
Now, stuck, can only advance censorship
to hide their hideousness from we the
Peoples seeking fair ground.. Atheists,
ADMITTINGLY Can't grasp the nature of
uncertainty as scientific, or as, the
function of Justice to preserve as
defend, innocent life forsaken.
HOLY FUCK MAN.. Look.. in faith,
All Americans are siding as Obama's
whores, to be war crime enemies of
everyone here denied a fair say..
Warring Democracies with their
Satanic lies of the prophets.. as
God's will is for US to be free of
tyranny, not to die murder victims
to the American false accusers,
the enemies of You, and Me,
and everyone else everywhere -
claiming, we need not evidence
to form their blind as bigoted
guilty verdicts of our only
known to be as innocent
maligned.. Well, you got me
going.. and that can't be all
bad.. can it.. ? Yeah yeah 'your
meds' 'your meds'.. anything else??

"Don't deal with killers using
your rules of democracy"

The authority is truly of our own.
The Prosecutors, the officers, all
united, work for our interests as
fairly measured.. or so we are
told to blindly believe by the magic
TV without questing further..
Denied our fair say. No evidence
is given for 9/11 as cops are still
forbidden to follow the naked leads..
Cheney, Bush and Condi claimed
they all had more important work
to do.. We, of Anonymous, do our
fact checking in other words okay..
Can you believe that????

"individuals who bow to human equitable
currency as a false profit, are so gravely
mistaken!.?" Huh? Convinced of what?
That you'll guarantee to have your word
not be honorable as a thief? Always???
Can't trust you for anything? No civilization
for we with you will always be, as a
dishonorable cheat? Why waste your
breath, and just fall down dead then?
Your not fooling anyone but those
who will we not hear the good news.
Evil is the deceived disguised..

ProofPleez lies in naked contempt
of freedom to be we, to steal our
innocent children's lives he cares
nothing for as a committed enemy...
Evil enemy of Life and God. No
concern of what I wrote, or to
for what GOD wills as being free
- but to attempt stealing Your faith,
blinded, discrediting Your life as
falling crime victim, because
Johnny is a "wingnut"? The
guy who clams he can't find
proof of doubt.. yea yea I as
of God being truly honorable
am not worth defending fair,
and he as an illiterate
malcontent, is not naked
evil willing further injustice
to sacfice your forsaken lives?
Well, I guess that settles it.

Hey... I ask for everything of who you are
to stand fairly for freedom denied Humanity
and God in this instance of TV History..
16 trillion has been stolen by Congress.
911 police investigations never happened.
Sandy Hook never allowed EMS or Police to enter..
We are paying back bankers for credit they don't cover..
Heavy metal mercury is deadly toxic..
Vote Johnny or lose further Your say
stolen for more looting, as forsaken
the cause of universal liberation from
criminality.. Fight back for Christ sake
God damn you..

You didn't read what I wrote.. and if you did, you don't care for
the truth prevailing here.. It's a shame.. Commie Pinko Congress
wills to murder innocent Jews, Christians, Muslims, anybody
as we, forsaken to false accusing TV America's popular,
war crime enemies of God too.. Trillions have vacated (it's
all about banking mostly..) but, super glaring as naked Nazi
evil, is that 911 police investigations never happened..
We weren't allowed to be by corporate fascist command
to have fairly arrested, Bush and Cheney for Obstruction, and
Condi and Ozolek, as the primary guilty parties "unified vision"....
..and LOOK, how many honorable people truly care to raise
this high treason issue of escaping the for sure
perpetrators in the willful contempt for all flags,
and God too.. You??

Theists fail to present evidence
of their imaginary gods" yeah but..
your nakedly lying to whom here?
Only those who will to be lied to,
to have murdered more of we who
you care truly not for as blind TV
bigot.. Of which, as such, you
refuse to look honestly as false
accusing enemy of everyone here,
trying to make for the escape of
first degree murderers.. no wonder
your terrified of being found out
by a force that knows everything
as the loser you are factually.

We, the Peoples command with self
respect for our rights truly defended
as being fair minded.. Congress stopped
our police services before getting started
on 9/11, as prearranged months before
hand with ungodly Condi - OFFICIALLY -
Don't care to love for Humanity suffering
here cheated crime victims American
losers, as still sacrificing for real to
die as the bad guys warring for
lawlessness are you?? Well it's
no wonder.. Loving Life is loving

"but to have the audacity like yourself
to say faith is proof enough is begging
the question who is really being irrational"

Never said that, you lying
cheat of good will to do right.
I said,

" Atheists are irrational in their baseless
understandings of definitive proofs
not found on the nature to uncertainty.
Faith.. Vote Johnny."

Meaning, to prove faith is to prove
uncertainty ever present - a failure
to understand the Atheist's true
mindlessness in not making a cogent
scientific argument..Faith is absent of
proof by definition. We are talking the
science of physics.

God wills Justice, as then that way,
everyone wins a fair say.. No evidence
has been gathered, like on 9/11, as
but for, the accused passport photos
left on the front seats apparently..and
an eye witness who says one masked
man had blue eyes Good enough to
blame who again? The Religious? While
America and France officially war
the Democracies of Syria and Ukraine?
Targeting school teachers, elected
officials, entertainers, and journalists
who report facts? With al-Qeada
officially? Don't care for the truth
to be spoken here..? Typical of
the being as a less than, good for

It's not "their" God, it is
of the order to life willing
Justice winning a better
future as the civilized.. Not
bigoted as the typical false
accusing Atheists, but to
know, all peoples have just
as much a right to be unique
as we are, like anyone else
does too fool. So who again?
Told you what about being a
less than good for nothing?
Apposing our cause for
liberation as fairly spoken
for?.. The Golden Rule it's
called. Act immoral, your
not on the path.. it's as
simple as as that.
So the TRUTH..
The Taliban are the true
American Patriot Warriors of
Christ, in so demanding evidence
to form America Inc.'s baseless
Satanic false accusations to
escape the perpetrators of 9/11.
Condi, Bush and Cheney, with
Ozolek. 9/11 police investigations
never happened. ABC NEWS FBI
Called off Terror Investigations
"You Will Not Open Criminal Investigations"
'There's no need to discuss evidence
of innocence or guilt.' - Bush. Someone placed
explosives in building seven, and believing that
'bin Laden did it' without any way to know
actually so, STILL insists Laden would
have had to have an accomplice. Ozolek
had a war game called, 'Unified Vision'
practicing the collapsing of buildings, and
crashing of aircraft in NYC, a "Red Ex"
plan for invasion of Afghanistan in May
2001. Kernann, the Joint Chief of Staff
confirms.. Condi signed the invasion plan
- preplanned - on Sept. 9 2001 as
reported by Jim at MSNBC.
Perhaps we''ll see you at the
trial on Judgement Day. There's no
statute of limitations on mass
murder, you know. Accessory
after the fact. We win.

Forward this information..
please I beg.. for You are
important, far more than
you realize..

He's the one who treats US
all unfair as false accusing
bigot of nonsenses, to not
support following probable
cause at a crime scene to
arrest the suspects - as
God wills - the Golden Rule..
Being moral is to be honorable.
Americans are as dumb as
they are evil, committed to
war Democracies with the
worst of military dictatorships..
Where's is the love for freedom
I ask as God commands? Where
is the love for themselves denied
fair say, dying innocent 'others'
this way as cheats conning
American teens to early graves?
Thieving everything with lies
to have, who again? further die
forsaken escaping the bad guys.
Not forever i tell you that...
Vote Johnny instead
how about?

It's all mind control.. There is no reason to
pay an insurance company.. Congress,
as true commie pinko don't do that for
themselves.. 5 Star Canada health care
for them, and no soup for you..
Seek FEHBP and Hightower.

This is a crime against US
Congress has no problems
with.. Yet! Vote Johnny or
else go without further your
fair say here.. no matter where
you are it on this.. North and
South Poles.. We're counting
on You! Your Life really matters
as much as anyone else's
does, here in the measurable
spheres of the body politic
/galaxy for spectacular effect.
Forward march, Johnny's
coming home.. I have
no choice.. Do you?

"I'll bet the official's in France would
"water board" an accomplice, to find
the two killers in Paris, and rightfully so.:"

That warrants death fairly measured.
As you'd lose to we being lawful..Or
thought freely as naked evil, you are.
contemptuous to our flags of
which wave in honor of the truly
brave. That is if censorship on
your lawless treason of ungodly
war criminality wasn't practiced
so far and wide in this god forsaken
wasteland, devoid of true self
respect being honorable.
Vote Johnny instead
how about? Its worth the try..
to a reject of common sense..

( i was banned through this
American hate group after
freely saying this...)

But Scott is a liar who sees US,
as willing only to good, as the
threat he is truly most terrified his less than status as bigot..
For he certainly is no free man
inspired, being such a naked whore
for evil as blind false accuser.. Just
for starters.. But look at his history
of willful pro criminality.. A constant
contempt expressed for Life, God,
and Justice being fairly meted here..
for You being any who to be suckered
for looting as left undefended truly..
His Satanic motivations are to, lie
cheat and steal from EVERYONE
here.. is the truth - of we being free
reading the story of God's will to do
right..First off, it is to consider who to
marry, a child of six asks, and Mo responds
such actions are wrong.. to not be considered
until one is at least the age of nine (with
parental consent, as the start of puberty),
of which Mo then leaves the scene..
So,. a demon con twisting, of anything
to back his falsehood..Disrespecting all
honorable words that truly mean
something.. For, there is this work of
God called the Koran - and too the Bibles,
without a single contradiction of purpose
for prosperity, is found in treating all,
US as the Peoples fairly measured. Golden
Rule. It is liar Obama's Americans, not
We, who claim women have no rights
as slaves in Saudi Arabia to be defended
FACTUALLY, ('lawless' Obama gives
weapons to war the godly as fair minded
being US pro-Democracy factually.. and
then of course, there are the NAZIS) for
one instance of near every last occurrence,
in America's too, ungodly Bahrain and the
UAE to boot, along with the head of al-
Qeada funded directly by Obama and Co...
"All is revealed" but evil people refuse
US to see freely to set priorities on
war fares.. It is America that wills to
war as false accusers, as Scott here
does, warring our fair say in Syria with
the worst of military dictatorships,
as pro Satanic 'lawless' bags of
shit, poisonous to fertile grounds.
.. he wills you to die!! for his Satanic
LIES of God's will to do right.. Scott
needs to cheat our fair words, to lie
as a thief of good will.. while I, yes
as fallible, need to know of what I
claim to be as so.. Where is his
claim of intelligence.. spoken for
on this marriage of the heavens
for example.. We're waiting
How about on 9/11?
Pirate Banking?
How about, conning American
teens to early graves for the
final escape of the bad guys
on 9/11? Doesn't truly care
therefor but to see you as
anyone go further
disrespected for


(This is in part incorrect likely..
For it is the words of description
we should most be relying on.
Namely, with the Koran, claiming
this all as near nothing to do with
Mohammed the person, but with
your personal relationship to a
testy God's, timeless creation.
Vote Johnny)

What? are you people speaking in code??

All aside for the moment; did you know
someone stole 16 trillion, and that I,
King Johnny and running for the presidency?
As a guy with some good ideas? Are we
not suppose to be looking for just this
in our make believe, magic tv worlds? How
can you believe American, that your
candidates have already been freely
picked out for you, from both sides of
the pile, warring together democracies,
and so.. can you name the two proclaimed
winners, your to loose further your self
respect from as tv trained to, and we'll
have no more questions to ask of your
responsibility to do right as honorable,
by supporting fair say here likewise,
making super simple common sense
to anyone from anywhere, monsters
included.. We are currently paying
back bankers for money they never
extended as credit.. That's not how
it's done where free speech wins victory
hands down by smiling, and kissing
babes..Anyways.. Gaga, how about
going for a coffee sometime? Later

The King Johnny for President Network

Johnny Words with Stephen Colbert

Don't forget to mention the stolen 16
trillion with Bernie loser.. . the Audit..
Have you forgotten your place as the
self-described greatest American near
ever? Don't care to serve as protect
if you can further get away with it here?
For how long do you thing you won't
ever be found out about your glaring
discrepancies? Obama and crew stole
16 trillion whiole you lie to die innocent
victims in the Democracy or Syria
and the Ukraine.. FACT.. Will to pretend
you have no compunction to do right
as being honest, and now, you will be
known of as so.. condemning yourself
without any more need for life to
beg further.. We know who you are..

Loving Justice brings a a glee to those of
Humanity who see rightly end, the American
good for nothing evil enemies of God and
Humanity.. Warring Democracies, stealing
trillions.. raping, pillaging.. Who cares for
our rights stolen happy happy dying

How certain can one be on God's foolishness at being
a conman to whom again? Americans are Satanic
enemies of Life, so they care not for the millions of
innocent Peoples mass murdered in Libya for the
demon antichrist, or those who lost their lives in
NYC... Lawless godless filth, as a nation of bigots
who routinely falsely on purposes to deceive, lie
in GOD's stolen name to mass murder more who
support fair say in Democracies..?

Will Rightard Commie Pinkos ever
fail to express their mindless bigotry
as less than good for nothings..?
Likely not being so TRULY
compromised as un-American,
un-Godly, and just plain
evil.. Bush and Cheney closed 911
police investigations immediately
after the crime occurred with Condi,
General Ahmad, and David Ozolek..
ightard Commie Pinkos care not for
Americans falling as mass murder
victims for stolen prophets.. Not for
long is the short of this obviously
for those who can judge one fairly..

Hey thank you for being human.. Yeah,
it seems as an easily provable fact..
that surrealistically, all is truly
revealed.. I can tell who as how Sandy
Hook happened too for example, or that
Banksters have stolen trillions as
proven rock solid certain as well..
And so much more on the true nature
of the Cosmos..I'm dead serious..
But guess what my friend? These
less thans only will such infos not
to be forwarded to save innocent
lives, for fear they will be found
out too being not all we can be,
followers of the golden rule, or
to, as the founding fathers put it,
and an astue atheist perhaps,
probable cause..

They' don't like wise men or women
speaking, that know a thing or two
about following probable cause at a
crime scene to nab the true evil
doers is why. However, "We" truly
exist being robbed a fair say this
way, until denying the truth will
not be optional to the less than
good for nothing. cheaters to LIFE
(aka God or Chaos' timeless order
not bound by mass...) of which is
a good thing over all.. hopefully
for the majority of US communicating
freely for a bettering world..

The King Johnny for President Network

Found unbound not separate from
timeless existence, is the natural
being all we are approaching,
hopefully, a crossroads of self
discovery, to save our Humanity
the further onslaught of the illiterate
lawless bigot lunatic TV Americans,
warring Democracies with the worst of
hateful dictatorships, with shit eating
grins all over their Rightard Commie
Pinko entertainment channels,
dedicated without any reasonable
question, on stealing even more
forsaken innocent lives to profit
again as godless thieves of Life
ourselves.. Waring Freedom, warring
Creation, warring GOD..- you don't
choose to be honorable doing right,
you just are as trying to be fair here.
And if that makes one an X-Man, it
is as only so because of the humanity,
not the lack thereof..

God, AS CHRIST, wills Justice, Americans,
the tv bigot, will crime victims for death to
profit further over censored.. 9/11 police
investigations never happened, and
godless lawless shit head America
does not care to be true as honorable
here - but to lie as stealing further
a fair word from near everyone warring
Democracies with the worst of
dictatorships.. FOR REAL.

The King Johnny for President Show

Who again is the felons?

Title 18 U.S.C. § 3. Accessory after the fact. Whoever, knowing
that an offense against the United States had been committed,
receives, relieves, comforts or assists the offender in order
to hinder or prevent his apprehension, trial or punishment, is
an accessory after the fact.

The Hidden Secrets of the Sandy Hook Massacre

On December 14, 2012, twenty children and six adult staff members
were shot dead in a mass murder at Sandy Hook Elementary School
in the village of Sandy Hook in Newtown, Connecticut. Adam Lanza
was found sho t and killed in the school, while his mother Nancy
Lanza, back at their Newtown home.

On March 28, 2013, court documents released from the investigation
showed that the school shooting must only occur in the space of
less than five minutes with 156 shots fired, because some of the
Sandy Hook Newtown police department arrive there in at about 90
seconds reporting no guns being fired as they roam about without
a dire alarm for help. This is where it all started to unravel,
in part, by an intrepid reporter named King Johnny who discovered
a hidden audio track given out without choice, by the order of
the State's Supreme Court. It was fought desperately not to happen
but justice has a way of getting the bad guys hidden sometimes.
Anyways, long Court transcripts yet to be written shortened: "PD
Commanders" are ordered early on, not to allow any officers to
enter the school to save peoples lives, or check for a presumed
second suspect, nor so, were EMS allowed entry either. Despite
"Numerous Police Departments" demanding so, as now exposed being
radio transmitted. Sally Cox, an eye-witness to a gunman entering
through the front, claimed on international television interviews,
repeatedly, that she saw directly, a culprit's "boots", while the
photographic evidence given to we through the Supreme decision,
documents Adam Lanza wearing sneakers.. as a small statured man
looking to be about 12 years old according to one officer's
accounting, at the scene, recorded within the report. As well,
the evidence publicly fairly exposed, is that they never did
check the shopping center sized school gym, closets, air-ducts,
ceilings, cupboards, sofas, and so on - of which even if they
had, would have taken closer to days, maybe a week, not two
hours and twenty minutes from the first 9/11 call, to where they
have near everyone then, sent away to be lost without leadership,
or just a, honest to humanity concern for doing what's right on
our affairs fairly speaking. For justice willing freedom truly
defended. Here's where John comes in to tell the story's happy
ending, in where Sally Cox now, four hours later, appears
slinking out of a closet - right at the crime scene not checked.
Yet. Don't miss it.

I need a resolution on this, to begin new
legal matters in respect to my business
being punished for willing fair say here,
defending innocent lives forsaken to the
whims of those who claim we have no
power to speak freely.

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