Please kind people, I need to find public interest in this story if I'm going to save my mother's life.

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Please Help Me..

Feb 23, 2016, 7:43:48 PM2/23/16

Please Help Me..

Most recent development: I've learned today, that despite
Dr. T ordering that any changes in my mother's medications,
be told about as approved firstly by me.. (such as earlier,
'medicine' to stop my mother from breathing] - have been
done despite.. They have stopped giving her overdoses
of thyroid medication, and instead of limiting the amount
so she can swallow, have removed the medications all
together.. Something vital if she is to survive they tell.
And too, have removed all oxygen supplements, instead
of measuring her oxygen blood level, to determine
whether or not she is in need, as recommended by me, as
anyone sane.. They have started with again with pain
killers, apposing me, apposing Manitoba, apposing the
human race.. She has no pain. Knowing full well, the
last time they did this, it was to have her life ended.
The government office for the protection of persons in
care act, have informed me, they have thousands of
similar complaints, that will go not looked at.. for two
months while it's paid vacation time.. Even so though,
they inform me, they in most circumstances, have
no formal investigations conducted.. The ombudsman
of Manitoba tells, they never fight for defending our
rights, when it comes to government decisions of
who to hire or fire.. But tells, I need to go to the college
of physicians and surgeons.. Then I told him, they tell
I need to go to the police.. And the police tell, I need
tyo go to the college repeatedly, not listening.. He then
suggested, why not take it up with the chief of police?.
that doesn't take complaints, or phone calls.. My mom,
could be anyone's mom here in Manitoba.. Where the
newspaper states, this issue is not something we would
cover.. Who is we? See? SAVE MY MOM.

Please, give this information to every cop you can find.
and to everyone else who truly cares for their mother..

SAVE MY MOM - John Kinal Feb 23 2016

In Winnipeg, the HSC hospital, term the elderly with perhaps organ
failure.. then poison them to death as merciful.. "now don't be cruel"
they told me repeatedly demanding I did, such poisoning to stop
immediately.. Had it finally stopped, and we found out.. mom did
NOT have organ failure..Like likely some of the thousands sent
to the morgue every year.. Get involved.. even if you live in
Timbucktoo.. for this involves everyone cheated a fair say,
falling victims all over.. This shouldn't be happening where
we are civilized.. Check out my radio streams for starters..

Please kind people, I need to find public interest in this story if I'm going to save my mother's life.


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Help Save My Mom

The Winnipeg Police head has refused to do right as in escaping those
responsible for attempting murder, along with the thousands of other
Winnipegers complaining (as the Province from the Health Minister's office
has told..) ignored by our newspaper too

To all concerned,

I'll try the ombudsman again tomorrow.. This situation is flying out of control.. On Friday,
with new doctors that replaced those that lied Jenny had multiple organ failure,
the new doctor, Dr. Necozy, told Jenny was "stable" and can come home.. so too,
I talked to Dr. Colister about getting a palliative health care program for mom at home
on Friday.. Now, this morning, they phone to tell the doctors have been changed once
more.. with bad news I'll need to come and talk to them about in person.. nothing over
the phone..In fact, when I phoned Dr. Calister, no answer whatsoever repeatedly..
His phone number, 204 787 7134. Forces of a serious something are at play..
But again, it works hugely for my case.. If any will listen being fair..


Sent to these people this post plus others..
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<>, <>, <>

I discovered 1000s of Winnipegers have complained to the provincial
government, that Justice is not being served against criminal forces at
a hospital, that individuals present, tried to steal the life of my mother
too.. I'm determined to fairly put those criminally responsible on public
trial.. despite the Winnipeg police 'front desk', and the newspaper,
refusing to investigate all such matters of serious impropriety. Leaving
us only to believe in powerlessness of we the peoples? That's not me..

Johnny on the X

Please, help save my mom's life...

The Winnipeg Police head has refused to do right as in escaping those
responsible for attempting murder, along with the thousands of other Winnipegers
ignored by our newspaper too.. Of which the province through the Health minister's
office informed me, they have recorded thousands of similar complaints left ignored
- for the one woman to handle all CRIMINAL incidents tell me, she is made near
powerless.. and in addition, is going on vacation.. Now, if you stopped any cop
on the street, to tell of this situation.. at least 99.9% would see those 'in charge'
arrested, tried, and once convicted, put to death as accessories to mass murder..
I've been to talk to Police four times.. the last time they rudely tell, they don't want
any more evidence about attempting murder, for they already know the story..
[HOLY FUCK] and so far, are still, like the newspaper, doing nothing to defend
us.. Murderers taking the lives of innocent Winnipegers THEY are doing nothing
about..HELLO? Hello? If you know a Canadian cop.. forward this information.. If
you know a Canadian soldier.. forward this information.. I am here to defend my
innocent mother's life.. Could be YOUR mother, or any of the other THOUSANDS
of others left too, forsaken for murderous death here in Winnipeg..
Wake the fuck up.

The Evidence

(I'm getting more links coming... You could help..)

SAVE MY MOM - John Kinal pleads for mercy, for justice.. please help tell the story..

Get for yourself a copy of the file.. Burn it to a CD or DVD.. then take it
to your church, your family, your friends.. give it out to complete strangers.. Especially if
you live in the city of Winnipeg.. But if you don't.. still.. give it cops.. give it to soldiers..
We, the peoples of every land and description, can not idly sit by while these ungodly
demon murderers escape OUR cowardly authorities.. I fear nothing but disappointing
God in not being all I can be for my loved Mother, as you should too.. Love your mother.


On Feb 2,, 2016 after discovering my mother to be on death meds, namely hydromorphone to
hamper breathing for death, I demanded such madness stop immediately.. telling Dr. T of all the
witnesses the day before, and the official record of Jenny up with several physiotherapists ,
Dr. T agreed to call a halt.. Then ordering, that if Jenny, woman with 'multiple organ failure'
seems in dire need for such opiates, I will be called to witness such anguish..

On Feb 3, RN Delaney phoned at 6pm to have me come to the hospital, to okay the death
meds (hydromorphone) - I arrived in 7 minutes to witness my mother appearing dead, with
all the moisture gone from her skin, not appearing to be breathing.. I talked to her of what I
thought she was going through, as incapable of taking a breath, due the poisons RN
Delanely used apposing Doctor's orders..How do we know this most certain? From Jenny
herself, for ten hours, telling of how she can not take a full breath, just as such poison is
designed.. Turns out, Delaney and Dr. T were wrong that mom had total organ failure..
How's that? It's called attempted murder..

There are a possible number of other murder victims..

Save an innocent life.. What if it was your mother?

Points of Fact:

They claimed Jenny had multiple organ failure where clearly she does not.
To 'justify' hydromoraphone, as a poisonous opiate to hamper breathing,
that would have killed her, hadn't I stopped it.

Nurse Delaney repeatedly encouraged me to stop speaking to the clinically
dead, before I revived my forsaken mother, left as dead in bed, looking
seriously poisoned with a diuretic, and no doubt, hydromoraphone,
Something I had banned her with the agreeing Doctor's admonishment
from doing ever again the day before. Without my implicit approvable,
it would not be allowed to happen again.

Suspect Nurse #2.. She firstly reported to a doctor that I was abusing what
she understood, to be the clinically dead. The doctor arrived to witness
Jenny sitting up alive. Then, shortly later, shows back up to tell, I should
get my mom back on the hydromorophone.. Telling as recorded, I don't
want to make Jenny suffer with her multiple organ failures do I. Told to
me no less than 7 times, by at least three nurses trying to control free
thought through guilt on the issue. Telling her I did, as recorded, Jenny
is not in any pain, and certainly most does not need something to stop her
from breathing. The suspect Nurse #2 then leaves, and reportedly by her
co-worker, to tell me later as recorded in evidence also, that they decided
together, I must not be allowed to wake the pronounced clinically dead
again.. Claiming such action is not caring. Implicit in knowing, as
recorded, she was left for dead by themselves, until I had revived her..
This is wilful attempted murder once more, that she knows they are
almost caught for it clearly appears in the light of fairly understanding
the evidence before us.

Justice is freedom - NOTE TO POLICE

Irene McDonald, as the Executive Assistant to the Investigations Committee of
the College of Physicians and Surgeons in Manitoba has recommended this
as an allegation of criminal infraction, be handled directly by the Police..
It's about time.. Police In. R16 9616


This is what we witness here as recorded in evidence.. They said the crime
victim had organ failure, and would never recover.. A LIE.. Left for done in
with the poison known of as Hydromorphone. Raised from a certain death
sentence, and found without the reason given, to try and steal an innocent
Life of one so still, left in jeopardy. This needs widespread criminal
investigations for the public interest.. for we the people will to be civilized..
Fair say all the way means everyone wins.. I want only the best for my
mother in a ward of likewise care givers.. I think we can work together,
and get that done as soon as possible..


New in the Developing Case: of the Formal Complaint Against the
Named Nurses and Doctors of Winnipeg's Health Science Center

Regarding, 'With RN Delaney again, insisting that I was not
facing reality.. That I should be just thankful for the
time I had with mom.. Jenny then began to revive..'

This after being put on 'end of life meds' to steal my mother's
life, without consultation.. Considering the day before she was
up and eating, and wanting to go home. Please, call the cops too.

In conjunction with the 22 of January where I was told Jenny
had a heart attack, and I found what I disproved of, a nicotine
patch on her shoulder area..Apposing they did the wishes of
both Mother and son.

Everyday that goes by, while we wait for the College of Physicians
and Surgeons of Manitoba to act correctly in the defense of my
innocent mother's Life, is another day she is still left in mortal
jeopardy.. These facts detail a need to have her immediately
moved out of the HCS's 'comfort care' and to be into intensive
care where not needed treatments, are no longer administered..
Act now..

Formal Complaint Against the Named Nurses
and Doctors of Winnipeg's Health Science Center

On the 21st of January, despite Jenny's expressed wishes upon
intake, and my own, the Doctor not responsible for Jenny, but on
"the Team", asked if she was a smoker, and would provide a
nicotine patch, I told him no.. she didn't want it, nor did I..

On the 22 of January, I was told Jenny had a heart attack,
and I found what I disproved of, a nicotine patch on her
shoulder area..

To whom this concerns..

My name in John Kinal, the son of Jenny Kinal, currently held
against our will at 4H at the Health Science Center.

My mother told the hospital upon admission, she did not want
a nicotine patch, but two weeks in, when she's near a coma..
they appose her wishes and my own, giving her the POISONOUS
nicotine, and she then has, a massive heart attack hours later..
Then a week later, puts her on end of life medications.. To
die of.. for sure for sure.. 100%.. every patient under such
treatment DIES.. I fought to deny my mother had complete
organ failure.. and over 20 hours in total, brought her back
to life..From a position the hospital has decided to do nothing
for.. because she was clinically dead..

"Hydromorphone may cause serious or life-threatening
breathing problems, especially during the first 72 hours
of your treatment and any time "

Think of this.. They poison patients so they can't take a
breath, then when the patient struggles to breath due
the muscles not working, they only answer, must need
more pure oxygen, or Hydromorphone ..Another quick
death they believe they will escape criminal charges over..

When I learned they were giving my mother end of life
medication, where only the day before she was at near
the best she had been since arriving.. I demanded such
madness stop immediately.. Of which two RNs on the
floor argued with me for 30 minutes, to suggest I was
being cruel to try such action. They argued I have
not the right to deny death meds,and told I must
speak to "Dr. T", of which I did.. Reminding her of
all the witnesses to my mothers health, from the day
before.. such as the physiotherapist.. sitting in bed,
talking, and eating several yogurts, juice, and water..
She told she would then have the poising stopped...
and if the seriously unqualified RN Ms. Delaney,
decided it at a later time needed to continue, would
have me called firstly, to get to the hospital to witness
such need.. The next day, at approximately 6pm, Ms.
Delanely called me to come and witness her condition,
in need of death meds.. I get all the way to the distant
HSC in approximately 7 minutes.. to witness her 'dead'
in bed.. not breathing due the medication stopping the
muscles of her lungs incapable of taking a breath..Ms.
Delaney told me to stop talking to a corpse that can't
hear, speak, or see.. All the fluids of her body had
been removed due, what was likely an overdose of
a diuretic.. her lips were near black. Ms. Delanely
told I was not ever going to get a response talking
to a body with complete organ failure..She can't pee,
so her body is clinically dead..I remained, and in
approximately an hour, her lips move in response to
water.. and slowly I brought her back to life.. Delaney
never returned to the attempted murder scene for the
rest of her time at shift.. No 'miracle' claimed, but for
by the several aids who witnessed, in part the 'miracle'.

The evidence offered for fair public interest, tells Ms.
Delany's plan was to tell she didn't give such medications
as a lie.. Why? On video, of my mother recovering the
assault states.. she can't take a breath (her lungs are
poisoned on purpose, due the "medicine") it takes near
20 hours for the poison to be left absent her blood stream
according to the videos..The medical record as quoted
to me 24 hours later, when I'm leaving for home after
resurrecting the dead.. I'm told indicates the last
poisoning to stop muscle function occurred 24 hours

I need a formal investigation, following probable
cause to arrive at the fair conclusion of decisions
made to steal my mother's life..

Contact me immediately on the fair actions already underway to gather the facts here,


..selling of a process she is 'aware of' has been committed
to blindly lashing already though for furthering without a stitch
of fact, as planned before hand - but.. I'll blab blab..

Jenny Kinal was admitted into the Health Science Center January 7th 8:41am

On the 21st of January, despite Jenny's expressed wishes upon
intake, and my own, the Doctor not responsible for Jenny, but on
"the Team", asked if she was a smoker, and would provide a
nicotine patch, I told him no.. she didn't want it, nor did I..

On the 22 of January, I was told Jenny had a heat attack, and
I found what I disproved of, a nicotine patch on her shoulder
area.. I removed it, and told the doctor, being scientifically
reasonable, she clearly was in no need of such poison..
considering her health issues.. and she apposed such
poison from the day she entered.. and from that moment on..
it would not be continued..

Risk of acute first myocardial infarction and use of nicotine patches .

IT'S POISON... Hello... "harmless" .... you can't be serious when
free men and women talk scientifically... and it's not burning with
the additional many other ingredients people crave.. not as the
deadly poison in it's purest stage. Besides, she had kicked the
habit. Criminal negligence. Perhaps attempted murder as being

On Feb 1st Mom is near the best she's been since arriving..
sitting up on the bed, eating yogurts, drinking water and juices..
and with the physiotherapist, was talking with me on how the
plan is to bring about a hopeful position where she can walk
across the room eventually.. hopefully soon..

On February 2nd, upon witnessing my mother unresponsive
to all stimuli, and witnessing a intravenous drip containing a
concoction she had not received prior.. and given to her
without me told of such a change.. discovered they were
injecting her with an 'end of life' morphine derivative.. that
stops humans from breathing..

I called RN Delaney to stop this action immediately.. She
apposed, claiming such actions would be cruel for at least
ten minutes..defeating her irrational position I did effectively,
she sided to go get her fellow senior RN to argue with me
in the hallway, that again, such action would be cruel, in
not allowing her to die comfortably.. I would therefore
need to speak to the head physician Dr. T.. Of who I
reminded the recorded history of Jenny, just the day
before.. under no pain or duress in breathing.. and with
plenty of witnesses to attest.. She finally capitulated to
intelligent discourse, and sided such poisoning would be
halted.. but if it needed to be re-introduced, I would be
called before hand.. to witness a distress that would call
for such poison.. I stayed with mom who remained near
powerless to breath...

"Hydromorphone may cause serious or life-threatening
breathing problems, especially during the first 72 hours
of your treatment and any time "

Of which they told me, this poison will restrict Jenny's
breathing, but too as an opiate, she'll feel great in this
ending of her life by serious criminal negligence.

On February 3rd, at 6 pm, I was phoned by RN
Delaney.. and needed to come to the hospital to
okay the death meds.. Conveniently, I arrived at the
hospital in approximately 7 minutes to find her, in all
appearances to be dead... All the water had been
drained from her face, in what appeared to be a
huge overdose of a diuretic.. (Urine tests that were
expected to never happen with the 'deceased'
would confirm this..) As I spoke to Jenny, RX
Delaney continued to insist I not do such a thing..
Jenny had complete organ failure, and can not
hear, speak, or see.. As claimed, how she died
was kidney failure to process urine.. and so all
the poisons overtook her will to live.. so stop
talking to the clinically dead.. WITH WITNESSES..
But no.. I know better.. and over the course of
approximately an hour and a half.. With Delaney
again, insisting that I was not facing reality.. That
I should be just thankful for the time I had with
mom.. she started to revive.. upon then.. RN
Delaney did not say, "..a miracle!" No she left
the room, to never return for more than 24 hours,
plus.. She did not come back to work the next
day, nor did Dr. T approach her workstation..
Nor did any Doctor visit any other patient in the
room as I recall thinking back.. Seeking a
defense of plausible deniability, means they
have to still insist, Mom's in a death coma..

As time permits, I will improve upon this outline...
I would appreciate the quickest response feasible,
to inform me on further processes, to move towards
defending my mother's life hanging on, held in
jeopardy by those that deny my mother's wishes,
and my own to be scientific on how these medicines
are administered.. Not as quoted in the audio, at
regular intervals without measure..

Again, please phone me to co-operate in any
respect of resolving this crisis, sooner than
too much later.. Thanks before hand for being
a professional about this matter..

BAD NEWS... the Provincial investigator
responsible has near zero interest, due her
case load of 10,000 "similar" complaints..
and she's going on vacation too. Will the
case be forwarded to someone else? no..
despite the Law she is responsible for
enforcing through the provincial government,
is to protect patients falling in real time as crime
victims.. Look.. say people don't care to
believe me... but no one else either?
There is something so seriously wrong here..

GOOD NEWS.. Mom has new doctors, is truly stable, and is
coming home as quick as we can do this. Thank God I do.

Not all so good though, for no one has been arrested yet
for attempting murder.. While they still send innocent
Winnipegers to the grave as actual for real murderers..
Fight back for Christ sake God damn you

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