Trump Announces Hefty $40 Million Donation To NAMBLA - Says Sex With Chilren Is "God's Way"

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Trump Propagandist Sean Hannity

May 1, 2020, 12:48:56 PM5/1/20

Trump and Republicans and their pals who are Pedophiles and Sexual Abusers

Has anyone written this up before? I got interested about the palling
around with pedophiles when SwedishJewfish was writing but after the
Epstein deal, I knew he and other republicans had to have more buddies
caught up in the the child abuse net. We should know what is happening to
our children and how one party, the republican party is treating those
folks. Not with words, but documentation.

I wondered why the republicans are so quiet on this Trump deal and I went
snooping. I discovered some things that should be reported.

Tim Nolan was once riding high as a top-ranking judge and Donald
Trump’s campaign manager in Kentucky, but now he is headed to prison for
the next 20 years after being convicted on several counts of child sex

Nolan has been one of the leaders of the Republican Party in Kentucky.
In 2016 he was the Campbell County, Kentuckychairman of Donald Trump's
presidential campaign, after receiving the personal support of Donald Trump
early in 2016.[9][10]As a member of the Republican Party identified with
the Tea Party movement, and later as a supporter of Donald Trump, Nolan has
often criticized the Republican leadership in Kentucky.[6] River City News
publisher Michael Monks described Nolan as an "outspoken and
controversial" political figure in Kentucky.[11]

In 2017, Nolan was charged with 28 felonies including charges of rape,
human trafficking, witness tampering, prostitution, unlawful transaction
with a minor and sodomy. There were 22 victims, including eight juveniles.

Nolan initially pled not guilty to the charges on May 12, 2017.[21] On
February 9, 2018 at age 71, he pled guilty to 21 counts going back to 2004
and included 19 victims including juveniles. The agreement called for 20
years in prison and to pay a $100K fine. He entered an Alford plea for some
charges which means he doesn't admit to committing the act but believes the
evidence is too strong for him to prevail at trial. The counts indicated he
engaged in human trafficking, providing drugs and alcohol to minors in
exchange for sex as well as threatening arrest and eviction unless sex acts
were performed

JUST IN: Trump campaign chair in KY pleads guilty to sex trafficking of
minors: 21 counts against 19 victims, to get 20 yrs in prison, �felony
trafficking of a minor, felony inducing a minor to engage in sex, and a
third count of giving alcohol to a minor�
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��� (@TheBaxterBean) February 9, 2018

Hey Mitch, just how close were you and this fellow?

REMINDER: Trump campaign chair from Oklahoma and �family values'
Republican just plead guilty to seven federal counts: child sex
trafficking, felony child prostitution, transportation of child
pornography, and production of child pornography.
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��� (@TheBaxterBean) February 10, 2018

JUST IN: Republican �family values�Gov. of Missouri Eric
Greitens formally indicted by grand jury for revenge porn, taking nude
photos of woman without her consent.
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��� (@TheBaxterBean) February 22, 2018

BREAKING: Popular Republican pastor of largest Christian music festival
in country pleads guilty to molesting five children, receives 18 years in
â�� ð ��ð ��ð �¡ð � ð ��ð �� ð ��ð �
��� (@TheBaxterBean) August 1, 2018

"I'm very sorry for the pain I've caused," he said.

"I agree with the scriptures. It would be better for a millstone to be
hung around my neck and be cast into the sea. That's what I deserve," he
added, seemingly referring to Luke 17:2 in the Bible.

Thomas had admitted earlier this year to sexual crimes involving five
minors over several years. In his plea agreement, the former pastor said
that he sexually assaulted a 9-year-old girl in 2005; had sexual contact
with three girls aged between 7 and 9 in 2000 and 2010; and that he exposed
himself to another girl between 2008 and 2010.

Of course it is so important it is in Matthew as well Preacherman.… More about Oklahoma politician.

We know about Jeff Jordan. We know about cruelty from this administration.
We know about lies. We know about corruption. We know about sexual abuse.
Why in the world are people voting for evil and sick people to represent
them? Are they too as racist and abusive as the crazy orange tangerine or
so called people of faith, where are you other than standing behind this?

These sickos stay silent or stand up for a man who verbally abuses 4 women
duly elected because they speak the truth of just how sick this place is.
Wake up America, Where are you children and are they safe? Think again?

I think we need to look at the real reason the republicans are so quiet on
these autracities and why Donald Trump voters are soooooooo comfortable
with trashing women and abusing children, especially since we have so many
behind cages.


May 1, 2020, 11:23:30 PM5/1/20
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On Fri, 1 May 2020 16:48:55 +0000 (UTC) Trump Propagandist Sean Hannity
put forth the following notion, which was duly noted and recorded:

> Has anyone written this up before? I got interested about the palling
> around with pedophiles

TMI, Faggotroll...

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Sep 7, 2022, 9:01:56 PM9/7/22
to wrote:

>JUST IN: Republican �family values�Gov. of Missouri Eric
>Greitens formally indicted by grand jury for revenge porn, taking nude
>photos of woman without her consent.

Ajudge has ruled that former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens did not engage
in a pattern of domestic violence or abuse his minor children, bringing
an abrupt end to allegations from his ex-wife that fueled a
multimillion-dollar political ad campaign that sank Greitens' political
comeback last month.

"The Court finds by a preponderance of the evidence that there has been
no pattern of domestic violence by either Mother or Father," Boone
County Circuit Judge Leslie Schneider wrote in a decision dated Aug. 26
that was reviewed by Just the News. "The children have never been at
risk or vulnerable at the hands of either parent."

The court has not yet made the ruling public.

A lawyer for Sheena Greitens did not return a call seeking comment.
Eric Greitens declined comment on the judicial opinion exonerating him
from his ex-wife's allegations.

Schneider's decision provided an anticlimactic end to a normally
private divorce dispute that spilled into public and was exploited by a
negative political ad campaign. The political drama began when Sheena
Greitens' March 21 affidavit alleging her ex-husband abused her and
their two boys was made public in the spring.

At the time, Eric Greitens had been leading for months in the GOP
primary race for the U.S. Senate nomination, as he waged a comeback
from a 2018 sex scandal that derailed his career as governor.

The former governor vehemently denied the abuse allegations, but
Missouri news media aired them for months while the case played out in
private. Establishment Republicans like Karl Rove and Senate Minority
Leader Mitch McConnell put their muscle into defeating Greitens as
outside groups poured millions into negative ads using the abuse

One Super PAC alone called the Show Me Values PAC reported spending
nearly $8 million on ads trying to defeat Greitens. One of their ads
featured a woman reading Sheena Greitens' affidavit aloud.

Eric Greitens, a retired Navy SEAL, created some controversy of his own
by airing an ad less than a month after the Uvalde school shooting in
which he carried a gun and claimed he was going "RINO hunting" to
eliminate moderates known as Republicans in Name Only.

The ad campaigns had a profound effect in the final days of the race,
as Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt rallied to win the GOP Senate
nomination on Aug. 2 and Greitens slipped to a third-place finish.

The judge in the domestic case continued her investigation in private
as Sheena and Eric Greitens took to social media and television to air
their allegations.

Schneider ultimately came to a decision three weeks after the primary,
ruling it would be better for the child custody case to move to Texas
in the future as Sheena Greitens had requested. The judge's reasoning
cited the notoriety the affidavit had generated since Missouri court
records are open, saying Texas and its history of keeping family court
matters secret would better protect the couple's two children.

"The proclivity to share privileged or private communications on social
media, and in interviews with the press, presents a possible future
risk of harm to the children which may impact their best interests,"
Schneider ruled. "However, no Court, whether in Missouri or Texas, can
insulate the children from every parenting decision."

Schneider cited a guardian ad litem's report on how the publicity of
the abuse allegations harmed the children. The court-appointed attorney
found that "due to Petitioner's affidavit becoming public record, the
statements in the affidavit, related to the minor children, were
repeatedly aired on television in the form of political ads, and were
repeatedly distributed through mass mailings in the form of political

"It is in the best interests of the minor children that access to
sensitive matters related to the children be restricted from further
disclosure, due to the notoriety of the parties and the likelihood that
members of the public will continue to use information related to the
children in inappropriate ways," the ad litem added, according to the
judge's ruling.

The court ruling marks the second time Eric Greitens' political career
was tanked by uncorroborated allegations.

In 2018, Greitens was forced to resign as governor when St. Louis
Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner, a local prosecutor bankrolled by
groups tied to the funding network of liberal megadonor George Soros,
filed criminal charges alleging he tried to extort his ex-lover with a
cellphone photograph. Greitens admitted to a short 2015 affair with his
ex-hairdresser but denied the criminal charges.

Gardner abruptly withdrew the criminal charges shortly before the trial
was to begin, admitting she did not have any evidence of the photo or
the extortion effort. A subsequent investigation found that the alleged
victim had testified she may have dreamed the alleged incident and that
Gardner's chief investigator, retired FBI agent William Tisaby, had
engaged in criminal wrongdoing.

In March, Tisaby pleaded guilty to evidence tampering in the Greitens
case while Gardner last month was reprimanded by the Missouri Supreme
Court after being found to have violated numerous standards of conduct
for lawyers in the Greitens case.

Let's go Brandon!

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