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The Minimum Wage Should Be 50% Per Capita GDP After Taxes, Of The County

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Intelligent Party

Aug 21, 2022, 11:32:55 AM8/21/22
The minimum wage should be 50% per capita GDP after taxes, of the County.

Raise by $1 every 3 months.

Free cash should be transferred to all non-earners over 18 of 25% per capita GDP,
of the County, by the Federal Government. There are 6 million unemployed, and
only 2 million receiving unemployment. There are many more needing cash than
this. The Federal Government, which prints the money, and has the central Federal
Reserve Bank, responsible for monetary policy, and interest rates, is responsible
for these free cash transfers.

Free cash should be transferred to all non-earners under 18 of 12.5% per capita
GDP, of the County.

If people both work, and receive free cash, their net should not go above the
yearly minimum wage. (Work more than 3/4 time if under 18, or 1/2 time if over 18).

I'm willing to pay the $1-$2 Trillion bill, to save our country and bring justice
to America. It will probably create much more industry, and we are buying
supermarkets and allocating cash correctly - to provide for the true populace.

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