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What It’s Like to Have A Second-Trimester Abortion - VICE MAGAZINE

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Intelligent Party

Aug 20, 2022, 2:35:48 AM8/20/22

"I remember at one point feeling selfish because I wanted her,
and so I thought, I shouldn't end the pregnancy, because I want her, I want her
here, but then I realized it's not about me, and I need her, and I didn't want her
to suffer." <crying>

"Every single situation is so completely different, and so completely unique, that
there can't, there just can be a hard and fast rule, or a bright line rule as to
when you can and can't do this, everything is so unique and everybody's factors
are so unique."

"I don't regret my decision, to end, my very wanted, but unviable pregnancy"

"sometimes politicians paint this picture, of these, evil women, who are just out
there wanting to kill babies, or something crazy like that, and _this_ is what's
real, we're a family, that wanted our daughter, *tried* to have our daughter, and,
the reality, is that all pregnancies are not rainbows and roses, and, I think
people need to start thinking about the real, and not just this /story/ about
abortion, and look at the real people behind it."

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