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Aug 21, 2022, 11:33:11 AM8/21/22
Russia's not bent on reconquering it's old empire. Russia is merely defending its
national security. Russia would be fools to let NATO into the Ukraine. The
Ukraine is practically the only way to invade Russia. You wouldn't let Russia
have troops in Mexico would you? If Russia was attempting to have troops in
Mexico, you would probably invade Mexico. Right?

This is the ONLY reason Russia has invaded the Ukraine.

All you are going to do, is bomb the Ukraine to shit, squander our equity in the
tens or hundreds of billions - real money spent, and kill thousands of Russians.
You are not going to win, you are not going to defeat Russia, anymore than Russia
is going to defeat the USA in Mexico. NATO will never be in the Ukraine, and you
are threatening, and even destroying Ukrainian national security with your NATO
plan, because Russia, is not going to stop at the Dnieper River, Russia is going
to overthrow the Ukraine. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but within the
next ten to twenty years. It will be a long long war, but that is only because of
you and your policies.

If you merely say NATO will not be in the Ukraine today, Russia will be gone!

Also, as soon as you begin to put NATO in Finland, Russia will attack Finland. How
do I know? Because Russia attacked Finland in World War II, before Russia was
attacked by Hitler, and it is not a big deal to it to do it. Furthermore, as to
the River, the Nazis were on one side of the river, and then they were on the
other side of the river. I'm sure the Russians are well aware of this, and the
Ukraine is going to be totally taken over eventually, if NATO does not relent. And
this is an awful solution, as the Ukraine should join the E.U.

If your sanctions policies on Russia do work, you will antagonize Russia, to go
beyond its National Security interests, to invade countries which are obstructing
trade with it, or refusing to trade with it. This is exactly what happened to
start World War I.

You can say that Russia is bent on reconquering it's old empire, but nothing could
be further from the truth. You have crossed Russia's lines, not the other way
around. You are the madmen, not the other way around. Apparently you don't
understand, the balance of power, brinkmanship, mutually assured destruction, and
realpolitik. You make it sound as if we are dealing with a nuclear armed Germany
in World War II. We are dealing with a country as strong as a nuclear armed
Germany in World War II, but it is not run by madmen, but by men friendly to the
interests of reasonable Americans, and hostile to the insane interests of madmen.

I guess you expect Russia to give up all its national security interests. It's
like expecting the USA to let Mexico have Russian troops stationed in it. Only a
madman would allow that. We will not let any foreign powers into the Western
Hemisphere, including Spain, except the Dutch, the French, and the English.

We bombed Grenada, we threatened to bomb Cuba, and we would invade Mexico or
Venezuela if it was attempting to establish foreign arms in our hemisphere. You
want to put NATO 500, 500! miles from Moscow, and Russia has more nuclear arms
than you. This insanity threatens us all, and the whole human race.

What's the big idea; to bully Russia? Do you really think bullying Russia is
possible? It hardly works with North Korea or Iran!, unless you have someone like
Donald Trump playing carrot to Kim Jung Un, as well as stick; before his historic
handshake, he previously had said "Rocket Man, if we are forced to defend
ourselves, we will destroy you."

Bullying never worked with Iraq, you had to invade. What's the big idea? I say,
make the Russians happy, and do what they want, within the bounds of all reason.

Like we could just Nuke Russia without being nuked? Insanity. There's no respect
to Russia. And what do we want? You should all lead a little, or a lot, more -
within the bounds of all reason, and see if they follow. Tell them what to do.
"Tear down that wall," worked! They don't want to mess with us either. You have
to see how to be within the context of that mentality, and get your way, within
the bounds of all reason.

They know they're playing with fire, to go against reason. They just lost 5,000
men because WE'RE going against reason. It's no good idea for us to be playing
with fire. What is saving us is that they aren't madmen, but are tempered at the
moment; – yet we're obstinate.

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