It's An Immoral Sin To Not Abort In The First 17.33 Weeks To Me

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Nov 6, 2022, 1:01:55 AM11/6/22
That's like killing somebody. And you are asking me to be an accessory to murder,
to not abort.

Women with 20 weeks to abort will not be seeking an abortion of a healthy fetus.
They will be committed to the pregnancy. But women impeded from aborting in the
first 20 weeks, may still be seeking an abortion.

Would you force put, a preemie, born at 21 weeks back in the mother?

If for some reason the preemie couldn't be put back in the mother, would you force
attach the preemie to the father?

Would you force parents, to give their children, kidneys in later life?

Women have an absolute right to separate their bodies from the fetuses.

Keep in mind, putting the preemie back in the woman or attaching it to the father
may be possible if the woman or man, wants to save their beloved baby.

But forcing women to carry babies is forcing surrogate mothers. And without pay.

The abortion pill induces labor at every stage of gestation.

The Spirit comes into the zygote sometime after the 17th week. The closer to 40
weeks, the more fetuses are actually human babies attached to willing and
unwilling women. Some people have memories of the afterlife and of coming into
the fetus at the moment of birth. Some people have memories of the afterlife and
of being in the womb for several months before birth. No one's in the fetus five
months before birth. To not abort is an immoral sin before that point, if you do
not want the baby, because that's just like getting pregnant.

I'll repeat:

It is an immoral sin to not abort, if there is NOT a spirit in the fetus, because
that's like getting pregnant.

That's like murder. And that's what an evil government is asking you to commit!

Cold blooded, first degree, crime!

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