We're All Equal In Cost And Expense, And Spirit. But NEPOTISM - Favoritism To One's Relatives, Makes The Unfair Unequal Difference.

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Intelligent Party

Jan 4, 2022, 10:51:56 PMJan 4
We're all equal in cost and expense, and spirit. But NEPOTISM - Favoritism to
one's relatives, makes the unfair unequal difference.

Plus, it's more a return on capital than labor.

But we have differing Assets:
1. Body
2. Brain
3. Academic Credentials
4. Work History
5. (Talent)
6. (Brand)
7. Financial Assets. Five percent, 5% on $1 Billion annually, is $50 million
annually, passive income, for nothing.

So we have unequal passive returns on our unequal assets. Unequal incomes are a
matter of passive return on capital assets, when the hours worked - LABOR, are equal.

So unequal spending on consumption, is basically crap.

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