We Have A Right To Abortion, It Doesn't Matter What The Supreme Court Says

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Intelligent Party

Nov 6, 2022, 1:01:40 AM11/6/22
We have a right to abortion, it doesn't matter what the Supreme Court says.

And any government prohibiting abortion, is wrong, is guilty, and we demand
Justice; destruction; and hellfire; upon them. Just kidding, but that's what that
ideology is, if you're going to have it at all, criminal justice, protecting
prohibition, of abortion!

And any government prohibiting abortion is wrong; - it's simple math.

I'll agree you negative people are the whole fucking problem in the first place.
Leadership is in order, but you're fucking jacking, so I guess jack back is what
that is. Those who prohibit abortion have what hates them, have what judges them,
have what condemns them. To know them is to hate them, to know them is to judge
them, to know them is to condemn them. They are are guilty wrong and immoral, if
there were such a thing, though there isn't, though they say there is!

We also have a right to keep and bear guns. Same thing. It doesn't matter what
California or Mexico says. This is our planet first and foremost, if you yet
can't seek employment, you still own all the tourist attractions and public parks.
From Mount Everest to the Grand Canyon, it's your planet if you're not engaged
in commerce. It's just too much labor for the capital.

Crazy people with guns, and moreover thug life and gangsters may be your problem,
but it's simply not wrong to bear a gun. Prima facie.

We're sick of your government's lies and crimes against humanity. 40% of the
voting public is Independent, but we don't care what political party you are.

Both parties are compelled to be with abortion and guns, both! Anything else is

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