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Apr 26, 2022, 10:58:21 PMApr 26
Robert Carnegie wrote:


> I haven't read through _The Moon is a Harsh Mistress_
> but Wikipedia indicates that "Mike", the computer,
> is a he/him character, though I'd say that Mike's alter ego
> of "Adam Selene" could be both. But probably isn't.

Woke up later and came fully awake when I realized was
hearing two fem voices, one Wyoh's warm contralto, other a sweet,
high soprano with French accent. Wyoh chuckled at something and
"All right, Michelle dear, I'll call you soon. 'Night, darling."
"Fine. Goodnight, dear."
Wyoh stood up, turned around. "Who's your girl friend?"
I asked. Thought she knew no one in Luna City. Might have phoned
Hong Kong . . . had sleep-logged feeling was some reason she
shouldn't phone.
"That? Why, Mike, of course. We didn't mean to wake you."
"Oh. It was actually Michelle. I discussed it with Mike,
what sex he was, I mean. He decided that he could be either
one. So now she's Michelle and that was her voice. Got it right
the first time, too; her voice never cracked once."
"Of course not; just shifted voder a couple of octaves. What
are you trying to do: split his personality?"
"It's not just pitch; when she's Michelle its an entire
change in manner and attitude. Don't worry about splitting her
personality; she has plenty for any personality she needs.
Besides, Mannie, it's much easier for both of us. Once she
shifted, we took our hair down and cuddled up and talked girl
talk as if we had known each other forever. For example, those
silly pictures no longer embarrassed me-in fact we discussed
my pregnancies quite a lot. Michelle was terribly interested.
She knows all about O.B. and G.Y. and so forth but just
theory-and she appreciated the raw facts. Actually, Mannie,
Michelle is much more a woman than Mike was a man."

Operation Hard Rock


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Sjouke Burry

Apr 27, 2022, 1:29:42 AMApr 27
You beat me to it :)

Mike impersonated a host of male/female chars.
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