Kipling poem on Gods of the Market

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Jul 8, 2021, 12:48:02 PMJul 8
Then the Gods of the Market tumbled, and their smooth-tongued
wizards withdrew
And the hearts of the meanest were humbled and began to believe
it was true
That All is not Gold that Glitters, and Two and Two make Four
And the Gods of the Copybook Headings limped up to explain it
once more.
As it will be in the future, it was at the birth of Man
There are only four things certain since Social Progress began.
That the Dog returns to his Vomit and the Sow returns to her Mire,
And the burnt Fool's bandaged finger goes wabbling back to the Fire;
And that after this is accomplished, and the brave new world begins
When all men are paid for existing and no man must pay for his sins,
As surely as Water will wet us, as surely as Fire will burn,
The Gods of the Copybook Headings with terror and slaughter return! ~


Never saw that poem before. Love it. Apparently the dog vomit
and pig mire thing is from the bible. Sharp lines there too.
2 Peter 2:22 and Proverbs 26:11.

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