Cancel culture - Removal of statues of George Rogers Clark

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Jul 12, 2021, 7:51:51 PMJul 12
from Facebook:

In the Absence of Struggle asked a question .
Drove to Charlottesville this morning and witnessed the latest
removal of "offensive" statues. This time it was George Clark
(brother of William), who helped wrest control of Illinois from
the British during the Revolution. It was done at the behest of
UVA's Orwellian-ly named "Racial Justice Task Force."
In the shadow of Jefferson's Rotunda at his University of Virginia,
a school founded on the guiding principle of cultivating an
informed citizenry, the administrators have succumbed to the
temporary pleasure of anesthetized ignorance, the "cleansing
of our past," instead of learning and debating our complicated
Is this the way we want our country to evolve? The proper way we
should deal with history that makes us uncomfortable? If so,
universities, like UVA, provide a thin, flaky academic patina
for what is nothing more than a social club.

One issue with the decision is how the city convened an
"emergency" meeting in 20 minutes (since the removal of the Lee
statue was going smoothly, and suspended the normal 5 hour period
for public comment and debate.

Right? That's the part that should be a big deal to me. It'd be
one thing if this was highly deliberated on by the community
more formally than it has (and I still wouldn't be a fan of
getting rid of it) but taking it down because it was convenient
is poor governing.

The 3rd statue they removed was on of Lewis and Clark
and Sacajawea.

The 4th was a statue of George Rogers Clark, who fought
the Indians during the Revolutionary War.
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