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Head Librarian

Jun 19, 2007, 5:19:16 AM6/19/07
On Jun 18, 11:45 pm, 'Menjy' <> wrote:
> FjuckHeadLibrarianwrote:

Aww, the hot shit alt.flame Award Winner called me
"FjuckHeadLibrarian"... "Fjuckhead"... I'm not sure if I can recover
from this...

> >'Menjy' wrote:
> >> HeadLibrarianwrote:
> >> >But then again...what can you except from a non-flaming little suck-up
> >> >boy with the intellectual capacity of a gnat's left testicle?
> >> Phew! A gnat's *left* testicle, eh? That's a harsh one, Tjanner. Tell me,
> >> don't you ever worry that someone might steal your flames?
> >"You suck". Wow...this is getting old and repetitive Mandy.
> *Has* anyone ever stolen one of your flames, you talentless little eskimo of a
> boy? woke up...the chloroform wore off....huh? What this has to
do with anything, you flameless little suck-up bitch?

> >Now let's see what this flame war has been all about:
> >1. I flame you
> I missed this part.

You misspelled "snipped".

> >2. You snip it, and complain that "my flames suck"
> I never complained that your flames suck. I don't believe I've ever seen you
> flame.

I have danced with EVERYONE in this newsgroup... EVERYONE important at
least... people who were/are REAL flamers...not fucking "pjenguin"-
flaming nickel and dime neophyte suck-up copycats like you. It's a
fact... unlike you, I have no butt buddies here... and again... unlike
you I don't have to write obnoxious suck-up awards... because I'm not
trying to win any friends here. This is a flame group and I flame
alone...and I flame *everyone*...if I feel like it... I can spark this
newsgroup alive anytime I want... I'm the hero and a villain... and
you're nobody important... you live in my shadow.

I've said it many times before... it's pretty fucking funny that a
bitch like you posts to a flame group...and this thread is a final
testimony to that.

> >3. I flame you
> Damn. I must have missed this one too.

Aww...did you really...little pussy... you didn't miss ANYTHING Mandy.
I didn't expect you to POST anything...perhaps if you had kept your
mouth shut...we wouldn't have heard your belly rumble...same as the
bell jar you call your head...

> >4. You snip it, and post an amateurish PeeWee... and of course
> >complain that "my flames suck"
> Still haven't seen you flame. Sorry.

Getting repetitive, aren't we? Are you embarrassed of that PeeWee
Menjy? I sure would've been here for what...6-7 years and you
post something like this (all quoted in my article):

But hey... I don't think it's that sad... avoiding extremely OBNOXIOUS
fuckups like that would indicate that there is a brain present... I
fear that's not the case here... so you can relax... I think you're
probably impervious to the disease, altho' some might argue that you
are indeed a mad cow.

> >5. I flame you
> Again? Wow. Surely you aren't talking about all that nonsense about pointy
> heads, faeces and urine? Do you *really* think that's flaming?

Read the fucking FAQ you dumb newbie. That was probably your 50th "IS
THAT A FLAME?"-flame.

Try and be a little more innovative...I mean you're hardly the life
and soul of the party ..are you...your sense of humour has
evaporated...just like that spongiform mass that stops your head
caving in...

> For the last time, Tanner, I haven't seen any flames to complain about. Tell
> you what, though, I'll tell you what *does* suck: Your sense of humour sucks.
> Your English sucks. Your post-editing sucks. Your timing sucks. Your rows of
> dots suck. Your taste in music sucks. Your choice of a handle sucks. Your
> mindless bigotry sucks. The ridiculous and utterly harmless micknames you
> assign to your many tormentors suck. In short, you fucking suck, Tanner, and
> if you were ever to flame, then doubtless your flames would suck too.

I think you were fucking CRYING when you wrote the shit above... watch
out that mascara Mandy... getting "newwous", aren't we? That's also
probably why you posted this article twice. This drivel looks like
something that a betrayed 14-year old ex-girlfriend would write.

> Hey, I noticed you'd stopped putting all those rows of dots all over the
> place. It wasn't the fact that I was making fun of you that made you stop, was
> it?

Oh yeah, complaining about 10-15 times about the dots I use was
absolutely devastating...I guess I'm all "thpanked" now.

> Oh, and by the way, why *do* you call yourself "HeadLibrarian"? You never
> said.'re like the Wounded Cuiroissier by Theodore
Gericault...struggling to get up on his feet, battling against all the
odds...but mortally wounded...brave but ineffectual. I pity your every must seem that all hope is gone...all
but resignation....

Now bitch... take off that bra and pass me the air freshener.

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