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Jul 21, 2008, 4:01:37 PM7/21/08
Anonymous Press Pioneer (APP) interviews Barbara Schwarz

APP: Why do people write about you?

Barbara Schwarz: Guess they have not enough to do - so they make me
into one of their hobbies. I never did anything to encourage it.

APP: I fished some of your pictures out of the Great Salt Lake. They
were in a bottle. Washed ashore… Some are oil paintings…

Barbara Schwarz: They are copyrighted by me in framed and non-framed
form. Those pictures that look like they were painted by Leonardo Da
Vinci [laughs] are also copyrighted. Nobody may use them without my
permission. - If you ever lie about me, you have to delete this
interview with my photos and the paintings.

APP: I promise. – Some people say that you're famous and a Public
Person, and you say you're not?

Barbara Schwarz: I never asked for any public attention. I just asked
the government for some records in which I am truly interested.
Actually, I am a very private person. I never called the press, and I
just posted to Usenet after anti-religious extremists continued to
maliciously defame me there and elsewhere on the net. Here is the
thing: a Public Person has the means to encounter falsehoods, libel,
slander, and defamation about herself in the media. For example, if
somebody lies about a presidential candidate, they can talk to the
press at any time and inform the media that what's written or said
about them is not true, and the media will print their part of the
story. But I don't have this opportunity, which makes me in a non-
public person. That means that the Salt Lake Tribune and any other
paper can lie all about me and I don't reach the same people to
explain otherwise. Same applies if such defamation is on established
websites. In order to reach the readers of established websites that
show up on the top of the search engine, you need access to websites
that reach the same readers. My websites are usually very quickly net-

APP: What is net-lifted?

Barbara Schwarz:
Despite that I don't write falsehoods or defame others, anti-religious
extremists bombard the ISP of my websites or Blog providers so long
with false complaints about me till the ISPs or Blog providers remove
the website or the blogs. End of my right of free speech. End of that
readers hear how my story really is.

APP: Don't you like to be famous?

Barbara Schwarz: My experience is that "fame" hurts. People defame,
harass, impostor and forge famous people. They want to be like the
famous person and steal their identities. It is creepy, anybody knows
where you live, how you look like, and they may come to your home,

I can do without that. That many people know you, does not make your
life better. It is not that they help you in any way. Ask famous
people… Many famous people are very alone. I can do without noise and
unwanted attention in my life. As far as people are concerned, I just
look for true friends. If they can't be true friends, they should stay
away from me.

APP: Who are these people who publish web pages on you?

Barbara Schwarz: I call them obsessed and creepy idiots, and I believe
that they are hired, organized and run by the German secret service
to destroy my reputation and life. They destroy my reputation to
prevent that people believe in what I am saying about the German
secret service, its government and its psychiatrists. So, they hire
their primitive attack dogs and spread lies about me in the Media, on
the Internet, on Usenet, in governmental office, courts, and
elsewhere. They did and still do the same to L. Ron Hubbard, his
religion and his legacy. Black propaganda is an old German secret
service tool.

APP: What is Wikipiggy?

Barbara Schwarz (laughs): I am no fan of Wikipedia, I have very bad
experiences with it.

APP: I read somewhere that you contributed to that article. Is that

Barbara Schwarz: There are different versions of Wikipedia articles on
me. I contributed to none of them. The Wikipiggy gang banned my IP
numbers. Jim Wales participated in this. They did not allow that I
provide factual information about my own person and life. I don't wish
that on anybody. Ex-inmates, children, and anti-religious extremists
discuss your life in all public on Wikipiggy, with the purpose to
misinform readers and to make you into an outcast of society. This is
the purpose of the entire smear in the media and on the Internet. They
want people to hate you and to suffer worst consequences resulting
from that hatred.

These Wikipiggy articles were mainly written by anti-religious
extremists who hate Scientology, just as the German government wants
it. It is as if the KKK would write about Blacks or Nazis about Jews
or Al-Qaeda about America. These extremists don't want to write how I
am really are and what I really did. They hate me, because they are
insane and intolerant and that is reflected in their writings about
me. I never did anything to them, except defending myself, L. Ron
Hubbard, and my religion. This is my big "crime".

APP: I searched Wikipedia for information about you but did not find a
Wikipedia article on you. On the other hand, Wikipedia articles on you
are on non-Wikipedia websites…

Barbara Schwarz: Around X-mas 2007, some Wikipedia administrators
finally removed the Wikipedia article because of statement that
Wikipedia administrator Fred Bauder made in March 2007. He asked to
delete the article on me with following words: [This article is an]
"embarrassment to Wikipedia. It has proved impossible to maintain the
article appropriately. Whatever her supposed notability, Barbara
Schwarz is not a public figure. Her privacy should be respected".
This statement was posted constantly on Usenet (not by Fred Bauder)
but it caught the eye of other Wikipedia administrators. His statement
gives you an idea how fanatical the people are who smear about me, as
he wrote that it was impossible to maintain the article on me

APP: Who exactly wrote the Wikipedia article on you?

Barbara Schwarz:
This is the problem. Usually, reporters are held responsible for what
they write about others. But as Wikipedia allows harassers and
defamers to remain anonymously, it is really hard for the victims of
the Wikipiggy defamation campaign to remedy this. However, I know some
of the driving forces behind it. It is mainly German Tilman Hausherr,
Korey Jerome Kruse as "Vivaldi" who seems to be also "Anynobody".
Another suspect is Canadian Kady O'Malley as "Orsini" and some other
defamers. Kruse forged me and others on websites and Hausherr backed
him up. They are anti-religions extremists. Hausherr and O'Malley are
portrayed on the As far as Kruse is
concerned, after he cyber stalked, sexually harassed and defamed me on
Usenet (with posting ID Simkatu and other aliases) and on Wikipedia.
Kruse defames my state of the mind, despite a judge sent HIM to
therapy. I made some research on him and discovered numerous
criminal records on him. I documented the criminal activities and the
defamation activities of Kruse and also Hausherr's rotten activities
on webpages and posting only facts. But these guys bombard ISPs so
long with false complaints till the ISPs/Blogspot providers give in
and remove the webpages or Blogspots, despite of facts. They don't
even ask you to respond to allegations. They just cut your right of
freedom of speech short by deleting your defense. I never would lie
about others even if they are my enemies. This is not my website but
provides some information on Kruse:

APP: Tilman Hausherr is the owner of the Snafu-Website?

Barbara Schwarz: Yes, that is him. He lives in Berlin and works as
computer guy for Siemens. He wrote much of the trash about me on
Wikipiggy and when a majority of the administrators/editors decided to
remove this article he and Kruse whined and objected, tried to raise
hell to keep it there to "shame" me with their version about my life.
After they lost that battle and the Wikipedia article was removed,
Hausherr webbed his and Kruse's own smear about me on his Snafu
website. Hausherr is obsessed with Scientology celebrities. He is
"profiling" them with the words: "We know who you are and what you are
doing." If you ask me, he cyberstalks them by trying to intimidate
them because they are Scientologists. He was one of the smears who
wrote the Wikipiggy article on me and now webs it under the header
"Weird stuff dept.". In other words, he wrote the weird stuff
himself, he is the weird one.

APP: I found no record of you being born in Deggendorf, Germany…

Barbara Schwarz: They have no records because I am not born there, and
my defamers are lying about me.

APP: Hausherr is a German secret service agent?

Barbara Schwarz: He denies it but his actions say otherwise. He tries
to conceal his ID but just webbing a picture of himself as small child
on his defamatory website. This alone indicates that he is afraid of
the spotlight himself but smears just about anybody else whose
religion he hates. The German secret service Bundesverfassungschutz
(OPC) is going actively after Scientology. They even say so on their
official German website. I read a report on the Internet in which
Hausherr's wife Ilse supposedly stated that Hausherr travels "in
secret mission" to the USA. He also posted that he finds it a great
idea to hurt the American tourism. After the law, he should not be
allowed to enter the United States for secret German missions.
Anyway, it is 100 % documented that Hausherr and German government
employee Ursula Caberta y Diaz work very closely together.

APP: Who is Ursula Caberta y Diaz?

Barbara Schwarz: You find information about her on the
and on AlarmGermany is a
website that published that Caberta told to the LA Times that she is
glad to be called the new Goebbels. It was published that as a German
official, she accepted USD 75.000 from a private anti-religious
extremist to go after the religion Scientology. Yes, it blows your
socks off…

APP: Does Korey Jerome Kruse work for the German government?

Barbara Schwarz: What I know for sure is that he has a very cozy
relationship with Hausherr. He was born in the USA. An American judge
called Kruse an habitual offender, and a Google search reveals quite
some of his run ins with the law. However, there are also postings
about him on the Internet, which are so over the top that nobody would
believe them, e.g. claiming that he is a convicted Nazi spy who worked
several years in aerospace, etc. I am convinced that he posts these
over the top postings himself (like an secret service agent) to
distract from his real criminal record and past. The idea behind it is
to pose as victim of a defamation campaign and to make people dismiss
his real criminal record by coming across these over the top
information about him. Once people read that Kruse is a convicted Nazi
spy, they of course don't believe it and dismiss also the factual
statement of an American judge who ruled that Kruse is a habitual
offender. Kruse also wrote false checks.

APP: What about the AHBL? What do they want from you?

Barbara Schwarz [laughs]: Don't get me started on the AHBL. The AHBL
is an anti-free speech movement and tries to control the Internet. It
belongs to abusive transsexual BRIAN J. BRUNS aka BURNS aka "Bri",
"Brielle" or "Brielle-Jillian", born on 06/24/81 who is a registered
sex slave. Bruns is the owner/webmaster of the abusive
AHBL ("Abusive Host Blocking List") website and the SOSDG ("Summit
open source development group"). He is a CONVICTED FELON. - Felon
Indictment # I-1577-02,S-2423-02 and SAPD. - Police Report # 05071019
– INMATE: BRUNS, BRIAN # 445064. The AHBL SOSDG is allegedly "non-
profit" but stops free speech, blackmails ISPs and defames people.
Bruns lies that the ABHL is non-profit. He hosted the sex pages of his
master "Lady-Arielle" who offers one hour of his/her perversion for
over $300,-- profit on the SOSDG server! They had videos on YouTube.
Bruns actually HACKED the computers of his former employer Access
Highway ( Bruns was many months incarcerated
and has a FBI file.
Here are links with more information on him:
Bruns attacks and defames me because he is above the law.

APP: ABHL (Bruns) wrote that you "terrorized" Usenet newsgroup NANAE.
I goggled your name but did not find many postings of you done to this
group. I found numerous postings in which Bruns and his friends
attacked you. So, what is his problem?

Barbara Schwarz: The "terror" is just in his twisted head. On the
registered sex slave website, he posted as "Brielle" that he is
cutting himself. Brian Bruns is a convicted felon, a defamer, a liar
and he hates that people have a right of free speech. His problem is
that he is a criminal who wants to control the Internet. He does what
he accuses others of. Since years he and his friends try to ruin the
business of Rick Scoville (Freespeechstore) and defamed his now
diseased 80 years old father. Bruns friend Andrew Kirch posted a mafia
threat against me on Usenet. As far as I know, these two are the
entire "board" of the ABHL. The AHBL goes also after upstream Internet
providers if the ISP does not obey their demands to cut the free
speech of what they perceive as their personal enemies.

APP: Who is behind the Holysmoke and the Skeptic Tank websites?

Barbara Schwarz: David aka Shydavid and Frederic Rice are very abusive
twin brothers who are consumed by hatred against Scientology. You can
learn more by reading what the wrote
about them. The RFW published a PDF document in their Section that
belongs to Dave Touretzky. It says that Dave Rice suggested to kill
members of the FBI. I don't think the RFW made it up. They wrote that
Dave Rice actively sought the means of terrorism.

Frederic Rice had or still has a layout of a "deprogramming station"
on his website, which had a room that was designed to rape people who
should be stripped from their religion. These guys are really
dangerous scum. No wonder that they defame me on their websites and on
Usenet with all kinds of sock puppets. I have not one classy enemy –
not one of them.

APP: What about Anonymous?

Barbara Schwarz: You are anonymous.

APP: I mean, what do you think about the masked Anonymous who picket
the Scientology organizations?

Barbara Schwarz:
They create a lot of noise and tension. In Germany people threw in
windows of the Church of Scientology. Decades earlier, they did this
to the Jews, and it led to the Kristallnacht. Anonymous are a bunch of
religion hating people who are clueless about who L. Ron Hubbard
really was and what Scientology really is, and they are too cowardly
to show their faces. They just base their information on lies of
apostates and former infiltrators and anti-religious extremists. I
believe that the German government put these allegedly loosely
controlled group up to go after Scientology and Scientologists after
the Germans realized that they can't outlaw a religion under their
present constitution.

APP: Did you ever go to these picket events?

Barbara Schwarz:
You could not pay me to go there. Why would I want to waste my time
and resources in the streets? Do you know the price of picketing? I
tell you. [Laughs]
Good, solid shoes that don't hurt by standing
for many hours on one spot.……………………………………………….. $ 99.90
Weather proven clothing.........................………………………………….. $
Sunscreen to avoid skin cancer...................…………………………………..
A stupid mask to cover your face and which makes you sweat……………… $
Umbrella that doesn't falter in the wind.………………………………..........$
Gas or plane, bus and train tickets
(to the picket, harassment or trespassing place)……………………………. $ 710,33
Markers to write lies on pickets (if bought on sale, otherwise they
cost more)
..............................…………………………………………………………….$ 11.35
Other picketing material (if not stolen from a
political campaign and then scribbled over it) …………………………… $ 150.74
Parking tickets written by police
………………….. $50
Towed motorcycle and cars.....................................
………………………..$ 250,50 Medicine to get over that cold or sun fever that
picketers catch during
picketing) ………….................................………………………………….. $
Doctor's visit and medical bills (to cure asthma, pneumonia or smoke
lung caught during picketing and eventually the funeral of picketer
due to picketing health reasons.) ..................
Botox and facelift ( to remove the wrinkles received by standing
outside for hours)................................………………………………………$
Bail posted (after being arrested)................…………………………………..$
Lawsuits (to defend oneself for charges of harassment, attorney costs,
court fees for orders against trespassing, issued against picketers)
(and counting)
Able to let to get go and develop religious

APP: Wow, you got it down to the last cents…
Barbara Schwarz (laughs): What would you say if I tell you that there
is a secret code in languages? But don't tell me that I got that from
the Matrix, because I have never seen those movies. If you speak the
word "picket" out loud, you get a different significance. Picket
sounds very much like "Pig is at it." Why would I want to stand in the
streets with pigs? I happen to know that much what they claim on their
pickets is not true. I saw some of them putting a photo of the L. Ron
Hubbard impostor on their pickets and falsely claiming that it would
be L. Ron Hubbard. I want to bet that Anonymous is nothing but an
religious German secret service movement. I am not on their side.

FFP: Does Anonymous target you?

Barbara Schwarz: They don't picket yet in front of my door but
numerous people of this anonymous cult write nasty and defamatory
stuff about me on the net and lie about me. They sort of merged with
the anti-religious extremists. Some of them doctored a photo of mine,
some of them defame my state of mind and misinform about my life and

APP: Why does Dave Touretzky claim that you are obsessed with him?

Barbara Schwarz: He claims that I am obsessed with him because I am
not obsessed with him. I didn't know who he was when I got one day a
USPS letter by an unknown sender. I opened it and saw inside an
invoice of a porn shop. It says that Dave Touretzky ordered a porn
catalog and porn merchandise. Copies of the porn catalog were attached
to the invoice. It was a really offensive and sexually harassing
letter. I am proud of my clean mind. I don't want to have dirt and
porn in my mind. I am a very passionate and romantic person but
perversions are not a part of my personality. In other words, it made
me really angry that somebody has the guts to mail me that perverted
dirt. The invoice was addressed to the Dave Touretzky, a professor at
the CMU, and the phone number under which the porn stuff was ordered
turned out to be his office number at this university. . Then I did
some research and found that Touretzky is an anti-religious extremist.
According to this invoice, Dave Touretzky was indeed sent the porn
catalog, the invoice and the porn merchandise. That thing played out
on Usenet and the sex shop owner posted too. He did not deny that
Touretzky was one of his customers. A person who made threatened me
and defamed me for years, Garry Scarff posted in defense of Touretzky.
He wrote that he called the store clerk Adrian and that Adrian told
him that they have no customer with the name Touretzky. The store
owner posted that they have no clerk with name Adrian…
I never made a statement of fact that Touretzky personally sent me
that porn letter - but I kept the letter as evidence. Perhaps the
sexual harasser was careless and left his fingerprints on it and his
DNA in and on the letter

The RFW has lots of information on Dave Touretzky. What worries me a
lot is that he promotes bomb instructions on the net. There is also
this a YouTube video by some CMU students:

APP: Some people may say that he might order sex toys from this store
but that this letter was not sent by Dave Touretzky to you as it would
be self-discriminatory.

Barbara Schwarz: The RFW webbed chat records in which Dave Touretzky
said that he visits porn sites on the net. Some people should be
ashamed of being so low but they are not ashamed of it. It is also
possible that this letter was sent to me in an attempt to blame
Scientologists of having it sent. Years earlier, I saw indeed porn
pictures on the CMU website of Dave Touretzky. He webbed these there.

Touretzky webbed that misleading Salt Lake Tribune article on his
website to harass me once more. I don't know what he babbles about a
Razor article on his website. It has nothing to do with me. But he
also links (recommends) the book of my legally convicted kidnapper
Cyril Vosper. I am also personally offended about what Dave Touretzky
wrote about L. Ron Hubbard.

APP: What makes you sure that the Church of Scientology did not find
that invoice and catalog and mailed it to you?
Barbara Schwarz: How should they find that invoice and the catalog? It
was addressed to Touretzky. He does not allow any Scientologist close
to him, and it also makes no sense. I am a Scientologist. Why would
Scientologists harass another one with porn? It is against our
religion. Moreover, I don't have huge access to the media like the
celebrities of Scientology. If the Church of Scientology would work
with these kind of low methods and would have targeted Touretzky and
instigated a campaign against Dave Touretzky, don't you think they
would have rather mailed this harassing porn letter to Kristie Alley,
Priscilla Presley, Lisa-Marie Presley, Kelly Preston, Anne Archer,
Catherine Bell, Nancy Cartright, Jenna Elfman, Juliette Lewis, Sofia
Milos, Leah Remini or any other of the many Scientology celebrities? I
don't think that they like to be sexually harassed either, and one
statement by one of them to the media would have resulted in a large
media event. It would have taken this matter out of Usenet, and Dave
Touretzky activities within the CMU would have been scrutinized by the

APP: What do you think about the Xenu website?

Barbara Schwarz: It is biased anti-religious website who spreads hate.
This is the website of Andreas Heldal-Lund. Just as Dave Touretzky, he
recommends the book of my legally convicted kidnapper Cyril Vosper on
his website. Lund violated the copyright of Mark Rathbun and another
person and used their images on T-Shirts and sold them. I know that
Lund is an associate of legally convicted terrorist Lars Gule and
lectures with him. I am maliciously defamed and forged by hate mongers
on Lund's message board Clambake. Lund blocks people who don't hate
Scientology. The provides more
information about Heldal-Lund.
Heldal-Lund website misinforms about Scientology. It claims that
Scientologists believe that they were clams in past lives. I am a
Scientologist, and I don't believe that I was a clam in my past life
and none of the thousands of Scientologists that I met ever told me
that they believe that they were clams in their past lives. Andreas
Heldal-Lund thinks he knows it all by knowing nothing.

APP: What happened in the Salt Lake City library?

Barbara Schwarz: Anti-religious extremists bombarded the Salt Lake
City library with false complaints about me. There was even one guy
who sent forged messages under my name to the library to spam them in
order to make them deny access to me to library computers.

APP: Isn’t unconstitutional to deny people access to public computers?
Don't they have to treat all patrons equally?

Barbara Schwarz: I was once told by the deputy library director Chip
Ward that the library is like the post office. They don't care what
message somebody sends, they just forward the mail. Later on, Chip
Ward and library director Nancy Tessman simply changed the rules. They
gave me three different versions why they denied access to the library
computers to me. First was, because I filed FOIA requests or records
request from the library, and they didn't like this. The other version
was because I posted on Usenet from the library computer, and they
don't like this. Then they changed it again and claimed it was not
because of my postings to Usenet but because I filed FOIA/requests or
records request from the library computer. It all boils down to that
they just searched for a justification to deny my rights to me.

APP: FOIA or records request are a part of American system. I never
heard that somebody is not allowed to use public library equipment for
this kind of purpose.

Barbara Schwarz: The Salt Lake City library denied my constitutional
and other rights. They are above the laws. Also, I filed most of my
FOIA requests from at home and not from the library. I had not filed a
FOIA request for years when they denied access to the computers to me.
It makes no sense. It is arbitrariness and lawlessness. They were
bombarded with false complaints about me at the phone and in e-mails,
but the library should have informed the authorities to stop the false
complaint makers instead of kicking the victim of this campaign off
the computers and denying her right to access computers. The Salt Lake
City library claims that they are open to anybody and don't censor
free speech. It is a lie.

APP: But they don't denied access to the library as such? You still
can go there and check books out and research?

Barbara Schwarz:
Yes, I still can spend all days in the library and research and check
books out. They just don’t let me near a computer without causing a
scene. It is awful to even enter the library under such a condition.
How can you research under such conditions knowing that they treat you
like a slave without rights? As they poisoned this atmosphere, I
rather don't visit this library any longer.

APP: Posting to Usenet is covered under the constitutional right of
free speech. Was there a general non-posting rule that you violated?

Barbara Schwarz: Absolutely not. Other Salt Lake City library patrons
could and can post all they want to Usenet. Convicted Bruns was still
under probation when he sent over 50 false complaints about me to the
library ISP UEN and the library to blackmail them into denying my
access to the library computers. Nevertheless, they did not call the
authorities to get Bruns probation revoked but rather denied my right
of free speech. They knew about his criminal records and obeyed
nevertheless. A registered sex-slave, a transsexual with a felony
record rules the Internet world. It is a shame.

APP: You are kidding me?

Barbara Schwarz: I wish it would be just a joke unfortunately, it is
the reality.

APP: What on Earth are you writing and posting that results in such a

Barbara Schwarz: I am writing and posting the truth and my memories.
And that is what crooks don't like. Again, my intuition tells me it is
all organized by the German secret service.

APP: You admit having filed thousands of FOIA requests?

Barbara Schwarz: I filed FOIA requests from mid/end of the 90s to
2001. Please order the FOIA logs from all federal agencies and count
the number of FOIA requests which are recorded in their FOIA logs. My
count of FOIA requests in these logs of all federal agencies are in
the low hundreds.

APP: Who came up with the "thousands of FOIA requests"

Barbara Schwarz: Some officials within the U.S. government. They made
the number up to find an excuse to deny my right for records. Fact is,
reporters filed a lot more FOIA requests than I did. But I got all the

APP: What kind of records did you request from the feds?

Barbara Schwarz: For example, records on Mark Rathbun, his attorney,
his family, L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology, myself..

APP: Some people claim that you asked records that did not exist.

Barbara Schwarz: They are lying.

APP: Some of these people wrote that you did not pay your FOIA fees.

Barbara Schwarz: This is a load of bull, because the first 2 hours
search time and the first 100 pages of records are free for any FOIA
requester. If an agency has more records, they have to stop the search
after two hours and 100 pages free records and have to ask you for
permission to go ahead with more search and have to ask you if you are
willing to pay. I never authorized any agency to incur any fees for

APP: But the U.S. government claims that you didn't pay FOIA fees to
the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Barbara Schwarz: The VA incurred these fees without my permission and
the U.S. Dept. of Justice knows about it and covers it up. It is
criminal to incur costs for a person. It is like having to pay for gas
that you did not pump and did not ask to be pumped.

APP: Why did they do it?

Barbara Schwarz:
Well, they HAVE the records or at least some of the records that I
requested. In order to deny them to me, they figured out a lawless
method to stop me getting them. They want me to pay the fees that I
did not occur. Moreover, these VA fees are not actual FOIA fees or
records or search fees. They are "fees" for one of their students
having looked in my file. It says nowhere within the FOIA law that
somebody has to pay these kind of "fees". You just have to pay for
search time and for records. If a student wants to satisfy his
curiosity, no FOIA requester has to pay for that.

APP: When did this happen?

Barbara Schwarz
In fall of 2001.

And you filed no FOIA requests anymore to he feds since that time?

Barbara Schwarz
That's right. They denied the right to me by figuring out an illegal
way to stop my requests.

APP: How much do they claim that you owe them?

Barbara Schwarz:
USD 303.30

APP [laughs]: Only 303.30 Dollars? Why didn't you just come up somehow
with the money and continue to ask for records that you were looking

Barbara Schwarz: Because I would have paid for fees that I did not
incur; I would have paid fraudulently fabricated fees. Also, as soon
as I would have paid these, they would have incurred other fees. It
happened before. The FBI field office in Salt Lake City were the first
agency who applied this criminal trick. They incurred fees without my
consent by mailing me duplicate records that I did not request, and
those records that I needed, they did not mail me. The fee was around
USD 17. I paid this amount to the FBI. After I had paid the money, I
asked the FBI field office in Salt Lake City to mail the correct files
to me but not to incur again any fees without my consent. Then, the
FBI field office, together with the Office of Information and Privacy
(and just about all other federal agency) conspired again against me
and used the fabricated VA fees, a much higher amount against me. They
said that I have to pay this amount first before they process my
request. Nevertheless, some agencies denied processing of my FOIA
requests based on the FBI fees that I paid! In other words, even if
there would be no cent that I owe, they would not process my requests
by wrongfully claiming that I would owe money.

APP: You're saying that you never will get records from the feds
because as soon as you pay one fabricated fee that they would another
fabricated fee to stop your requests?

Barbara Schwarz: You got it.

APP: Why did you sue the federal government? AHBL (Bruns) wrote that
you sued the government after you filed bogus record requests and that
the government did not have these records.

Barbara Schwarz:
Bruns was an inmate for many months in federal prison and he is liar
and anti-free speech activist. I filed FOIA requests for records in
which I am truly interested. I am sure that the feds had at least some
of the records that I requested. So, I sent my FOIA requests to them
and from their responses, I was able to conclude that some agencies
did not search at all, some agencies searched in the wrong records
files, some searched in insufficient records files, some searched to
wrongfully spelled names, some searched in a wrong time period, some
searched only to a few of my subjects. In short: there was not one
answer by any agency that indicated that any agency conducted an
adequate search. And then I did something, the feds never forgave me.

APP: I'm really curious…

Barbara Schwarz: I filed a FOIA request to any federal agency that
allegedly conducted a first search. In that request, I asked for the
search records that they generated for the first search because I
wanted to reconstruct what they did or did not in their alleged

APP: And that is unforgivable?

Barbara Schwarz: Apparently. Even the Salt Lake Tribune once wrote in
another article that was not about me that officials consider requests
for records as "incoming torpedo". These officials are afraid that the
public catches them in some unlawful acts. The purpose of FOIA is to
enable the public to check what the government is up to. As I said, I
always operated within the FOIA law and its purpose. So, I asked them
for their internal search records and also for records of any inquiry
by an attorney of Mark Rathbun or another attorney or an independent
counsel who asked for my records. I asked them to provide me with an
affidavit that they do not withhold records and in which they explain
in what time period and records systems and to what names and
spellings they searched.

APP: And they hated this?

Barbara Schwarz: You can bet the farm on it. Because they have a bad
conscience. They knew that they denied my rights and conducted no
lawful searches and concealed records.

APP: Some Internet people claim that you received no records at all.

Barbara Schwarz: They know better because I posted about this hundreds
of times on Usenet. I got some records.

APP: You received records? But if you received the records, why did
you sue them?

Barbara Schwarz: Don't try to get ahead of me. I received records but
not all that I needed and none of any attorney inquiry, none related
to Mark or Marty Rathbun. I received records on Scientology and L. Ron
Hubbard and numerous internal search records. These records proved
indeed that the agencies did not conduct adequate searches in all
records systems but that they searched to wrongful spellings of the
names and searched the wrong time periods. Some sent their replies to
a wrong address or wrong or misspelled name or their letter did not
contain a date stamp. It was corrupt.

APP: You're kidding me.

Barbara Schwarz: If I would want to kid you, I would tell you that the
agencies conducted lawful searches. I also requested some other
records as on October 2000 the records of Bin Laden as I sensed that
he was up to atrocities. The U.S. agencies did not search his files.
And now, in summer, I sense more atrocities against the USA. Instead
of denying my rights, the US government should use my spiritual
abilities to figure things out in time.

APP: Did you get the affidavits that they conducted adequate searches?

Barbara Schwarz: Now I am the one who asks: are you kidding me? They
did not mail me the affidavits, because they made no lawful searches
and were withholding records to which I was entitled.

APP: And then you sued them?

Barbara Schwarz: No. I filed administrative appeals and explained in
much detail to their administrative appeal authorities that the
agencies did not conduct lawful searches and did not provide me with
an affidavit to give me peace of mind that they don’t illegally
withhold records.

APP: And then you sued them?

Barbara Schwarz (laughs):
What is the matter with you? Why are you so eager to sue? I waited
patiently for the appeal authorities to study my appeals and to make a
decision on them. However, they conspired with the FOIA offices
against me and denied adequate searches and affidavits to me. They
advised me that if I would be not satisfied, I could sue them in a
court of law. In other words: they provoked the legal cases.

APP: And then you sued them.

Barbara Schwarz: And then I sued them. I asked the courts to compel
the agencies to conduct adequate searches and to withhold no records
before me.

APP: How many law suits did you file?

Barbara Schwarz: I did not count them, I don't count anything. I just
estimate: 100 cases but those includes the appeals. But several cases
had not just one defendant but numerous agencies as defendants. During
the course of some of the law suits, I obtained approx, hundred
different affidavits and none of them was an adequate affidavit. The
contained contradictory information, confusion, even falsehoods and
proved again that no adequate searches were conducted.

APP: The Salt Lake Tribune wrote that you rarely appear in court.

Barbara Schwarz: The Tribune is just good to clean your windows with.
I acted as my own attorney all the time in court and went to any
hearing that any judge ordered.

APP: I'll ask you some questions about that paper later. Right now, I
want to know what happed next.

Barbara Schwarz: The courts denied my cases by conspiring with the
agencies. I appealed to the Circuit Courts, and they conspired with
the agencies and the lower courts and denied unlawfully my legal
cases. You should have a look at the stupid rulings that the judges
signed. I assume that some idiotic law clerks write these judgments
and the judges just sign what these clerks put on their table. These
judges would probably even accidentally sign a ruling for their own
execution on the electrical chair of a clerk puts it on their table.

APP: You disagree with the court decisions?

Barbara Schwarz: Of course I do. They ignored the FOIA law and the
case law, which I cited as support of my cases. In at least two final
rulings by the U.S. District Court of Columbia, they called the U.S.
Departments, U.S. Depots. Can you imagine how dumb and corrupt these
clerks are who actually decide on federal cases? And how stupid and
corrupt the judges are who signed these rulings? I never sued any
Depot… I cited the U.S. Departments and agencies with their correct
names in my complaints, briefs, pleadings and appeals.

APP: And then you addressed the U.S. Supreme Court:

Barbara Schwarz:
No. I filed for rehearing to the Circuit Courts. I pointed the
"errors" (the corruption) out and asked for a reconsideration.

APP: They did not even correct their wrongful spellings in these

Barbara Schwarz:
That's right. These courts are a disgrace to the United States. And
this includes also the
U.S. Supreme Court. They ignored my Writs of Certiorari until the day
they plotted against me very much in the conspirative style of the FBI
and the VA and the other agencies. All except one U.S. Supreme Court
justice ruled that I should file fees if I want to continue filing
Writs of Certiorari to their court, knowing that I could not afford
it. Also, if I could afford it, what is the sense in filing long Writs
of Certiorari to the Supreme Court justices if they are biased like
the other judges and don't want to grant your rights?

APP: Are you saying that people's rights are not granted in the

Barbara Schwarz: Many people's rights are not granted. I am not the
only one claiming so. The organization A Matter of Justice tries since
many years to make victims of legal abuse to join together and demand
congressional hearing on the legal abuse in the USA.
They claim that the facts of the case do not matter to the court but a
well-connected lawyer does. They say that judges are manipulative and
that judges must be stripped off their immunity and held accountable
for their corrupt actions. They are right – but the next problem is
then within the Congress if this is brought before corrupt
representatives and senators. Nothing is cleaned up and effectively
changed by them.

However, as far as I am concerned, I'll get no justice anywhere. It
doesn't matter where I go, I am followed around by the fanatical and
insane German secret service who control just about anything and

APP: Why don't you hate the USA?

Barbara Schwarz: I don't hate Uncle Sam. To me, Uncle Sam is a closer
relative than just an Uncle. German controlled "Americans" are not
America. I am America. I am good. I don't hate myself.

APP: Did you try to sue the US government for money?
Barbara Schwarz: No. I just wanted the records and prove that they
don’t withhold them.

APP: You stated that the U.S. government is infiltrated by the German

Barbara Schwarz: Yes, I did. And I am sticking to it. I say that many
officials in the U.S. government have no true American intentions.
They might be born in the USA like "American" Taliban kid, or those
who disgrace the reputation of the USA in Abu Ghraib and like other
traitors, but they act against the interest of the United States.
After all that happens to me, after all my bad experiences with the
called U.S. government, I am saying that it is a secret German colony.

APP: A secret German colony? The Euro goes up, the Dollar goes down…
Would Germany do that to its own secret colony?

Barbara Schwarz: Germans even shot Germans who tried to cross the
Berlin wall. I never said that Germany would be good to its secret
American colony. Any American would have it better, if the Germans
would get out of the USA and take their criminal and perverted
influence and rotten ways and methods with them. Google "SEGNPMSS" and
learn what they are doing in the USA and any other country on Earth.

APP: Did you ask state agencies for records on Scientology, L. Ron
Hubbard, Mark Rathbun, his attorney and his family and yourself too?

Barbara Schwarz: Yes. After September 2001, I filed record requests,
as permitted by state laws to all states, any agency that might have
responsive records. I even filed requests for records to all major

APP: How did this work out?

Barbara Schwarz: State governmental workers are even worse than the
federal workers. Most of them don't care what their records law says.
They hate records requests, they hate mailing copies of their records
to the requester - even if they are entitled to them under the law.

APP: What makes you think that some attorney or the attorney of Mark
or Marty Rathbun tried to find you by addressing agencies?

Barbara Schwarz: It is complicated. It is my intuition and I added
many small incidents together.

APP: Salt Tribune, Christopher Smith wrote a few years ago an article
about you, and you wrote in a webbed affidavit that he tricked you in
meeting him.

Barbara Schwarz: That is right. He came to my door and attached a note
that he came all the way from Washington D.C. to SLC just to talk with
me because the Department of Justice would deny reporters their rights
to records too. He wrote that he wants to write an article about these
ramifications against free press and that he would need my help.

APP: You meet him to help the press?

Barbara Schwarz: Yes. If I would have known that he came all the way
from D.C. to smear my private life, I never would have met him.

APP: He never wrote that article to help other reporters?

Barbara Schwarz: Christopher Smith knew very well that the federal
workers denied my rights and that the rights of reporters and others
are at a risk too. He knew that federal workers plotted against me and
may do that also to reporters and other citizens. Writing a confused
and incoherent sensational article about what he thinks my private
life is was more important to him than helping other reporters who
need FOIA records frequently. After we met in a Café, we corresponded
for a couple of weeks privately - as friends -before he suddenly
turned on me and wrote that nasty article. The Salt Lake Tribune
printed the defamation of my character on Mother's day on the front
page. Speak about evil….

APP: You don't recognize your own life in this article?

Barbara Schwarz: Of course not! How can I? It is a confused article.
That is not my life, and I did not overburden the federal government.
He did not check the FOIA logs that would give him an idea how many
FOIA requests I really filed. He did not call the Dept. of VA to
investigate these alleged fees, but he knew that the feds has records
that I requested and that they did not want to give them to me. The
headline and the overall tenor of the article is very wrong and so are

APP: What about your will to live?

Barbara Schwarz [laughs]: I am not suicidal. But if I would, how come
that the reporter can't figure out that such a hostile defamation
trash article can push a person over the edge? This article was used
a hundreds times to harass me on Usenet and still is on websites for
no other purpose than to harass and misinform about me.

APP: Why don't you call Mr. Rathbun? Isn't he a reporter in Texas,
Corpus Christi area, running a campaign for Barrack Obama?

Barbara Schwarz:
That is not the person, I am looking for.

APP: Is that the person the Mark or Marty Rathbun you are looking

Barbara Schwarz:
Yes, that is the right one. That's my prince.

APP: What makes you so sure that the Texas Mark Rathbun is not the
right one?

Barbara Schwarz:
They are different people and have a different charisma. Also, if the
real Marty would be a free man and not wrongfully incarcerated for
crimes he never committed, he would contact me.

APP: What if the one in Corpus Christi contacts you? Is he then the
real Marty?

Barbara Schwarz:
Nonsense. Only the real Marty is the real Marty. No Doppelganger can
fool me. I can recognize the diamond from the glass stone, the Blue
Mauritius from the 17 cents stamp and the human from a God. The real
Marty knows that I will recognize him. If he would be the person in
Corpus Texas or if he would be elsewhere free, he would contact me. He
just has to call for my attention on Usenet until I see it, and then I
would make sure that he can reach me.

APP: Wikipedia has an article about that gentleman. Are you saying
that the Wikipedia combined two identities up in one article?

Barbara Schwarz:
Yes, this is what I am thinking. Just as L. Ron Hubbard was confused
with others.

APP: The original Marty does not look like a prisoner in that photo.
He wears a fine suit, looks good and clean…

Barbara Schwarz: I agree. But even prisoners sometimes wear a suit.
This photos is no guarantee that he is indeed free.

APP: The people who claim that you a former Scientologist are lying?

Barbara Schwarz: I am no former Scientologist, I never resigned from
my religion. I am a Scientologist, always was, always will be. I am
no cultist, I no Freezone-Scientologist, I am a strong-willed,
independent, and individual Scientologist in L. Ron Hubbard's sense.

FFP: You are educated, you speak two languages fluently, you are
computer literate, you rocked the feds and all state governments, the
Salt Lake Tribune attorney says that you presented and handled your
legal cases better than many attorneys, and you can explain anything
that relates to Scientology. Why are you not employed by the Church of

Barbara Schwarz: Because the German government, their secret service
sent and sends German and international infiltrators in the branches
of the Church of Scientology to overtake it, to alter the writings of
L. Ron Hubbard and to cause situations, which result in a bad
reputation of L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology. I don't get along with
infiltrators. I am not at home in infiltrated Scientology orgs. I
can't just sit there, say nothing and watch infiltrators destroy L.
Ron Hubbard's work. This happened before. Non-Scientologists in the
Scientology orgs ganged up on me and denied me access to the
Scientology organizations and my religion because I am in their way.

FFP: Are you excommunicated by the Church of Scientology?

Barbara Schwarz [laughs]: No. I am not SP-declared and never was.
Don't take drugs, are no freeloader, don’t need expensive medical
care, have no PTS situation, have no debts. I would be the ideal
candidate for a high position within the Church of Scientology, if it
would be not infiltrated on orders of the German government and its
secret services.

FFP: What do you think of people who say that they are afraid of

Barbara Schwarz: Any kind of crimes and violence are not any part of
L. Ron Hubbard's Scientology.

FFP: Will you never return to the Church of Scientology?

Barbara Schwarz: I will be back one day but not as little folder page
that can be ordered around by people in the Scientology orgs that are
not even Scientologists. This is my ultimate nightmare, having a
superior in Scientology who is a German controlled infiltrator and who
wants to give me orders. Under these circumstances, I rather stay

FPP: Do you believe that L. Ron Hubbard was murdered?

Barbara Schwarz: Yes, I am convinced of this. But not by
Scientologists but by the German secret service doctors who followed
him through the USA.

FFP: What about the report of the San Obispo County Coroner?

Barbara Schwarz: I am convinced that the person who died there was an
impostor. It was not L. Ron Hubbard.

FFP: The FBI called and said that the fingerprints match those of L.
Ron Hubbard.

Barbara Schwarz: They don't have L. Ron Hubbard's fingerprints but
those of the impostor in their files.

FFP: Why is the Church of Scientology not investigating this?

Barbara Schwarz: They should.

FPP: Thank you for this interview.

Barbara Schwarz: You are welcome.

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