John Calvin; A Sixteenth Century Portrait

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Dennis Ray Wingo

Jun 8, 2021, 12:07:27 PMJun 8
I have a book Recommendation.

John Calvin; A Sixteenth Century Portrait

It is written by a secular professor from Berkley, but that aside, the book has some incredible insights by John Calvin and his ministry that other more fawning books, or books pushing a certain agenda, might have.

William J. Bouwsma is the author.

In reading this book when you read words like "providence" and "promote the general welfare" you see ideas that made it into our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. That to me makes it exceptionally interesting.

Dr. Scott never really taught on Calvin in any real detail, and that is unfortunate as he was a much more complex and nuanced preacher than he is portrayed by his predestinarian descendants.

Another note of note in the book is that Calvin had people in the audience who would transcribe his sermons and then send them around Europe to be copied and published widely. This was especially the case in England and Scotland, where he was exceptionally popular and became the foundation of Presbyterianism.

No copyrights.....

Can you imagine what would have happened had his sermons not been copied and freely provided around Europe?

Who would have paid large sums of money to obtain copies? If it were further restricted to only those who paid tithes in the church, it is highly likely that this reformer's message would have died with him....

On another note: Does anyone know who Calvin's successor was in Geneva? Of course not as they were not important and their role was to promulgate Calvin's message and not their own....

Something to ponder....


Jun 8, 2021, 9:49:53 PMJun 8
people that go to berkley are sick in the head

David B

Jun 25, 2021, 8:43:12 PMJun 25
It was Calvin's use of the Law of Moses, that leaves his position no different than the Pharisee, and the rest of the current Evangelicals. It was exactly what Paul spoke against. I have no desire to ascribe to Calvin's method, nor do I consider his theological stance as sound.
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