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911q truthers confront NIST on twin towers

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Jun 27, 2005, 10:57:03 AM6/27/05


Saturday, June 25, 2005
9/11-truthers confront NIST on WTC collapse
The Commerce Department's National Institute for Standards and Technology
has been in charge of manufacturing fantastical scenarios under which the
collapse of the World Trade Center towers were anything but a planned,
controlled demolitin. They held a public briefing on Thursday, June 23.
From 911TruthAction's AJ Ward at alia, Jun 23:
The NIST WTC review press conference was held this morning and was
web-cast called the "NIST Response to the World Trade Center Disaster -
Federal Building and Fire Safety Investigation of the World Trade Center

The majority of the presentation was along the standard lines of rhetoric
claiming the building's failures due to fire, and their recommendations to
improve evacuation. The presenter, Shayam Sunder kept on message, basing
his and the NIST's recommendations on the "official" theories of collapse
by fire (no mention of the "pancake" theory though). Mostly he pointed to
a release of about 10,000 pages of documents that would be available to
the public for review and comment on technical issues.

The staff of local and international press present followed up the (bland)
presentation with some standard questions along the line of "will these
recommendations be required on all new and existing high-rise structures"
etcetera & blah blah blah.

There was one in the press in attendance that managed to ask some very
tough questions. With a mild accent [Nico Haupt] addressed several issues
that are being asked by the 911 truth movements. Keep in mind that this is
a live webcast press conference! His question in about seven parts lasted
approximately three minutes. He addressed the "inside job" issue, planned
demolition, and several other key points including why WTC 7 isn't going
to be addressed by the NIST until later this year in October.

During this line of questioning, Mr. Sunder was noticeably uncomfortable
and looked down at his podium the entire time. After about a minute of the
questions from the unknown press man, the moderator (a burly white
gentleman) approached the podium and placed a paper in front of Mr. Sunder
which he appeared to read as a response once the inquisitor was finished.

Mr. Sunder in his response to the open line of questions expectedly
refused to address any points head-on and simply stated (from the paper
handed to him) that all of their recommendations are based on the
"scientific evidence" and documents that will be available for public
comment. He also stated that the [Haupt]'s line of questioning was outside
of the scope of the press conference and he had no authority to respond to
any of Haupt's questions.

OK, so an expected side step, right? Yet, I wonder how many people were
watching this live? Obviously most of the viewers would be members of the
press and the truth movement folks, but the exposure put forth by Haupt
was very encouraging.

I fully expect the truth guys to come out of the woodwork when the NIST
decides to release their findings on WTC 7. You better! Tune into further
developments and press dates at

That was at the closed press conference. Following that, there was an open
public conference, which featured even more grilling by 9/11 truthers.
Another report from 911TruthAction:
Andrea Psoras made that same point [about NIST being part of the Commerce
Deparmtnet and not an independent agency] during the question and answer
period that ended the public conference.

There were a bunch of truth people there, and the NIST spokesmen were
grilled on the explosions, the molten steel, Silverstein's admission,
collapse speed, and a bunch of other stuff.

Naturally, there was also a "9-11 families" plant who claimed to have a
"science background," and thanked them for the excellent job they did on
the report.

I didn't ask any questions, because everything I wanted to question them
on was asked by others, but I did get some heckling in, and yelled in his
face that he was a liar, and that his report was worthless because it was
a lie, which was good because I was in the front row. At one point he
claimed that the towers collapsed in 9-15 seconds, and I called him a liar
for that too. There were a lot of people heckling them by the end of the
conference. There were a lot of people there from (possibly who gave them a hard time.

[WTC rescue hero William Rodrieguez, whom] Phil Berg is now representing
was there, and he told everyone about the explosions he heard, and asked
why NIST didn't contact him, or address that information, and also why the
9-11 commission didn't either.

Like what Nico mentioned happened in the press conference (I was at the
public conference), they stressed how much "science" was involved, as if
they were sorcerers and no one else was capable of understanding it. He
brushed off the molten steel question with bullshit about trapped heat
melting steel. I yelled at him "that's four inch thick steel, melted into
a puddle," in a sarcastic voice, but he ignored me.

The crowd at the public conference seemed to be stacked with truth people,
and the NIST guys were heckled nicely, and almost everyone was asking them
9-11 truth questions, except for the 9-11 families plant, and two women
who complained about diesel fuel stored in buildings, and the lack of
rooftop rescues.

Again, here's the link to the archived webcast. Haupt's questions start
about 1:23:00 into the program.



Jun 27, 2005, 12:24:30 PM6/27/05
"Mr. Sunder refused to address any of the points..."

Sounds like you, bullfarkingship. Troll.


Jun 27, 2005, 2:58:05 PM6/27/05
Thats why I call you BATMAN!

When hit with a question you don't want to answer, you should immediately
respond with:

To the batcave Robin!!!
and x32 will follow.


Jun 27, 2005, 9:41:45 PM6/27/05
So why wouldn't the man answer any of the questions. Seems it would be easy
to answer if there was no inside job. Just get your little calculator out
and a couple of physics and demolition specialists and show us all how the
two towers and number 7 tower came down with only a couple planes burning
in the top. Note , there was no plane that hit number 7. get your . You
people are blatant liars. All you do is comeback with bullshit.

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Jun 27, 2005, 11:10:56 PM6/27/05
Then a physics class.


Jun 28, 2005, 2:25:34 AM6/28/05
Then an enema.

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