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Sep 11, 2001, 8:40:30 PM9/11/01
"Furs in Space"! *Woof!* WhiteShepherd and Kada-Ru here. :) This is a
general call to all furs to come join and help us start a new online game
comunity. The new game is called "Furs in Space" and I think most of you
would get a kick out of it. The game is based on a sci-fi version of the
scenario cats vs dogs. Who's side will you be on the cats or dogs? Or will
you start up your own race and claim a section of the universe for your own
fur clan? The game starts in the deep of dark space. Cat's traveling from
their hidden war base travel the space lanes searching for prey and
targeting helpless ships in their conquest to make felines the sole
controling force in the universe. What shall your fur-races role be? As
commander of your own elite furry forces you can take a military role or a
passive role. Will you ally with other races against the cats or join the
felines in their quest for domination? Trade through out the universe using
intergalactic commerce. Buy new ships, colonize planets, organize your
technology, form alliances between other fur-races/players. This is the
grand opening of "Furs in Space". Come give it a try and help us get a new
furry game off the ground. The game is actually a easy learn once you
understand the menu system and we think you'll definitely enjoy the
experience! Hopefully see you there!

To go to the game: http://fursinspace.whiteshepherd.mine.nu

WhiteShepherd & Kada-Ru

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