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Alan 'TriGem' Kennedy

Mar 22, 2002, 1:46:54 PM3/22/02
I was bored and I had to put my ANSI stripper to a good use ;) hehe.


A little over a month ago, I interviewed Mr. Riddick over IRC. To date,
only one other fur other than myself has ever seen this text. I now present
it to you all. Mabye it will give some insight into the guy...


-:- Starting logfile sibe.txt
IRC log started Sat Feb 2 00:09:03 2002

<Sibe> Dosent he sell the animal magnitizem cds?

<RuheMaus> I wanted to ask you something, if Imay?

* RuheMaus nods. "Yes, he does."

<Sibe> Thats cool

<Sibe> We serve animal magnitizem 4 out of our irc channel

* RuheMaus is an unbiased party. He is a writer that searches after just
one thing: A story. "Would you mind if I interviewed you?"

<Sibe> Sure no problem.

<Sibe> First, what is the interview for?

<RuheMaus> Too much of what's out there is mostly rumors. No one knows what
you're really trying to do, period. As a writer, I would like the
oppourtunity to give an unbiased focus on what, exactally, your goals and
plans are.

<Sibe> Sure, where you planning to publish this?'

<RuheMaus> The interview has no main use, as of yet. I just can not, in
good concience, pass up the oppourtunity to talk with you. If it was to be
published, it would most likely be on a furry website as an essay or
article. But, as i said before, right now I'd be happy with just getting
the chance to talk with you.

<Sibe> allright.

<Sibe> you got a phone?

<Sibe> 503-228-0141

<Sibe> im better over the phone :)

<Sibe> You can feel free to record the interview as well.

<RuheMaus> I prefer thru IRC, if you don't mind. I'm better in text, and
also have no way to record the phone call.

<Sibe> Allright.

<Sibe> Well fire away man.

* RuheMaus nods. "All right. To begin with, how long have you been in the
furry fandom and what attracted you towards it originally?"

<Sibe> Ive been in the furry fandom since 1996

<Sibe> I first found it when I was 16 and was interested in looking at
werewolf art.

<Sibe> I found a lot of pics of werewolves having sex, and I really liked

<Sibe> Thats what attracted me :)

* RuheMaus nods. "So, were you also into the White Wolf Role-Playing game

<Sibe> Nah, I wasnt much of a roleplayer.

<Sibe> I enjoyed stories and stuff more.

<Sibe> One of my favorite was afrils story of that werewolf raping a 16 year
old boy in the forest :)

<RuheMaus> So, would you say that the gay undertones found in most of the
furry fandom helped interest you in the fandom more?

-:- SignOff Sibe: #furry

(Excess Flood)

-:- Sibe

[] has

joined #furry

<RuheMaus> Need a repost?

-:- You're not opped on #furry

<Sibe> yah repost

<Sibe> So, would you say that the gay undertones found in most of the furry
fandom helped interest you in the fandom more?

<Sibe> Yeah, Im a bisexual zoo man.

<Sibe> It turned me on, I got into the fandom from hanging out with zoos'

<Sibe> I went to a zoo convention before I ever went to a furry convention,
and when I did that I met some furs that said I should go to a furcon.

<Sibe> Im a pretty kinky doggy.

* RuheMaus laughs. "No, I've met much worse..."

<Sibe> Heh, fair enough.

<RuheMaus> So, after joining the fandom, so to speak, were you able to find
a place for yourself in it easily?

<Sibe> Yes, I found a mate quickly.

<Sibe> And at my first con, Brian O connell stole 20 dollars from me.

<Sibe> I didnt know hed steal it at the time, but I was cool with him. Even
smoked weed with him at my apartment.

<Sibe> Only later did I realize that some of my best furry friends 4 years
ago would stab me in the back and narc me out to other furs.

<RuheMaus> I see... Another thing is I assume you are not a slug. What
'kind' of furry would you say you are?

<RuheMaus> Yes, i am baby stepping over the back-stabbing. I plan on
getting to it, but in a bit. I'm hoping to get the basics out of the way
before the juicy bits.

<Sibe> Allright, Im a Siberian Husky

<Sibe> Siberian Huskys are called "sibes" for short.

<RuheMaus> That makes a lot of sense, actually.

<RuheMaus> Now, you mentioned that you had been stabbed in the back in the
past. How, exactally, did this happen?

<Sibe> Want a pic of me?

<Sibe> I got pics from dark natasha

<Sibe> um.. hmmm ash

<Sibe> and chris goodwin

<Sibe> jes

<Sibe> sjwolf

<Sibe> and guppy

<Sibe> frank gembeck

<Sibe> and um hmmm

<Sibe> sidian :)

<Sibe> Oh yeah stabbed in the back?

<Sibe> Heh, let me just say that furs do bad shit to other furs.

<Sibe> I do believe in getting even however, and have in most cases.

<Sibe> We will leave it at that :)

<RuheMaus> ?me holds up a paw. "That's all right. A character pic isn't
needed, and I respect your anominity."

* RuheMaus sighs. "Sorry, I'm still getting used to IRC. Anyhow... One of
the things you are most known for is 'Furnation Underground'. May I ask
where the idea came to do such a thing?"

<Sibe> Um yeah

<Sibe> #yiffnetbeats

<Sibe> it started out at a mp3 trading channel so furrys could trade their
mp3s with other furs

<Sibe> then somefur came in and said "Why dont you serve comics and furry
mags too."

<Sibe> I said cool and started servin stuff furs gave me over the years.

<Sibe> Then nexxus shut down furnation and basically put an ad for out
channel on his front webpage

<Sibe> overnight we had 50 users dling

<Sibe> one of our faster servers said he did 5 gigs of transfer in 8 hours.

<Sibe> Thats a lot for just furry art.

<RuheMaus> Yes, it is...

<Sibe> So at any rate, I realized that a distributed warez type channel
would allow us to release things of a higher quality then the fandom has
seen up until now.

<Sibe> Prints at higher resolutions, folios scanned.

<Sibe> comics, cds, stuff furs got that "shouldent" have been released.

<RuheMaus> So, it's something tat has happened for years everywhere else,
just for the furry fandom instead?

<Sibe> Basically.

<Sibe> As you can see from the chans im in

<Sibe> Ive been involved in the vcd and movies scene since 98

<Sibe> I watched matrix after downloading the 200 meg asf in 98

<Sibe> It was amazing to me, seemd like the wave of the future.

<Sibe> last month I watched lord of the rings on dvd

<Sibe> IVe learned how to use pubs, etc.

<RuheMaus> So, you see nothing wrong in what you're doing?

<Sibe> To transfer large amounts of data over the internet without getting
caught. Thats why its so laughable that these furs are gonna do anything to

<Sibe> RuheMaus: From my dark natasha scans, furs have actually said in the
newsgroups that now they can see how detailed she is, they are gonna go buy

<Sibe> ive personally spent 500 bucks or more just on my furry art
collection i have

<Sibe> between comics, teeshirts, prints, and badges that have been made for

<RuheMaus> So, you are not trying to rip others off, like some artists
claim, but share their art work with others?

<Sibe> Well you could say that by sharing their art work with others,
artists claim I am ripping others off.

<Sibe> Sort of like a metallica/napster thing.

<Sibe> Im napster, and greedy furry artists are metallica.

* RuheMaus nods. "That thought -was- going thru my head just now. On a
side note, were you in support of Napster?"

<Sibe> Yes.

<Sibe> And I support morpheus, winmx

<Sibe> etc

<RuheMaus> I see.

<RuheMaus> Now, there are rumors that you treaten furs with violence. Would
you ming giving your stance on said rumors?

<Sibe> I dont make threats.

<Sibe> Thats all I gotta say about that :)

<RuheMaus> Fair enough.

<Sibe> However foxmajik.

<Sibe> He fucked with me once.

<Sibe> Then one day he came home and his apartment was gutted.

<Sibe> He had no personal possessions.

<Sibe> I will offically say I didnt steal them.

<Sibe> But I will say, karma is offically a bitch :)

<RuheMaus> Indeed it can be.

<Sibe> Next question?

<RuheMaus> Do you find, after all the bad press, that you have to go
incognito at furry conventions?

<Sibe> No.

<RuheMaus> That's good.

<RuheMaus> What about the MUCKs? Do you still roleplay there as well?

<Sibe> Furs have made threats.

<Sibe> To kill me, come to my house.

<Sibe> Yeah I roleplay on mucks.

<RuheMaus> Threats?

<Sibe> I love roleplaying ont tapestries the most :)

<RuheMaus> You mentioned that furs threaten to hurt or kill you, and yet you
are portrayed as the villian. Any idea why that is?

<Sibe> Cause furs are muck like they are portrayd in shawn kellers horrible
furries :)

<Sibe> Cause furs are much like they are portrayd in shawn kellers horrible
furries :)

<Sibe> I dunno, I like fuckin with furs tho who are nerdy.

<Sibe> Ruining yiffnet was halarious.

<Sibe> lol

<Sibe> looks like you fell asleep

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Mar 22, 2002, 4:20:07 PM3/22/02

"Alan 'TriGem' Kennedy" <> wrote in message news:a7fu79$lpm$

> I was bored and I had to put my ANSI stripper to a good use ;) hehe.

You shoulda blanked out the phone number, because he obviously doesn't live
there and it might lead to the wrong people being harassed.


Mar 22, 2002, 4:39:23 PM3/22/02
*lol*. He's talking about me :D Haven't gotten around it yet though.

(No i did not support him. I did a little investigation about this
underground thingy a while back. Do a google search if you want to see what
i wrote about it)



Mar 22, 2002, 4:43:26 PM3/22/02

He *always* presented that number. Any time you (a random person) emailed him
or talked to him on IRC, he'd always say "Call me at 503-XXX-XXXX so we can talk
about it", and always that same number. I'm not saying it *was* his number, as
I'm not foolish enough to use my own phone to call a script kiddie...

"Death needs time for what it kills to grow in, for Ah Pook's
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Mar 22, 2002, 11:09:44 PM3/22/02
Alan Kennedy wrote --

>I was bored and I had to put my ANSI stripper to a good use ;) hehe.


And the purpose behind this is?

John Shughart

Alan 'TriGem' Kennedy

Mar 23, 2002, 10:17:05 PM3/23/02

"DishRoom1" <>

Idle hands to the devils work, thats all I have to say :)


David Alan Kennedy / TriGem Olandarinse


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Mar 25, 2002, 11:24:01 AM3/25/02

That would be for those of us who wanted to read the text, I imagine. All of
the "[]1;31m" codes were very distracting.

Alan 'TriGem' Kennedy

Mar 26, 2002, 6:49:30 AM3/26/02

"Blackberry" <>

> That would be for those of us who wanted to read the text, I imagine. All
> the "[]1;31m" codes were very distracting.

Bingo :)

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