All I Want for Christmas

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Dec 23, 1996, 3:00:00 AM12/23/96

Matt J. McCullar wrote:

[good song snipped]

No offence to you, Mr. McCullar, but "All I Want for Christmas" was also
the title of a REALLY BAD family movie. And one point, these two kids
risked a mouse's life in a contrived plot to bring their divorced
parents together again*.

* The worst thing is, they succeeded! Even if this IS a family movie, I
wouldn't show it to any kids with divorced parents, in case it gave them
the right idea.

BTW, the mouse survived, but it would up becoming the pet of a pathetic,
supposed-to-be-cute little hyuuman girl, so it makes me wonder if death
would've been a more merciful alternative for it.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ John "Atmavictu" Chambers ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
who, if anyfur thinks is a mamphy-pamphy for this post (and the Tomb
Raider one), *PEEDA!* ^_^

Matt J. McCullar

Dec 23, 1996, 3:00:00 AM12/23/96

The cowboy poet Baxter Black performed this on the _Tonight_ show several
years ago, and I thought everyone would enjoy it.

All I Want for Christmas


All my clothes are laundry,
All my socks are full of holes.
I've got T.P. in my hatband
And cardboard in my soles.

And the leather on my bridle's
Been fixed so many times,
My horse looks like the fence post
Where we hang the baler twine.

I've been unable lately
To invest in pure-bred cows
Since my ex-wives and their lawyers
Are dependents of mine now.

See, my first wife took my saddle,
And the second skinned my hide.
The third one took my deer head,
And the last one took my pride.

I've had a run of bad luck,
But I think it's gonna peak.
'Cause my dog, that used to bite me,
Got run over just last week.

So all I want for Christmas
Is whatever you can leave,
But I think I'd settle for a new wife
Who would stay past New Year's Eve!

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