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Philo Bunny

Apr 18, 1997, 3:00:00 AM4/18/97

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[Part 1 of 3: Introduction]

This list created by unci (tobias benjamin koehler) and now maintained by
Philo Bunny (paul burriesci), who converted it to HTML, with inline
thumbnails and hyperlinks to the example pictures at:

Please send all requests, corrections, etc. to <art...@rizzo.vip.best.com>.
index to artists
[Part 2] [Part 3]
* Andrews, Kris * unci (Tobias Benjamin Koehler)
* Cosmo (Steven Back) * Solarbird (R'ykandar Korra'ti)
* Roxikat (John Barrett) * Sansa (Steven Lang)
* Bartrop, Richard * LearFox (Taura L. LearFox)
* Claire (Claire Benedikt) * Roy (Scott A. Malcomson)
* Berdoz, Chris * MatterCat (Shane Mans)
* Boos, Nick * Major_Matt_Mason (M. Mitchell Marmel)
* Flinthoof (Dan Canaan) * McAdam, Marci
* Dusty_Rancourt (Justin Carpenter) * Worgfunk (Jason McIntosh)
* Paracelsus (Joshua Carpman) * Ebony (Linda McLachlan)
* Bigpaws (Chris Chamberlain) * Jax (Tom Narey)
* Foxina (K. Charlesworth) * Rafflin (Barry D. Needleman)
* Cook, Genesis * Shadorat (Dean Lee Norton)
* Spino (David Cotelessa, Studio Jobox) * Allen Petlock
* Ehlana (Laura Davis) * Vandringar (Jim Pigtain)
* Donaldson, Matina * STriker RedWolf (Kelly Price)
* Pelzig (Edwin M. Dyer, III) * Amara (Amy Pronovost)
* Echeo * Jareth (David Reiss)
* Eddy, G. Raymond * Xeria | Kottke (Josef Ricketts)
* Canuss (Mark Freid) * Jesse Conejo (Dee Schiller)
* Kane (Guy Garnett) * Bianca | Cheeta (Marc Seebass)
* Omaha (Amanda Geyer) * Serocki, Michele
* Nimravid (Seppo Halonen) * Cyberskunk (Robert Serocki)
* Qeveren (Colby Hayward) * Cobalt (Chris Sutor)
* Bandit (Matt Henry) * Kenjiro (Jeff Tatarek)
* Micole (Lisa Iennaco) * RedFox (Jim R. Trimble)
* Jensen, Jason * K'has (Mel. White)
* Rori | Darwin (Tyler Jordan) * Silent_Red (Sandi Wilkinson)
* Cinosanap (Robert Kalin) * Ginger | Farron (Jessica Willard)
* BrianTheLion (Robert B. Kirkpatrick) * Kaliffio | Taldin (Jeff Young)
* Kitsune

unci's introduction to the list

i made this list for furrys who would like to have a portrait of their
character and wonder whom to ask .

i have only included artists who want to be on this list . i have not
included those who have pictures on avatar.snc.edu but are not
currently able to do character portraits (no time) .

to contact the artist, you can either page the character that i have
listed under `furrymuck name' or send `e-mail' to the listed address .
i have sorted the list by furrymuck names, and listed those without
furrymuck characters at the end . some have given me a `postal
address' .

some artists are especially good at some things, or refuse to do
others, I have listed this under `preferences' . there is a wide
variety of `techniques' : a common style is pencil or ink drawing, but
there is also color pencil, watercolor, computer-colored drawing, or
even raytracing .

if you want to see whether you like the style of an artist or not (and
it is advised to do that before you ask them), you can download the
picture that i have listed under `example' from avatar.snc.edu (or
another ftp site, as indicated) . these are pictures of which the
artists think that they represent best their style . you can also have
a look at the `publications' that have printed works of the artist .

some artists take money, others don't - if they do, I have listed
their tariff under `money', so that you can decide how much money (if
any) you want to spend .

some artists don't want their work to be distributed without their
assent, so you should ask them before you upload or otherwise spread
files or copies, even if it is your character on the pictures . some
even object against scanning their art . others don't give away the
originals, and you can only get a scanned file from them .

if you would like to be included in this list, please tell me your
furrymuck name and e-mail address (if any) or another way to contact
you, an example picture, your preferences and whether you take money .
if you want, you can include your real name and postal address, as
well as any additional notes that you think belong here .

you can reach the list administrator by e-mail under the following
address :
* art...@rizzo.vip.best.com
Continued in part 2...
or get the whole list from http://www.best.com/~rizzo/lartists.txt
Automatic posting done by PeterCat <info...@furry.fan.org> -- notice of
posting problems (headers, part splitting, etc.) should be sent there.

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