How Random -really- got @toaded (long, rambling, and almost pointless)

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Jan 4, 2000, 3:00:00 AM1/4/00
I don't post here. Or, at least, I never have before, so go ahead, flame
the newbie, I don't mind. Some of you may know me, others not, either way
I'm gonna say my peace and be gone.

I got Random @toaded. Or, to be completely honest, the wizzes @toaded
Random, I was a convient excuse, and later I turned into something all
together different, but let's just take this one step at a time. If I'm
gonna say it, I'm gonna say it right, dammit, and screw the bandwidth.

I met Random on FM, in the TD pools, one evening, oh.. back sometime, I'm
not sure on a date here. I had, of course, heard of him before hand, and
his wasn't what you could call a shinning recomendation, but I never
listened to that sort of talk in grade-school, I wasn't about to start
/now./ I don't, in my own perception, remember us having a problem those
first few times. Then, one night he was in a mood fit to be tied. I don't
even remember what set him off, something about someone having the name
Psylocke, which was a character off of X-Men (Never knew that before, I
don't watch cartoons, or TV at all much) and I think her Desc got to him.
Either way, he was ranting up a storm, which I can forgive, I'm a fairly
prolific ranter in my own right, but then it degraded into .. well, your
'typical' Random-flaming, if anyone dared open their mouth, even to say
something mundane his attention would shift like that and they're suddenly
the next target. Yeah, I'm rambling, sue me.

So, after, I dunno, some time, awhile after the first boot vote had been
thrown, I finally shoved my apathetic ass into action and voted, and I guess
everyone got off their asses as well, cause he was shortly booted from the
game. Thus starts our little ill-fated rivalry. It went from bad, to
not-so-bad, to funny, swung into short periods of time where we actually had
*gasp* discussions without *gasp* personal attacks. And then it would get
over the slight bump in the road and gravity would take over again, you
know. After playing along with the games for awhile I hit upon a
(not-so-)brilliant idea. I was gonna be /nice./ Can you imagine? That's
right. I was unfailingly sweet. I took it upon myself to find that chink
in his oh-so-carefully constructed armor and find out what was going on in
there. It was a chalange like I hadn't been confronted with in years.
Yeah, I'm a bit strange, I know, but I could never resist a chalange. Gotta
take it apart and fit all the pieces back together and see if the new design

I tried everything. I asked him about his beliefs, his ideas, his opinions.
I pestered him unmercifully, I was a complete angel. Even if I did have to
bite my tongue a lot and smile. I've always been mouthy and oppinionated,
and trying to shove instinct down your throat is hard work. He either
thought I was coming on to him, or it suited him to pretend he did, I'm not
sure which. Either way Random was my pet project for the next however long,
until I did one of my famous dissapearing acts and vanished for awhile.
Everyone needs a hobby.

So, I reappear some time later and what dents I'd made (if any) were gone
and, at least now, have no hope of coming back. Things degrade into petty
bickering and back-bitting again, yay-fun-@wheee. RL catches up again, I
vanish, I come back, sure he's forgotten about me. I mean, really, how long
can that sort of rivalry last? And then, one day, I'm having a Bad Day<tm>,
the boys are driving me up the wall (Twin two year olds. Pity me, dammit),
and Random with a current desciple show up at my usual dive, I don't even
remember the other's guy's name, how's that for observant? And he starts in
on me and he'd been there the last two nights running, and someone mentioned
to me that he hadn't shown up once in my absence, and.. Well, have you ever
had a day where you just didn't wanna play any longer? So, I left. And I
thought, hard.

What progress I had made was (surely, I thought) ruined, we were never going
to get along, it was pointless, and tiring and Yet Another Failed Project.
And I didn't want to play any longer. It never occured to me to ask him to
stop. Ask Random to stop? Ask /Random/ to stop? That would be /admitting/
/defeat./ That would be giving in. That would be rolling over and
whimpering and screaming uncle and I Do Not Say Uncle. At least not and
have to admit I did. I wasn't going to claim harrasement either. I am,
believe it or not, too honest. So, what to do? Find new hangouts? Page
#ignore? Change my name, @rec my bar, and go into hiding for the next
twenty years? Shyeah.

So, I read the policies. (Ahhh, you say, /that/ was your mistake.) Then I
re-read them, then I read all the fine print, then I checked the staff
channel, the wiz list, and my watchfor about twenty times. Someone, surely
could find a way out of this prediciment without me admitting defeat or
being dishonest. Well, anyone who knows me knows how much I just /looooove/
asking for help. So I read the policies some more. Specifically the ones
about no-contact orders. If you log on to FM (Not, you Random, but I'm sure
you know this part), and read the policies, it says quite explicitely, right
there in plain-text, that No-contact orders do not place blame on either
party. It is simply an agreement that two players can not get along, and it
is therefore better that they have no contact. So. He can't talk to me or
about me, therefore I never have to /admit/ to saying to uncle, and in
short, it was almost as perfect as a policy that says 'I don't wanna play
anymore, but I am not now, nor will I ever admit defeat.'

So after some more procrastination and second, third, forth, and fifth
thoughts. I choaked down my pride, and just did it before I could think any
more. K'has was the only wizard on, and so he was just lucky, I guess, and
got my page, asking for a no-contact. He's took this all as a matter of
course, and actually seemed rather board (or perhaps confused) when he asked
who. That's when the shit really hit the fan. I said Random, he asked what
happened, I told him, he vanished for about ten-fifeen minutes, then told me
that the problem was taken care of and a no-contact wouldn't be needed.

Is your heart pumping yet? Mine was. Surely he didn't. He couldn't
possibly. He's not /really/ saying that. Sure 'nough, bye-bye Random. And
I was the first to dance on his grave. Can't say I was displeased, though I
was probably more surprised then Random was. Turns out they'd taken some
sort of wiz-vote, deciding it was time, but they weren't gonna do it 'till
someone said something. They were being just, appearantly. They weren't
just gonna boot him. They needed that one last straw. I just got lucky, I

So, about 10 o'clock the buzzards are circling, and ole' Chip was being
crucified for something he wasn't even online for. Lynn was practically
frantic, appearently the wizzes she'd asked were clueless, and couldn't
agree on how or why he was @toaded, she's keeping vigil there by the board,
posting news at it came in, while people wandered in and out to catch up and
discuss this new frightning possibility. I don't think they were surprised,
but they sure were looking over their own shoulders, I can tell you that.
It was almost scarey, the whole Panda Palace group wondering who was gonna
be next.

Two things about this didn't set well with me. The fact that Chip was being
crucified when he wasn't even online, and the fact that no one had been
told. You can't just @toad someone like Random and not say anything about
it. Nothing like that to stir up a little paranoia, though, that may have
been the point. And at the same time, was it right for me to tell them?
Especially since according to posted policies, he never should have been
@toaded (Hmmmm, mass paranoia, or throw more shit on the fan?) So, I asked.
Shaterri, Nightwind, Lynx, and Chip were online. I paged all of them.
Should I nod and smile a lot and act clueless, or should I tell everyone?
What did I know? I was just trying to do what, being obviously nieave,
seemed 'right.'

Lynx told me to be modest. I had assumed, at the time, that was a joke,
though I'm not so sure anymore. Chip said it was my choice, but I could be
assured of my name staying out of it, and Shaterri said yes, it would be
best to keep quiet. Nightwind, I thought, gave the best solution, ask
K'has. And really, with answers like that, I didn't know /what/ to do. And
it appealed to me. K'has would be, after all, the one in the firing line,
it's only right to ask him before I inform the muck it was a policy-ignoring
@toading. I page #mail'd him, came back later to the responce that yes, I
should probably keep a low profile, no worries, your name won't be
mentioned, etc.

Keeping something like that under-wraps, I understand, was not going to be
so simple. I had already had strangers whispering me congrats (For what, I
wonder, would you like to be me, now?) But Lynn hadn't been told, therefore
the Palace crowd hadn't been told, I could, perhaps, slide by this one
without being dishonest, /or/ throwing shit on the fan.

Well, at least it was possible, until Tugrik and Lynx decided it would make
the situation better somehow, to tell a full-to-the-brim Panda Palace that I
had claimed harrassment, and misspell my name in the process:

Tugrik gets a note from Lynx. "Normally I don't support spilling the beans
on any one player's indescretions, but I think it'd help here to note the
'last straw' action on Random was Nilestra being harrased by Random.

If you're gonna throw me to the dogs, Tugrik, at /least/ have the decency to
spell my name right. So, what now? I am a grade-A patsy. While I'm busy
gallantly trying to do right, I'm having a big black tattoo put on my
forehead that reads 'Fool. Complete Idiot.' Haha! Joke's on me! What
would you do? Consider this question very carefully the next time you think
you're doing what's right. Actually, don't consider it. Just watch your
ass, and snitch on them before they can lie about you.

Well. Like any good patsy, I was confused for a good ten minutes, until a
very kind man logged on, apoligized for something he had no part of
(Imagine, feeling you have to apoligize for other people when you were never
involved), and told me I was welcome elsemuck and my character was there
waiting for me. So I resigned helpstaff, scrapped a lot of work, and jumped

Poetic, isn't it? I'm nieve and optomistic. He's jaded and pessimistic,
and we both lost. A match that could only be made on FurryMuck, I'll tell
ya that right now.

-Nilesta (With no 'r.')

PS - Random? Uncle.


Jan 4, 2000, 3:00:00 AM1/4/00
In article <z%kc4.4798$>,
Nilesta <> wrote:

> I don't post here. Or, at least, I never have before, so go ahead, flame
> the newbie, I don't mind. Some of you may know me, others not, either way
> I'm gonna say my peace and be gone.
> I got Random @toaded. Or, to be completely honest, the wizzes @toaded
> Random, I was a convient excuse, and later I turned into something all
> together different, but let's just take this one step at a time. If I'm
> gonna say it, I'm gonna say it right, dammit, and screw the bandwidth.

> mew mew mew mew mew <snipped>

And we should care?


Jan 4, 2000, 3:00:00 AM1/4/00

Nilesta <> wrote in message

Hi Nilesta =)
You have done something that alot of others have only dreamed of: Being the
one that finally gotten Random's ass @toaded! Instead of being apologetic
about it, you should wear it like a badge of honor. =) Also consider that
his ass has also been @toaded from Tapestries and Socialiopolitical
Ramifications (SPR) as well for the same type of behavior he had towards
I was in the POD (Palace of Dragons) pool with you at the time of Random's
harassment of you and I have to say he had what was coming to him. But I
disagree how the wizcore went about it. It made them look totally out of
touch with each other. K'has should have left a message to the rest of the
wizcore detailing when and why Random (Markie) was @toaded. Also when one
wizard give his/her word, the rest of the wizcore should back that word up.
I noticed that Tugick and Chip have the tendency to run their mouths a
little too much at times especially when it involves someone that aren't
liked muckwise and are known troublemakers (ie: Random, Ulrich and
So in passing I give you a pat on the back for a job well done. You've
became a heroine to me and many others. Good luck and take care. =)

Dragonoix - Advocate for truth, justice and the pursuit of a good yiff.


Jan 4, 2000, 3:00:00 AM1/4/00
In article <84u1hb$a1g$>, Dragonoix
<> wrote:


I would say you're an ignorant moron, but you already did that ahead of


Jan 5, 2000, 3:00:00 AM1/5/00

Dragonoix wrote in message <84u1hb$a1g$>...

>Hi Nilesta =)
> You have done something that alot of others have only dreamed of: Being
>one that finally gotten Random's ass @toaded! Instead of being apologetic
>about it, you should wear it like a badge of honor.

"I was bent over by the Wizcorps and raped with a broomstick." Yeah, makes
perfect sence. Why didn't I think a'that?

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